100 thoughts on “Monster magnet meets computer…

  1. I work in a software company and many years back my boss was sent to troubleshoot some errors on one of our softwares in a steel rods factory. They had huge automated cranes using massive magnets to transport the rods.
    He told me evry time the crane came passed nearby the control room where the software was all the old crt screens would flicker…

  2. when the 6" magnet was right up against the tv, did anyone else think it looked like the event horizon around a black hole?

  3. I want to have all that old technology. Especially that small tv. I could put that in my locker at school and enjoy lunch while watching tv

  4. I use to get slapped in the head when my mom found out I messed up her zenith with garage magnets that my dude used to pick up nails from building Houses.

  5. Ok so go one, thanks for the recommendation YouTube, but also was anyone else extremely uncomfortable as he got closer to the TV?

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