Motorcycling India & Nepal – A 3000 km Journey (2018)

Philipp: Have you seen something like this before?
Oliver: How is it working? Oliver: Shit Philipp: What the?! I’m already sweating like a pig. The next traveller. Good. We’re in India, you can do whatever you want. Those are 1m deep potholes. Oliver: Oh God. Oliver: Everything seems to be fixed – I drove through a huge pothole. Philipp: At least you made it through!
Oliver: Only just. Oliver: On the right side, across the street, there are many festoons; yellow and red ones. Philipp: I can see you, I’m behind you. Dude! Look out! He’s cutting right in on me… I nearly crashed. *exaggerating saxon dialect*
Philipp: So beautiful!
Oliver: Gorgeous! Philipp: You did plan a good route. Must be Google’s tour. Oliver: Nope… I entered the destination by myself. Oliver: It’s fine, it’s not deep. Just drive slowly. Just don’t fall. Philipp: I have no clue how a car could get up here. Oliver: There’s really a car up here. Philipp: And unsurprisingly for India it’s a Suzuki. For the ones who didn’t know: Suzuki has the biggest market share in India. Oliver: Well, fun’s over. Oh boy. Oliver: Theoretically, straigth ahead.
Philipp: Where the waterfall is? Oliver: No, up the hill.
Philipp: Okay let’s go. Oliver: I don’t know if this is a path or a street.
Philipp: Doesn’t matter. Philipp: Are we there, yet?
Oliver: This must be it, right above. Full throttle! Dude! Philipp: Go ahead, they’re tiny.
Oliver: You’ve frighten me a bit. Let me see you video. We’re now on the beautiful road to New Tehri. We didn’t show the first few miles since they where in poor condition. Oliver: We only show the good roads.
Philipp: *repeats* Oliver: Uh, tight corner. Philipp: Right, you dangle your leg?!
Oliver: Before the bike falls… Philipp: I’m wondering why there is no contraflow now. There were masses on the first shabby road. Oliver: Perhaps a traffic jam somewhere. Oliver singing: ♫ ♫ There’s a cow standing on the road ♫ ♫. What a nice road! Eventually shifting into forth… Oliver: If you hit the rock…
Philipp: Oh shit. Oliver: …gonna be a long flight. I’ll buy you some balloons, ok? We need to go shopping tomorrow. *subtle irony*
I’ll buy you something nice for the bike. Oliver: I’ll get you such a drum. *guy carrying big white drum on moped*
Philipp: Haha, thanks… Sweets; plenty of them! Sweets like in Jordan! *subtle irony*
White guys with Motorcycles and Gopros attached… Have fun in the mud! Well, you don’t wanna fall down here for sure. Infinite vastness
(That’s a German Star Trek reference, in English they say
“Space, the final frontier”) Oliver, don’t. We met a French guy who’s working as a (motorcycle) tour guide and he’s alone on the road for the next 15 days. He will join us for a few miles… on his Royal Enfield Bullet. Was it a 500?
Oliver: 500. Dude, with kick starter. Oliver: It’s clear. Philipp: Something approaching?
Oliver: Clear, clear, everything’s clear. Oliver: Philipp, what’s happening here?
Philipp: We do the annual check. Adjusting the chain tension, chain lubrication, oil refill… every 1000 km. BMW would charge you 250 € for that.
They will do it right on the road for, I don’t know… Oliver: 50 rupees
Philipp: *repeats* Philipp: How much was it?
Oliver: 50 rupees for both bikes. That’s about 0.75 €. They didn’t seem to understand that we just wanted the bikes checked without anything being broken. Eventually some sort of tarmac road. Well, this is normal. By the way, the cars here often drive without lights turned on. This would have not avoided nearly chrashing into that guy. Yesterday we were driving during the darkness and the
drivers don’t really care about being seen or not. Truck ahead. *Intercom clicks* Oliver: Cheers, what are you doing?
Philipp: I attached the Gopro. He already saw me. Oliver: The one in front of me must be driving mixture. Oliver: Badly tuned. Philipp: Fog machine… perhaps that’s some kind of tuning? Oliver: The mixture is just too rich. *beautiful saxon dialect*
Terrific (road). Happy campers, over there is Nepal. This where we are going now. Stopped again. So, right here was a guy with a barrier because an excavater is moving rocks. But nobody cared about it and passes him. Now everyone is standing up front and the excavator nor the rock trailer can’t move. Did we get lost, Philipp? Oliver: I think we have to ride everything up again…
*subtle irony* Nope, we didn’t get lost. Philipp: We are still within the predicted time. I don’t see it a such an issue. I chose the adventure routing on Google. Everytime I get on the bike I try to grab a seatbelt like in
a car… but there is no seatbelt. Oliver: Speed up, speed up! Go, go, go!
Philipp: Full throttle, dude! Philipp: Everything’s clear after the taxi. Boy, that dude is grinding my gears Oliver: Bus, bus, bus, bus, buuuuus. Philipp: Well, there are two mopeds coming. He let me pass, great guy. Oliver singing: ♫♫ We are the boys from the moped gang, left everyone far behind ♫♫ Chorus: ♫♫ MOPED GANG ♫♫
(Reference to the German song “Opelgang”) Philipp: Shit. There’s a bus approaching. Unbelieveable, here’s a bus driving! *metaphorical speaking*
I already have wet feet. I’m right in a tricky situation and that guy is asking me where I’m coming from. I’m at 4100 m altitude and Oliver is somewhere up there. Total standstill… This is our hotel from last night. We were sleeping right up there. This bridge is 267 m long. Nobody knows about its height though. *using physics to determine the bridge’s height* Bird droppings everywhere… The next brid drop, unbelieveable! They are sitting everywhere. *Oliver without bottled gasoline approaching*
No fuel anymore. The gauges are on empty. Someone is giving me a ride! Petrol! We have petrol! Philipp: Why is there nothing prepared?
Oliver: I was busy in fact (preparing a funnel). Someone rear-ended us. They couldn’t decide whose fault it was so everyone is driving their way.

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