Hi! No travel vlog, no action or corporate video today. We are at MUD MASTERS and exited how this will work out for us. We always wanted to try one of these obstacle runs and today it’s first time. But we’re only doing 6 km (about 4 miles). We are doing this mainly to have fun and see how it works. There is also a 12 km track, a 18 km track and a 3 km Familiy Run. And 42 km And 42 km and a night run And 42 km and a night run and a 9 hours run Maybe I will do the 12 km or 18 km run another time. Todays it’s 6 km. I am curious how many obstacles will be there and how they will look like. and you guys, you are coming with me! We are at Weeze Airport btw. Should have said that earlier… There is the three of us. Me… and girlfriend and a friend of my girlfriend and you… You will have to stay in the case this time. It might get wet and muddy out there. I think, that’s it. Let’s see how it goes! It’s raining! Lost my hairband! “No one cares!” Fair enough. Water and mud every where you look. Another wall… ? Well, that was quite something. We had a really great time and lots of fun here. The obstacles were also interesting and… What? I don’t know him. It took us almost two hours to finish the 6 km. But that was also, because we had some waiting time at a few obstacles (and we had to film) all together it simply took longer than expected. We had to crawl at different places, which also slowed us down a bit. It still was awesome, though! (and mainly just for fun) I just thought, there were a lot of walls, which wasn’t THAT creative. On the other hand, there were a lot of cool ones. The electro shocks weren’t even as awful as a thought, they would be. But the hardest obstacle was definetly the ice cold shower. And we allready were cold at the time. Someone said there were also warm showers, but we simply… didn’t know. And now it’s time to drive home and get some food. We’re off. See you! Oh, yes, uh, sure! Like the video, leave a comment and subscribe and stuff! Like, comment, subscribe or do whatever you like!

11 thoughts on “MUD MASTERS 6 km ALLE HINDERNISSE | Weeze 2017

  1. SUPER Video. Mfg aus Neuss 🙂 😂👍👍👍😂👍👍👍 😂👍👍👍😂👍👍👍 😂👍👍👍😂👍👍👍

  2. Ist es für einen 15 Jährigen, normale Kondition, 1,85 m groß zu schaffen? Von der Kraft 30 Liegestützen am Stück bei einem Gewicht von 66 Kilo? Antwort würde mich freuen.

  3. mega cool.. haben erst beim strong viking mitgemacht und unsere nagelneue Gopro verloren… soooo ärgerlich 😮

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