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hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today I’m gonna be talking about my weight loss journey and in the pictures
as you can see this was the before and this is the after and there will be
an after picture after the after okay so um what did I do
um first I cut out sugar not all of them I went to more natural sugars so stevia
agave not too much agave I ate more raw cane sugar which was what I ate a lot of
my also nice very sorry um my supposed to be okay a more um like rocking sugar
I stopped drinking soda I stopped drinking juice if I wanted anything to
drink I drink water or like carbon not carbon water sparkling water and that’s
basically how I started stopped eating fried foods um if I did use oil it was
usually like extra-virgin olive oil I never like used a lot of canola oil
vegetable oil and all other stuff I went more towards like extra-virgin olive oil
but not using too much of it steaming my foods baking my foods excuse me
incorporating a lot more tea and like this one this is Thai see if you want to
learn how to make it it’s so good on sir to picture what it looks like but hmm
okay um also eating a lot more vegetables and cooperating smoothies but
before all that I was trying like to lose weight and it was stress and trying
to lose weight at the same time it just did not work so after
my you know big overlaps and losing and you know stuff happen I wound up just
going to begin after I got back from Italy and yeah it’s been an amazing
journey I’ve learned so much about myself I love food even more like I
loved it before but now I love it like so there’s that um and just
incorporating more healthy stuffs into your diet you know working out as much
as you possibly can if you can’t work out walk instead of you know taking a
car you know stuff like that yoga at home I do home yoga a lot they
have a living room and mat um what else did he do um I mean that’s basically it
and just you know I did the JJ Smith smoothie cleanse so that kind of helped
with that too I lost a lot of weight after that thing but it is very not
meant for everybody it’s stressful I am gonna come up with my own smoothie list
cuz I didn’t lie Allen liked maybe three or four of the smoothies out of the ten
I was not a big fan of smoothies because I don’t like blueberries I’m not a huge
fan of like just eating them um I don’t like I don’t that a big berry person I
love strawberries love me some strawberries love mango pineapple
peaches but I was not a strawberry well no no I was not a very person so
yeah I’m incorporating strawberries with blueberries yeah blackberries mixed
berries I was not a fan of those so those smoothies kind of threw me off and
also having kale but you know check our whole book it’s a good book and it’s
very helpful and it definitely does help with weight loss um and yeah I mean
basically what I did was I wouldn’t meal prep a lot meal prepping is very
important especially if you work I was working two jobs and meal prepping was
very health helpful but I would also contribute it to the weight loss as well
as in Italy I was climbing hills like the bus in order for me to get to my bus
it had to climb I’d walk like two miles stick it to the bus and then two miles
to get back it probably was more than two miles honestly because you have to
go up a hill down the hill around a corner literally if you want to see a
video on that just go to my on travel part I’ll insert where that video is
above but yeah it was Italy Hills got my legs looking right and um yeah so I walk
more you know you just have to remember why you’re doing this and just put that
in an account and you know you’re it’s not gonna be easy it was not easy you
have your days where you just want to eat fried french fries you want to eat
your doughnuts and stuff in it I mean I had those ships but then I remembered
okay if you eat bag you double the day’s you eat good kind of thing but when I
was doing and trying to lose weight or just cleanse myself not lose weight
cleanse my body and just build I love my body it was just so much easier it was
so much easier to just take care of myself because I was like this is your
body this is you know the only thing we owned why not take really good care of
it you’re investing in it every time you put food in it that’s an investment into
your body you know what you drink is an investment into your body what you know
all that contributes so yeah so I am gonna try um so it’s basically what I
did to walk you through it basically you just need to drink a lot of water if you
do want to drink I’d suggest you in the JD Smith smoothie
cousin if you can’t do that um just drink a lot of water smoothies are
awesome limit to your um your pastas and Rice’s and stuff because I didn’t eat a
lot of carbs and breads limit that like to like 1/4 of what you usually eat and
you know drink more water eat when you’re hungry not when you just want it
and no sweets try not to eat as many sweets unless it’s like a once a week
thing or like every two weeks and you’ll see big
result but I feel like when you it’s all of our discipline and that comes down to
anything if you don’t discipline yourself I had to discipline myself I
kid you not tell me one story I was at UM my
friend’s house he just made cookies beautiful stock cookies sitting on the
table no on the stove just freshly baked the whole house smelled like cookies I
went in the kitchen after he left for work and I saw the cookies and I was
like it was looking really good I was during the JD Smith smooth the cleanse I
was like this close to needing a cookie I went and I touched the cookies and I
