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hello there my name is Mark Clark Service Delivery manager here in gas networks Ireland today I would like to tell you ways that you change location of your gas meter if you wish to change your meter position or have your gas pipe altered you must contact us by calling 1850 200694 or by emailing [email protected] before beginning any work there are a variety of reasons why people change their current meter position or need to alter their gas service the most common reasons for altering gas services are home insulation building a porch widening a driveway home extensions installing a downstairs toilet garridge conversions is not only illegal but also dangerous to attempt to move your meter or alter the position of your gas service Meters fitted an outside positions must not be enclosed within the building works after you have made contact with us by other phone or email we will organize for a gas networks Ireland estimator to call to your premises and assess what work will be required the estimator will then issue you with a quote outlining the cost of the work involved you will then receive this in writing along with our brochure a couple of days after the estimator has called and you may then decide if you want to go ahead with the work there are a number of options available for both external and internal alterations and these are all subject to different cost implications depending on whether gas networks Ireland excavate and reinstate the area if you’re a contractor carries out all excavating and reinstatement works this will have a significant impact on cost the type of alteration required the distance of the alteration required if the meter needs to be moved if a larger meter is required due to increased gas consumption if it is a reconnection following a cut-off number of site visits required to complete works if the alterations require working above below the floorboards the estimator will be able to highlight the options available to you and the costs involved following the site visit a full list of charges for both external and internal alterations is available on our website our customer care team on 18 5206 94 or posting a check using be prepaid and below provided we will then arrange an appointment with you to begin works appointments for some alterations are subject to Road opening licenses being granted by local authorities a gas networks island crew will then arrived on the designated day normally the work will be carried out in one day including reconnecting veto we only alter pipework of to and including the meter all internal pipework from the meter up to the appliances are the responsibility of the homeowner if you wish to make any alterations to this you must contract the services of a registered gas installer or RGI a list of all RGI’S is available at the registered gas installers of Ireland website or by calling them on 1850 454 454 The RGI will provide you with a certificate of conformance when he has completed the internal alteration work having wheelie bins in close proximity to meters fitted outside has resulted in fires being spread to the gas installation and causing more damage to customers houses please ensure that we bins are kept at a safe distance from the meter location and remember to never place hot ashes into them i hope this video has been helpful to you and you can find more information on our website

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  1. Almost €800 To move a meter less than 90 centimetres is a disgrace. There is no estimate. They have four options and cannot give a quote for the actual work it take to move the meter. For example if you want to move the meter 10 meters which would involve a lot of work would cost just under €800 and if you wanted to move the meter a couple of feet it would cost you just under €800. Go figure

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