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(engines revving) (tires squealing) – We’ve launched the new
age of American sports car that continues to this day. It’s more American than
football, apple pie, and blissfully wasteful
consumerism combined. It’s also very likely
that you’ve owned one, or know someone who owned one. It’s the Ford Mustang. Here’s everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Ford Mustang. (upbeat electronic music) Let’s get something out
of the way right now. The Mustang is not a muscle car, or at least it didn’t start out as one. When first sold in 1964, the Mustang was offered with four engines, the biggest being a 289 cubic inch V8, making a respectful 271 horsepower. Not exactly setting the world on fire, but that wasn’t the point of the Mustang. The Vice President of Ford
Motor Company at the time, Lee Iacocca, (amplified) Lee Iacocca, wanted to give the American consumer a car that weighed under 2,500
pounds, for under 2,500 bucks. He also wanted to design and produce the car in a year and a half. This kind of timeline
was unheard of back then, and would still be impressive today. – [Video Game Announcer] Impressive. – Iacocca saw an untapped market for a four-seat, two-door sports car, and he wanted to get it to
market before anyone else. To save money on design
and production costs, Ford used the chassis from the
Falcon, their family sedan. Now, according to Iacocca, the Mustang’s iconic long
hood and a short deck. – Wow, it looks like a giant– – Johnson! – I said deck. Were inspired by European cars of the era. Iacocca also credited
the Chevy Corvair Monza with the idea of including bucket seats and a floor-mounted shifter. He debuted the Mustang
in the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York, and on the very same day, dealerships opened their
doors with the new car in their showrooms. That’s insane. – It’s insane. – Ford dealers sold 22,000
Mustangs on the very first day. A huge part of Mustang’s initial success was Ford’s marketing campaign
towards young baby boomers. This was, of course, before
they ruined the world. The youthful flocked to the dealerships to get their hands on the
sportiest cars around. The Mustang’s launch could
not have been better. The only thing stopping Ford
from selling more Mustangs was their ability to build more of them. Ford pumped out 1,200 cars a day, and even that wasn’t enough
to keep up with the demand. In its first year of production, Ford sold over 400,000 Mustangs, and made over a billion dollars. – A billion dollars? – It was undeniable. The Mustang was a success. – Go! Success! – Alright, boom. Back to the facts. In 1965, a man with a girl’s name. – My name’s Carroll Shelby,
and performance is my business. – Carroll Shelby had a dream, literally. He woke up in the middle of the night. – Wake up. – And wrote down a name. He woke up the next morning and saw COBRA scrawled across his notepad. Shelby modified a 289 V8
to make 35 more horsepower, and then he put it back in a ’65 Mustang. Then he gave it blue racing stripes. It was the birth of a legend. The GT350 was a race car for the street, and that wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. The car actually competed in
the SCCA Production B-Class, and ended up winning the
championship three years in a row. The hype was real, and
in true race car fashion, Shelby offered the car for nearly double the price of a normal Mustang. – Sold it for double the price. – The Shelby name would
forever be tied to the Mustang and it continues today. In 1967, the Mustang got a major facelift with the introduction of the new Fastback. Sure, the Fastback had
been an option since ’65, but the updated ’67 design
was an instant classic. The sweeping lines of
the new model were the perfect mix of American
aggression and sex appeal. Just like me. Heh. (strained laughter) The grill had a bigger opening, like a shark waiting to strike. The taillights were now concave and the Fastback reached
all the way to the back. It was a revelation
and it still stands out as one of the best-looking
American cars ever. The legacy of cool was cemented in 1968 with the release of Bullitt, starring the coolest guy in
the world, Steve McQueen. Bullitt features an iconic car chase between a ’68 Charger and
’68 Mustang driven by McQueen through the streets of San Francisco. Steve McQueen did a fair
amount of his own driving for the scene as he was
an accomplished driver. You can actually tell when he’s driving, by looking at the rear
view mirror in the shot. If it’s down, Steve’s driving. If it’s up, it’s one of his stunt drivers. So now it’s 1969, and the American muscle
craze is in full swing. Ford’s rivals are swinging for the fences with their new designs. The Camaro, the Charger, the AMC Javelin, are all giving the Mustang
a run for its money. So? What does Ford do? They go super-sonic. (screaming) Ford announced the Mach 1,
an absolute show-stopper featuring a matte-black
hood, front-splitter, hood pins, and the crown jewel: a 428 cubic inch race engine
known as the Cobra Jet. Cobra. Jet. Poisonous snake and jet. – Whoa. – If you wanted the ultimate
street racing machine, Ford had you covered. While Ford was updating the Mustang with the new and interesting
looks, gas became expensive. Nobody wanted to buy cars
with giant engines anymore. They simply couldn’t
afford to fill them up. So? What did Ford do? Did they A, discontinue
the Mustang line until it made sense to bring it back? Or B, fundamentally change
the Mustang to conform to market trends until it was
no longer recognizable, and sullied its good name in the process? B. They, they went with B. The new Mustang, now
