Monster Ramen Challenge | Akihabara, Tokyo

Oh my god, this is bigger than I thought it would be. Maybe I’m going to hell. Since the beginning of time,
man has looked up at the stars and wondered Is there a portion of ramen so large you could potentially die from a ramen overdose? And it seems like there is. Tucked away in Akihabara in Tokyo,
there’s a ramen shop called Yarou ramen, serving up a ridiculous portion known
only as Mega buta yarou ramen Which literally translates as Mega pork ramen. It looks like a fucking mountain, and it’s the sort of portion that could
feed a family of four, with the bowl overflowing with over a kilogram of food. Now, it’s not something I’d ever normally attempt to eat, but this is my chance at getting
revenge against my friend Natsuki. A few years ago we did the Wankosoba noodle challenge – a challenge that involves eating
as many bowls of soba noodles as possible. And he not only won, but walked away with the 10,000 yen bet we made. Wow! I have a money! Before mocking me with his questionable rendition of we are the champions. I am a champion! I am a champion! It was a bitter outcome and this is chance at redemption This is my chance at regaining my honor back. This is a chance of getting my 10,00 yen back. So let’s go to Akihabara and let’s get this shit done. No! Oh my god, this is bigger than I thought it would be. Judging by the picture I saw. We’ve got 30 minutes to eat this. And the first person to finish wins the bet. Again! Do you remember? I can get! No. This is one of the first time I’ve looked at dish
and not known where to even begin. Jungle! Like a jungle. Alright, 30 minutes. Almost straight away Natsuki and I embarked on two different strategies for tackling the mountain of ramen. He’s been eating beansprouts, I’ve been working my way through the pork. I’m trying beansprout only. Second noodle. He tends to eat fast and get full quickly
so I reckon he’ll get ahead and in about 10 minutes, I just overtake him. I saw first time noodle. He just discovered the noodles. Maybe I’m going to hell. I’m still at the beansprout stage after 15 minutes.
This is getting worrying. You can’t eat the noodles. I can’t get to the noodles ’cause there is a pile of beansprouts the size of Spain on top. He is sweating. Sweating. He’s so gone ahead so he’s taking 5 minutes rest. I’m just on holiday. Hello again pork Delirious, he’s gone delirious! Crazy thinking. I’m fucked. I’m fucked now. Noodle nightmare tonight. We’ve eating for 25 minutes. and it barely looks like I’ve even touched my bowl. That’s ridiculous. He’s not a man. Chicken boy. Very disappointed. When I said ” I’m gonna win.” I genuinely believed that,
I thought I had a chance. I thought he gets full really quickly
but he’s still eating. He really wants that money. Oh no… I’m a winner again. Again. Thank you, Jack. I am a champion! I am a champion! I don’t know what I hate more,
beansprout or you. Don’t stop. I failed….again. For fuck’s sake. It wasn’t even staged for the purpose of having some kind of narrative structure. I genuinely lost and I tried so hard. I’m not a man. I’m just… I’m just a…. chicken boy. Chicken boy… I don’t know what’s going. That was very difficult. I…don’t… What are you doing? Power! Ramen power! I don’t know what’s going on – this has suddenly got quite weird. On a scale of 1 to shit magic trick. Get out. Get out.

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  1. 2016 has been a crazy year for the Abroad in Japan channel! Help decide the top 10 best moments of the year for an upcoming Christmas special video! 2016 Highlights Questionnaire:

    ALSO, who enjoyed the "Winner Magic" at the end of the video? A whole new series is born.

  2. Hahaha his bowl looks like it had more sprouts than natsuki to be honest, he was bound to lose by the heavens skksksks jk

  3. Why does Natsuki know so much random English slang. He called Chris a jerk. Why out of all English he would know or learn he knows jerk.

  4. That's a pretty big portion but I believe there's a bigger one somewhere in Japan. I remember seeing it on another channel specifically for eating large portions. That dude is so thin and downed a larger portion

  5. このラーメンは美味しくない クオリティのみ 私はメガ盛の麺大盛を食べきりました

  6. 1:00

  7. ラーメンて言うか…モヤシじゃねぇ?…モヤシを食い終わる頃には、麺はのびて喰えたもんじゃないだろ…

  8. Oh my god I just realized I've been to this exact place in September last year 😂 their ramen are DIVINE 😍

  9. デカ盛りとかやって要るお店やめましょう。貴方の作った美味しい料理がただ腹に詰め込むだけのパホーマンスになってるだけです。適量を美味しく食べてもらいましょ。料理に誇りを持ちましょう。

  10. I think there is a problem here. That bowl looks like my average dinner size (I usually have seconds though) which I usually polish off in about 30 minutes. Do I eat too much?

  11. I was browsing your channel in search of videos containing Natsuki so I jokingly thought "I'll check the playlists maybe th-" and there actually was a Natsuki playlist

  12. ジャックの方が箸使いが上手いのは、日本の文化が世界に受け入れられてると受け止めてる。

  13. こういう系って200グラム10円以下の業務用もやしが盛られるから多く見えるだけで量自体そこまで多くないから

  14. I went to Japan with a friend and after seeing this video, we went to the restaurant and ordered one monster ramen, even the two of could barely finish it… and after that, we didn't eat for another I'd say 10 or 11 hours…

  15. 天地返しって大事ですよね。

  16. I love ramen, but typical Scottish guy, got to Japan knowing very little Japanese and ended up eating a lot of ramen, and being veggie and not knowing how to ask for veggie ramen, survived on a lot of noddles and soup, giving the pork to my friends. Rookie mistake/ stupid brits abroad!

  17. 食べ方のコツは

  18. I don't know why is this guy even fattish. He eats so slowly and so little. Spoiler alert, Natsuki defeats him every single time.

  19. 二郎系のチャーシューは広く薄くじゃなくて、コンパクトに分厚くぷりぷりがいいな〜

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