Moritz & Paul … apportieren einen Ball einen Kilometer weit

So, Moritz and Paul – I have one
Challenge for you! You should shoot this ball into the goal. And you see – There is no goal here! The goal is at our house! So you have to shoot the ball from here to home! If the ball is in goal, there is a great reward !! This is a very demanding task, Nicolle. I look forward to it ! The best way we go right away! But that’s 12 thousand 80
Meters away from here! Das ist viel zu weit !! It’s more like a mile, Paul. But Moritz is always so slow! We will need 12 and 7
Hours! Haste makes waste, I always say! I do not have to run to get to the destination just in time. According to my calculations, we need about ten to fiftee minutes for it. Alright! But then I want a great
Reward when we bring the ball home! And I want the goal
shoot! Not the Moritz !! We’ll see who gets the ball in the goal. Maybe me too :). Have fun!! Lets go! Twelve seconds later … I just wear the ball on the ropes! So I do not have to push it! I’ll just take it with me! Very good, Paul. Very well. Keep it up! Now it’s my turn! With patience you get to the finish, Paul. You are a lot
too sloppy while retrieving !! So what? I’m much faster fthan You! Watch … I do not feel like it anymore. That’s boring !! Why do I get such a stupid task? And in the end there is only one piece of rusks. That’s stupid !! Such tasks are part of it !! As you can see again that you no
have a little stamina. In life, not everything is always fast, fast. You also have to clench your teeth and keep up a bit. Alright – Then I’ll do it again. But that is stupid! It takes forever! All stupid !! So – but now it’s enough for me !! Then I have to do it again! But you know, I do not like gravel path! The stones always hurts me so much on my feet !! Now you again, Paul! Moritz, what’s that funny noise? This is just a jackhammer – they are definitely building something! But I do not like the noise – I can not concentrate anymore! When it gets noisy, I can only retrieve very little … … only half a meter at once !! You are only looking for an excuse Because you do not like to retrieve anyway! Usually I retrieve 104 and five yards at a time! Again and again !! Yes / Yes … You’re a nut, Paul! If I was not there now, then
would you be completely lost! Two hours later … And what is that again for a strange noise? That’s a garbage truck, Paul! You do not have to be scared! He only makes the garbage away. Then I take the ball again – Until the garbage truck is gone. So slowly you’re back in the game, Paul! But how far is it? That takes forever !! We have to go all the way to the bottom … But that’s no fun! This is completely stupid !! You have to go through this now, Paul! So here! A little bit more …. You can still make a few! Very well! Come on! Hurry up !! A little more is still possible – come! So, so, so – did you see how far that was? Yes, that was not bad! Watch! I retrieve very good! That was at least seven, eight meters! And I carry more and more, more and more !! Very good, Paul! Keep it up! Because I can excellently retrieve, if I want! I just do not want to! That fits you. And again! Now I take over the ball again for a while! But watch out! There’s a street in front of us ! Since we have to look again to the left and right, whether a car
is coming! Left and right … It does not come … YES, I KNOW, I KNOW, I´MGOINGAHEAD! Oh Paul … One Eternity later … There you are finally. That took so long! That was because of some reasons, Nicolle. But I would rather not tell more. Here is your reward. And the one who did the best job … … he will get an extra
Treat – A piece of dextrose! Dextrose? Then I do that! Look, Nicolle – I did it! I did it completely alone! All the way I dragged the ball !! And now I score! Watch out !! Goal, goal, goal !! Now I want Dextrose! Give me Dextrose – I’ve dragged the ball all the way! That was full … Dextrose is served … Mhhh … NICOLLE: That you have done well :). What? That’s mean! You get an apple! Apple is delicious – but I also wanted a piece of Dextrose! Mhhh, that was delicious. Can I get an apple now! Apple, Apple – Mhhh Even more apple – Because I was so diligent! Friends … Eat some apples today !!! But eat neither meat nor fish !! Are you doing me the favor? That would be very nice !! Mhhh – I want another piece of apple! And you have to give me a Like and activate the bell, … … because I have retrieved so much !! Yes, you and retrieved! Paul, look – a lot of apple for you … Moritz -I know how the story happened! Paul let you do all the work – YES – and now reaps the laurels – YES – DEXTROSE? – Yes, you get two pieces of Dextrose now! Mhhh, yum … And still apples without end :). Mhhh, oh fine, mhhh …. Now I’m totally happy :). See You next week :). Bye Bye – But I also want to have more apple! Can I still get more apple? Mhhh … 2x ) Moritz did not get any Dextrose …

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