My 600-lb Life Patients Who Completely Transformed Themselves

With patients first gracing the small screen
at hundreds of pounds over their ideal weight, their emotional and inspirational journeys
to embracing healthier bodies have fans coming back season after season. But just which Life-ers have made the biggest
transformations? These are the reality stars from My 600lb
Life who have done a complete 180. Angel Parrish When she first appeared on the show, Angel
Parrish weighed 570 pounds and was relying on her boyfriend, Donnie, for everyday needs. “I am a human being. And I used to feel beautiful.” She said that her eating habits had been triggered
by the trauma of placing a baby for adoption when she was 14, and things worsened when
she later experienced postpartum depression after giving birth to her son, Andrew. Donnie said, “Angel just stopped gettin’ out the bed. She just stopped living.” Donnie threatened to leave her – and take
Andrew with him – if Angel didn’t get help. So she did. Parrish rebounded in a big way by losing over
150 pounds, and then undergoing weight-loss surgery with Dr. Now. Angel ultimately dropped over 300 pounds. “How do you feel after losing all that weight?” “I feel wonderful.” Chuck Turner “I’m tired and I’m wore out. I’d rather be a dead man than have to live
like this the rest of my life.” Chuck Turner weighed in at 693 pounds when
he first appeared on the show, claiming that he started gaining weight after his first
wife was murdered. He eventually married his second wife Nissa
and they adopted a son together, but his marriage became strained when his size prevented him
from helping out around the house. “We don’t have an intimate relationship. Our marriage is much more caregiver-patient.” Luckily, Turner was able to have weight-loss
surgery with Dr. Now, and he ended up losing 433 pounds. He and Nissa eventually split, but, according
to In Touch, Turner’s looking for love again. Zsalynn Whitworth On her episode of the show, Zsalynn Whitworth
described flying around the world to party with men who enjoyed large women. “I felt like Miss America. I decided y’know whatever size I am, I’m just
gonna be this size.” But by the time her weight topped 600 pounds,
it wasn’t so fun anymore. Now a mother, she found it hard to move and
spent up to 8 hours a day watching TV. Fortunately, just a year after embarking on
a journey with Dr. Now, she had lost 247 pounds. But according to the Daily Mail, her husband
Gareth – who liked larger ladies – continued to encourage her to eat unhealthy foods, and
gain weight. “What the hell’s that crap?” “Tuna and avocado.” “Bleh.” Luckily, Whitworth finally prioritized her
health, and got a divorce. “He didn’t want me to lose the weight. And I didn’t deserve to feel bad about choosing
my health.” Laura Perez Every story on the show is heartbreaking,
but when Laura Perez revealed her history, it made for particularly difficult viewing. At five years old, an older cousin began abusing
her, and food became her comfort. “I never told my parents anything, so the
abuse went on for years.” When viewers were introduced to Perez in season
3, she weighed over 590 pounds. “She is physically in one of the worst shapes
I have ever seen.” Perez shed an amazing 412 pounds, but her
new figure caused problems for her marriage. “Joey and me seem to be fighting more than
ever. I want to keep becoming more independent and
get a job and have a career. He doesn’t want me to do that.” In April 2018, a man named Eric Juarez revealed
via Facebook that Perez had left Joey, for him. June McCamey When fans first met 585-pound June McCamey,
her longtime partner Sadi was buying fast food for her – sometimes making up to three
trips a day in order to avoid conflict. “She acts like an addict. And her fix is food.” McCamey was well aware that she’d become a
burden on her girlfriend, admitting that she felt like a prisoner in her own home. “My world is confined. I feel like I’m going from a bed coffin to
a chair coffin.” McCamey had steadily gained weight through
four pregnancies, and let herself go altogether after the tragic death of her 17 year old
son, Mack. By the time she agreed to meet with Dr. Now,
she didn’t have much time. “I am very concerned about your health right
now. If I send you home, it may be the last time
I see you.” But after going under the knife, McCamey was
able to start losing weight. And by 2018, she’d dropped more than 200 pounds. “Since I started my weightloss journey, I’ve
lost over 200 pounds. And I’ve seen a lot of positive change in
my life, because of that.” Nicole Lewis While she was just 23 when she appeared on
the show, Nicole Lewis already weighed in at 684 pounds. She couldn’t fit through her bathroom door,
which meant her boyfriend had to wash her on the back porch. “I can’t take care of my kids. But there’s nothing I can do about it right
now.” She has two kids with longtime partner Charlie,
who also loves food, and the two would bond over grocery shopping dates. “It’s the one thing that brings us together
is our love of…” “Food, but chips most definitely. We’re chip connoisseurs.” “Oh yeah. Oh yeah.” But according to her story, when her parents
became addicted to cocaine when she was a child, Lewis would soothe herself with food,
hitting 400 pounds by age 16. “I would go in my room and eat and lay on
my bed and just cry for hours til I fell asleep.” Recent reports suggest that Lewis finally
has her weight under control. She was initially said to have shed 200 pounds,
but Starcasm reports it’s much more than that, based on her appearance. Regardless of the exact digits, Lewis is kicking
butt and documenting her amazing progress on her Facebook page.

100 thoughts on “My 600-lb Life Patients Who Completely Transformed Themselves

  1. Damn they have lost a lot!! And here I was happy cause I lost 17 pounds😂 I’m 17 I was 222 now I am 205.

  2. Why after all the weight loss does Nicol look like she got down syndrome now? Lol I know that's ignorant but c'mon I can't be the only one that sees it

  3. I'm happy for them, because they knew they had a problem and decided to fix it, unlike Whitney Way Thore who just wants people feel sorry for her.

  4. Food is just a socially accepted narcotic.

    I use food as a pain killer. And I have struggled with my weight my entire life. It is so hard to start the weight loss, but once you get over that initial hump, it becomes just as addicting as food…until you hit that emotional hurdle again.

    Just my experience.

  5. As a low birth weight and very under weight person as I grew older, I'd experienced sudden weight gain in each pregnancies post partum depression, but viewed my life as a playground to drop as much as was added in order to reduce risking my health I loved dance, weight training, so I used that as my starting place, it 100% had me focused on movement opposed to the fridge. I loved absolutely loved preparing daily meals for my husband and our kids I tend to over indulge with tastings then sit down have regular meal with them. Each of us desired 'seconds' of my meals and weight gain gradually surfaced. However, when it came to diet and exercise we tend to wait until it's too late then weight gain appeared. We were not strangers of daily exercise. I began marching drilling in place religiously every morning and evening. Weight lifting to tone flab I kept job this cycle non stop along with my group fitness dance. And not before long I saw huge changes, a noticeable reduction in my size going back to normal only more toned. Don't wait until it's too late to comfortably move without knee issues.

  6. You still made yourself obese.
    It's their own faults not the rest of the world.

    I'm willing to bet there was little to none working out having to do with the weight loss and most of it was surgically removed so the entire show is pure bullshit and based around people who are to lazy to save themselves from their own obesity killing them.

  7. Watching these shows make me depressed cause just watching them never do any actice stuff other than eating makes me sad

  8. Hats off to each and every one of them. Addiction is a disease and one of the hardest things to overcome as I know that personally. So happy all these people were finally able to gain control and get their lives back. I wish them all the very best and hope they can now live out their dreams and hopes.

  9. I don't understand
    when a person is super obese finally gets weighed, and they're upset at the scale numbers. Really?
    You don't need a super scale to tell you that you're super overweight.

  10. Being a bit pudgy may be because hitting the dessert a bit too much but getting to 600pounds clearly because of trauma and psychological pain. I really feel for them that lost their children and parents, or was abused and using food as a comfort. At the very least food wont kill you as fast as coke and alcohol.

  11. I also wanted to lose weight my name is Tom from the Philippines but we are not financialy able i would be very thankful and greatful if i will get sponsorship .. thank you very much God bless everyone

  12. Yo, I want that doctor. I'm quite big for a 15 year old, and though I'm trying, I want to get help, and even if I'm young I'd consider weight loss surgery

  13. No one gets this big without having a severe eating disorder, usually binge eating disorder. It's a legitimate diagnosis and has nothing to do with "bad character". Would you mock an anorexic the same way? One of the main reasons of developing an eating disorder is abuse and/or depression. These people need psychiatric and medical care and should be respected as human beings.

  14. Where are these men that love these "Large Women" ? I need to introduce them to someone who refuses to even try to lose the weight. Seriously though, where are they? 🤔

  15. I was just wondering today about these people. I see their stories but don't see on tv their success. Good to see them make it!

  16. When i was a kid i didn’t eat when I was mad/sad I would just go to sleep the eat when I woke up

  17. am fat cus am depressed when I have fears that i might murder or worse and i dont open these cus weird and foodmis my confert

  18. I remember watching the third one! It must be hard on her daughter to have divorced parents, even tho it was the right decision

  19. Way to go !!! Embrace yourself with ppl who want to support your new healthy lifestyle! Drop the negative ones! Life is too hard and short to not be supported.

  20. I was expecting so much hate here in the comments section, but there isn't much.
    I'm happy to see that.

  21. Anyone who has the strength, courage and fortitude to turn themselves around like that (especially if they have to sacrifice a relationship in the process) gets a big thumbs-up! And here I am bickering and whining about a lousy 30 or 40 pounds.😃👍

  22. I can't believe that a husband would divorced his wife cause she wants to become healthy and better herself. Sick man with low mentality and I am glad she divorced him!!!

  23. I am very proud of the determination these people have. They made their minds up to loose the Weight and get healthy. I wonder how they are doing today .

  24. I used to be very critical of overweight people. Why can't they just stop eating? But it is so clear that so many overweight people have suffered serious trauma in their lives. The solution is physical but also emotional.

  25. At first I thought the gal named Nicole Lewis was actually Honey Boo Boo AKA Alana Thompson!!! Go to 5:08 and that side view of Lewis makes you "think" it's Alana!!!
    That poor child, if someone doesn't help her, she's going to be starring on "My 600 Pound Life"….She has had such a horrible life. Her mom apparently can't find men worth a plug nickel and ALL the money and time spent on June for weight loss is a total WASTE….she's slowly gaining it all back. I would love to have someone offer me FREE surgeries. I've had 3 kids and I would love to have a tummy tuck and a breast lift….all paid for by a network! (Of course, I am not overweight like June and her daughters Lauryn and Alana.)
    It's so sad that so many networks have reached out to June about Alana's weight issues….and it's just ignored. Within a couple of years (if not before, Alana will probably be starring on TLC's Unexpected as a 15 yr old teen mom to be……) How sad is that? Of course, TLC doesn't care….They've got McKayla Adkins and her dysfunctional family to make money off from. Now McKayla wants a tummy tuck and breast surgery….Will this girl ever stop? Part of this is due to all the pre-teens telling McKayla on a daily basis how "beautiful" she is. Sure, she might be a pretty girl but her attitude is what makes her unattractive.

  26. Enablers ARE Abusers…they are no different than physical abusive partners. Get them out of your life before you'll ever be healthy physically & mentally.

  27. Good for you dude. You should have left her. My wife got big and i left her and took my son. I dont like fat women after what my exwife put me through no more. And now my son has his own kids and a great job and is doing well for him self. He has nothing to do with his mother she did that to her self. And as for me i have a new girl friend and soon to be married and will do any thing for her she and my son and my grandson all call her mom. And things worked out great.

  28. People don't blame what happened to you in the past get over it and move forward instead of sitting in your pity

  29. A group of very inspirational people. I take my hat off to all of them, what they've achieved is incredible!

  30. My 600lb life has been an excellent motivation for me, I watch it every time I excercise and I've lost 20lbs so far!! Highly reccomend this tactic if you want to lose weight

  31. I feel so bad for everyone of them. The food industry is clearly making a lot of money of people going through difficult traumas and choosing food to escape their PTSD.

  32. Chuck's wife was a bitch who just didn't know how to be happy.

    he wasn't able to help around the house? Problem

    He was finally able to help and do so? He didn't help enough.

    The list continued if I recall and he is better off without her

  33. Some of those spouses/partners to the obese persons are users, however, some truly love the person. When a person is so morbidly obese as 600 pounds or more, they are Not usually mobile, so they get used for a place to stay, the disability they receive and so also the partner may take opportunities to go out and see date other people, or just do as they please, since they will not get caught by their obese partner.

  34. she married the man who used to pay her to see her fat body, that is how they met. now she complains.

  35. