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The mood meter is
our tool for building self awareness and awareness
of other people’s feelings. Along two axes, one
pleasantness, one energy, you are plotting your feelings. You’re able to take
a look and say, OK, I feel very intensely pleasant. I’m really feeling
pleasant now and I have a lot of energy about it. And then you would locate
yourself, for example, in the yellow quadrant. It’s a great way to have a
conversation with your kids. You can come down
in the morning, check in before dinner time,
check in again before bed time, and plot yourself along those
two dimensions, pleasantness and energy. What are you feeling? What is your child feeling
at that particular moment? Then you can begin to
ask those questions that help build emotion skills. What do you think
you’re feeling that way? And what will be the consequence
of your feeling that way? What will you do
now that you know you’re feeling somewhat
agitated, or irritated, or feeling somewhat sad? Or you’re feeling
calm and serene. What are you going to do now? What’s the consequence
of that feeling?

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