called the Mustang II, shared zero components
with the previous models. The Mustang II? Its sister-car was the Pinto. The Pinto, man. The fuckin’ Pinto, dude. The fuck, Ford? In 1974, the Mustang was not
available with a V8 option. Instead, consumers could
choose between an inline-four and a V6, neither of which made any power. – (agonized screaming) Why? – However, this didn’t stop the Mustang II from leaving the dealership. Ford sold nearly 300,000
Mustang IIs that year, making it the sixth
best-selling Mustang ever. (crickets chirping) For the rest of the seventies, Ford tacked on aesthetic
upgrades to the Mustang, and even offered a Cobra package, in honor of the original Shelby Cobra. But these were nothing more
than appearance packages. Ford updated the Mustang,
yet again, in the early ’80s with their new Fox unibody chassis. And they even experimented with turbo-charged engine arrangements. But, sales were slumping. Ford proposed replacing the Mustang with a front-wheel drive design they had borrowed from Mazda. Mustang fans flooded Ford
with letters in protest, demanding that they
keep the Mustang alive. Ford responded by keeping
the original pony car and naming the new car, the Probe. 1987 saw a renewed and refreshed Mustang. The 302 cubic inch, or five liter, engine got new forged-aluminum pistons, and some bitchin’ new cylinder heads, which made it great for modifications. The Mustang was back! The 5.0 Fox body is still
a solid choice for anyone looking for a great project car. There is a huge after-market, and you can build a Fox
body for nearly any need. You wanna go drag racing? Cool. Drifting? It can do it. Just wanna tear up the canyon? The Fox body is for you. The ’90s arrived and so
did the Fresh Prince, and the SN95 body stop. It was rounder and sportier-looking
than the previous gens. Starting in 1996, the
Mustang was no longer offered with the 302 Windsor, the motor that, in many different configurations, had powered the Mustang since 1967. Rest in peace, Windsor. – Goodbye. – This is the Mustang that
I remember from high school. They were okay. SN95 was slower, looked like
an amoeba, dickheads drove ’em. If you were a girl in 1996
that had rich parents, they probably bought you a convertible V6 SN95 for graduation. In teal. Ah, I still remember Britney. Next up was the new-edge redesign in 1999. It had some really cool versions. Both the SVT Cobra and the Terminator had super-charged engines and
independent rear suspension, I think a first for the Mustang. And the SVT Cobra had a giant wing and is gonna be a
definite collector’s car. The new 2005 Mustang looked
like the old Mustang. – Yes! Yes! – The new S197 design
was a direct evolution of the iconic Mustang lines of the ’60s. You might be a little numb to them now, because these Mustangs are everywhere, but when it debuted, everyone agreed that this
was a great-looking car. The throw-back styling was a huge success, setting off a retro trend
in the auto industry for years to come. Chevy and Dodge responded with
retro designs of their own, and they’ve all sold really, really well. ♫ Money, money, money The updated 4.6 liter engine
now made 310 horsepower, and for the first time
in Mustang’s history, the S197 was its own platform. It only shared random
parts with a Lincoln, which is like a nice Ford, so, who cares? In 2010, Ford updated the Mustang again with refreshed body panels,
giving it a new look. The next year, Ford unveiled
the new, but familiar, five liter Coyote V8 to
replace the old engine. The Coyote produced 412 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of
torque from the factory, all for around $30,000. It went around the
Nurburgring faster than an M3. ‘Ze Germans were not happy. – Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein! – 2013 saw Carroll Shelby’s
swan song, his final GT500. Mr. Shelby passed away in 2012, but he gave design input on
this car in his final years, like the true gearhead he was. The GT500 made 662 horsepower and at a top speed of 202 miles an hour. Nowadays, when people think
about monster horsepower from the factory, they usually
bring up the SRT Hellcat, but Shelby did it first. The latest redesign came in 2015. Now the Mustang is a little
wider and a little lower. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better-looking car for the money. – Damn. – And even though it’s starting to look a little curvy again, the
look is undeniably Mustang. And one more thing: independent rear
suspension’s back, baby, yes! Ford decided the world was ready for a great handling Mustang. Welcome to the 21st century, Ford. It could be argued that
we are experiencing a renaissance of affordable power, and we have the Mustang to
thank for a lot of that. We don’t even blink when a
new car makes 300 horsepower, when 15 years ago that
would be pretty impressive. Now you can buy an American
car with four seats, that gets 30 miles a gallon,
and sounds like this. (engine revving) All for around 30 grand. That’s pretty amazing
when you think about it. The Mustang created its own class, and chances are, if there’s
a car that you love, it’s great because at one point, it had to compete with a Mustang. And with strong rumors of hybrid, and even EV Mustangs in development, you can rest assured that Ford’s Mustang will be setting the bar for years to come. This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Ford Mustang. (upbeat electronic music) The Mustang has such a history that we’re gonna have to do
a second part for this one, so keep your eyes peeled
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