Mountain Can Be Seen From 281.635 Km or 175 Miles Away? Flat Earth Discussion

so watch here mean we don’t see anything
here now this on a normal day people are going to look at this and they’re going
to come to the conclusion that this is the horizon line it’s a physical
separation between where the earth ends and you know it curves over and that’s
as far as we can see period but on this specific day the Sun gets behind and
creates a silhouette so you’ll see that coming up here shortly and the fact of
the matter is that these mountains are not floating and levitating in the air
they’re just not they’re not a mirage doesn’t have any of the characteristics
of mirages there’s no towering there’s no floating there’s no distortion
there’s nothing that is the mountains of cantagallo now when you hear people say
oh it’s just this mountain here this peak is 9,000 feet but the rest of the
mountain chain is there so granite can you see down to a thousand feet or down
to the shore no because you’re looking over a vast amount of water and again
reading these things that I read today are just more backup of that know
exactly what’s going on here but here if you look at this is not a mirage you’ll
see this is not rising this is not shimmering this is the mountains of
cantagallo and if you put in the curve calculator here you know I hide of a
thousand feet at that church in a lush and a target distance of 175 miles you
get a hidden feet of twelve thousand three hundred eighty the mountain peak
of Kanna gal is nine thousand four hundred so you’re talking about three
thousand feet these mountains should be the very tip right here it should be
three thousand feet below the curve so what do you believe in that’s floating
these to the top what is what is lifting mountains to the top it’s it’s just not
what they say and so you know for me I’m not going to just take their words no
this is joke a that’s a must be an astronomical thing is tons lifting
things the Sun doesn’t lift mountains up if these mountains are buying the curve
I wouldn’t be able to see them I cannot see through ocean water and the
Sun is not a magic ball this mountains up over water so I can see it just
and this is not abruption that’s and that’s what they want to try and call it
because there’s no other excuse for why we’re seeing things at such distances
that we shouldn’t and they’re still people go around and tell me that every
observation that we see matches perfect motive globally that is an observation
and it doesn’t match the globe adult in fact it would be impossible on any globe
unless you believe in floating land and levitating mountain chains The time to believe in the spinning
water ball earth is over. So many people are afraid to
speak out for fear of ridicule. Well that time is also over! Talk to your friends and family about flat earth. Talk to everyone! It is time to reclaim our world from the liars that have
stolen the truth and are keeping it for themselves. Remaining quiet is no longer an option. Speak out! Say something! Do something! Research flat earth…

17 thoughts on “Mountain Can Be Seen From 281.635 Km or 175 Miles Away? Flat Earth Discussion

  1. We need to start wonder why they are faking the space, the flat earth and many more things to us ??? Do we really know the world that we live in ??? The Truth Can't Be Stopped! Thank you for watching !!! If you liked this video, you may also like: Playlist with all the Flat Earth videos:

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  2. people will say.. Stars are round, planets are round, moon and sun are round.. so the earth must be round too!

    what i answere to that question is.. how many of those sphere contains life on it? None!

    The earth is not round, this is not a sphere!

    We live in a Dimension of living life! Planet / Plane-T for Terrestrial Plane or Dimension!

  3. It’s clear that you have done zero research. This video was debunked 2 years ago by multiple people. Sly Sparkane was one of them. There is 8000 feet of mountain missing in these photos. Also, the video clearly shows a sun dropping below the horizon, not shrinking off into the distance due to flerfspective.

  4. DOE FF NORMAAL! Another Flattard spouting ignorance. Why can all eclipses, sunrises, moon phases, etc only be predicted by sphere earth model?
    Now lets see if its also another typical yellow flattard afraid of answering questions…………………………………..

  5. When you say "This one is hard to argue with", have you actually looked at the rebuttals? I know I've addressed this observation in three separate videos.

  6. All energy spirals through vortices. Except for gravity for some reason. Why? How? Because it actually does and Einstein's a liar.
    I believe we live in a giant centrifuge machine and gravity is nothing more than and rotational force. That is the true cause for relitivity and terminal velocity.
    I'm offering 5000 dollars to anyone who can disprove my gravitation theory and model. Please check out my YouTube channel and videos for reference. Thank you.

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