Muscle Building Body Transformation (GAINED 12 LBS!)

JESSIE: Hey, guys! My name is Jessie. Newly employed at Yeah, I figured since I’m going to be working
for a fitness company it’s time for me to get in shape, get bigger, really utilize the
program. I’m 5’10”, 140. That’s my starting point. I’m hoping to gain some muscle, get a little
bit bigger, some more definition, and see where I go from here. JEFF: It’s funny because people say all the
time “Jessie’s got a – he’s so lucky. He’s got it so easy. He’s got Jeff as his trainer there all the
time. Jeff can write custom programs for him. He can spot him. He can make sure…” – I’m actually not doing anything for Jessie
and there’s a reason for that. Because I can’t want his success more than
he wants it. If he wants to do this he’s going to have
to figure out a way to do it. He’s going to have to grow up. I get it. there’s a lot of pressure and he’s doing this
on the big stage, and has a lot of people that are watching him try to make these changes. But at the same time I tell him “Jessie, those
same people, they’re supporting what you do. They’re watching you change. They’re rooting for you. And that should be enough of a motivation
to keep you on track, and to make sure that you don’t let them down. Most importantly, you don’t let yourself
down.” JESSIE: For the longest time I was never really
willing to put in the work. I kind of just wished that it was given to
me, but I realized that it’s time to throw childish things aside, it’s time to throw
the gummy bears away so that I can grow up and start eating like an adult. Start acting like an adult. Understanding that what I want is not going
to be given to me. I have to work for it. JEFF: There was nothing holding Jessie back
except himself. For me, it’s been really awesome to watch
as that disappears, as his confidence grows, and he starts to realize just what he’s capable
of. The only thing I told him was, I said “Jessie,
if you’re going to start then make sure you don’t stop. Make sure you see this all the way through.” JESSIE: It’s been such a positive experience
and I appreciate that. I have to thank Jeff for lighting a fire under
my ass, and guiding me that way. But in all honesty, I’m not doing it for him. I’m not doing it for his followers. I’m doing it for myself. While having them behind me is unbelievable,
and it’s great to have that support, the most important thing for me is to do it for myself,
and for my own health, and for my own happiness. I’ve got to say: I’m not done yet.

12 thoughts on “Muscle Building Body Transformation (GAINED 12 LBS!)

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  2. What do you mean get leaner? There's nothing to get lean for! If you can't take a kid who's 5'11" and 140 to 200 lbs in a year, then you don't know what the hell you're doing. If you can't put 200 lbs on Jesse's squat and deadlift in a year, you don't know what the hell you're doing.

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