stacked them on top of each other first then I put them like laid him back down
I stack them on top of each other again then I wound up leaving his house and
going to get an apple cuz I was just like I’m not gonna do that to myself I
didn’t get this far to give up so I got up until the tenth day and he did it um
I mind up making some cookies that 11th day and I just was you know basic same
thing it didn’t I stop liking water like I did not want to drink I didn’t want
any smoothies I just tired of everything fruits the best of it don’t give me it I
don’t want it and but I felt so good and if you want to watch my Jesse Smith
smoothie series I will insert it up here and then in the description below bar
but you know in order for me to lose this weight it was all about discipline
like you have to discipline yourself you have to discipline yourself like you
have to say no to stuff you have to walk away from stuff sorry my phone keeps
going off but you have to discipline yourself you have to walk away from
stuff because if you don’t you mean who’s it benefiting it’s not gonna
benefit you in the long run because you’re just cheating on yourself and
you’re not taking care of yourself at the end of the day so that’s kind of how
I saw it it was like do you want to keep cheating on yourself and you know you’re
not taking care of your body at that and then you know it’s just why’d you
start it if you weren’t gonna finish in the first place especially when it was
for you yeah you were the why you whether you were trying to lose or you
trying to be healthier that’s what most people will they want to lose weight to
be healthier or you know further everybody has their own reasonings I
wanted to do because I wanted to challenge myself and I did and I did it
it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life but I did it in those ten
days was the biggest challenge ever in my life but it was so easy to wake up
every morning because I had the food was already made I didn’t have to cook
anything I had the smoothies prep even after the
ten day cleanse I was I continued to eat like that and then it became a habit and
even being in like when I started going being and I didn’t just go out and buy
the process chicken fake chicken and every so me I didn’t even know about TVP
until this year and um yeah I was just you know drinking smoothies and eating
salads and stuff I didn’t start eating tofu and stuff until like a couple of
months ago and yeah I mean I transitioned back and forth if I don’t
have that I won’t eat it kind of thing – that’s a big discipline in my apartment
if it’s not in my fridge I don’t eat it and if you don’t if I go don’t go to the
supermarket if I don’t go to the store I have enough food to survive
I have chickpeas in my fret which I just made a little bowl like um steamed
beautiful it was all cooked so no raw vegetables um so yeah stir fry bonehead
chickpeas it had potatoes it was the bomb and I didn’t have to go food
shopping because I have food in my fridge and I’m just feeding me um and if
you’re feeding more people it’s a different story
but it’s also just you know just a plain like I cannot strain that enough being
disciplined and just remembering why you’re doing this weight loss journeys
or lifestyles are not easy um so my next journey is gonna be raw vegan I’m
wait until I’m done eating all of my food out of my house that’s why I
haven’t gone food shopping yet I will be going to our farmers market for the
first time on Saturday so I will post a video of that in the prices and I will
do a video on Hulk of the food I got and how much money I spent um yeah you know
that’s how I lost weight and I can list it below and I’m actually gonna make I’m
actually going to make a bog so you guys can have like full detail on how I did
all this stuff but yeah it’s discipline discipline discipline cuz you have to
discipline yourself and that’s the hardest thing people it you don’t need
we don’t need sugars we don’t need salts but it makes our
food taste better but I won out sugar and salt and I was fine eating apples
and pineapples and fruit and salads and stuff without all that stuff on top of
it I didn’t need if I did have a dressing with a balsamic vinaigrette
dressing which is balsamic vinaigrette and it was so I mean it’s just
disciplined disciplining yourself and you know staying on top of your game and
remembering that this is for you it’s not for them it’s for you and that’s why
you started this journey and that’s what I kept memories from me and self-love is
so important in this day and age because of the social media and because people
are just so so cool and it’s just like we don’t appreciate
ourselves and we constantly try to critique and make ourselves perfect to
fit the media ideal nobody’s freaking perfect and we were not meant to be
perfect I mean that’s not what we were put you were put here to teach and to
love each other so I hope this video helps if you have any questions or I
missed anything it will probably be on my blog for workouts I did uh running um
I don’t work out a lot yoga I do a lot of yoga so like yoga four days a week
that’s it I mean I’m not a workout freak but I mean I take really good care of my
body and it’s what you eat 80% of losing weight is like what you eat so
discipline yourself thanks for watching please make sure to subscribe because
yeah this is a long video guys thanks for watching bye

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  1. I'm doing basically the same thing as you for weight loss and it definitely works! Keep up the good work and I hope your channel grows massive, cuz you're great! Sending love from Spain 😘

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