Mrs Lenschow – salmon 17 lb 3 oz (7,8 kg) Mandalselva Norway July 2016

I can hold the rod for you Yes! I thought mum was going to catch this fish I will only hold the rod for her Oh! It looks large! Got it! It’s large! Go the other way around Be quiet sister! Super ! You are the most wonderfull woman I’ve ever been married to! It keeps running It is a large salmon? Yes! I don’t know where it’s going I can’t follow it! Easy – It will not run further You have 100 yards of backing If nessesary I will take it around the tree It’s standing still Keep reeling! Nothing happens! Easy – I have shut down the stove! We will eat afterwards I’m shaking! Now it comes! Keep reeling Now I can see the shooting head! Keep reeling! I’m glad that we have the net You have to lead it up here Do not let the fish get down and into these stones Keep the pressure Keep the rod high! It is thight! Let the fish run when it is pulling I’m shaking I’m shaking all over! Enjoy! I’m shaking! Let it go! Reel in! It’s totally cracy! The fish often take the fly at dinner time It’s fun to land a large one during cooking! Be quiet boyes! We have not seen the fish yet It’s so strong My arm hurt It is definitely not a grilse! I can’t take it any more! Enjoy! I’m worried about pulling to hard! Do I have to pull harder? No It must be a cock fish! Can you see it? No but it’s so strong Did you see the big figh jumping before? There was another big fish jumping It will do nothing right now Easy – it will come! It’s standing still Now I can see your leader I enjoy it It’s fantastic! I think the hookset is fine Notthing happens Keep up the presure Now it comes! Now I can see more of the leader! It’s coming! It won’t go across the river now that’s fine I can take the rod, if you can’t take it any more It was fantastic to fell the fish running! Mum is too eager to let you have the rod again I’m happy we tied on a new leader I don’t want to think about the leader now do not talk about it! It’s fantastic! Gosh – that was wild! It’s a nice one Gosh – that was wild! I can tell you that the net is large enough It’s nearly there! I don’t think so! He doesn’t feel ready My arms! Are we going to have champagne tonight? We have to land the fish before I dare talking about champagne What now? It’s fine can you see it? No but I saw it when it jumped Dont let it run down to those stones Keep the pressure in this direction That’s fine – I can see its mouth Now I see it! Take care off the stones! Great! step back mum Do you have it? Do you have it Yes he have Get it onshore Easy now – it’s in the net! Get it up – fast! Get your mum securely onshore It won’t run away We need to get it up now Now we can eat – i’m hungry! Take care it dosn’t fall out It won’t go! The fly is out Just take the net! NO – don’t throw it back Find a stone Christian STOP! STOP! You are running away with the fly rod Holy moly it’s a big fish! No don’t touch it – it will fall down in the river It won’t go away Kristian – find a large stone Wauv – I have never caught such a big fish before The one that got away this morning wasn’t that big Kristian quick – find a stone Here is the fly – keep it! My poor arms! they are so tired Thanks for the help My pleasure Sit down! Cap up! It weights around 18 pounds It’s insane It’s completely insane Are you pushing the fish? No – I’m holding it for you I thought it was still alive! Shit it was wild, when it ran down the river What to do I was happy that you could take over the rod What else to do? You were right There was nothing else to do It was nice. I had the fight for 23 seconds Could you feel it? Yes it had a fine run I was right – it is an coch salmon Was this salmon more intence than shooting the giant stag? YES1 My arms are still shaking I can see it Fantastic! It’s insane

4 thoughts on “Mrs Lenschow – salmon 17 lb 3 oz (7,8 kg) Mandalselva Norway July 2016

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  2. Fantastisk intet mindre. Bare fantastisk. Det er e lang række af perle udbrud. "Det er super det der du er simpelthen den dejligste kone jeg nogensinde har været gift med" "Nu skal jeg have noget mad, jeg er kræfedeme sulten" "Find en sten Christian" "Nej en stor sten christian" vidunderligt jeg ha rset den tre gang nu 😉

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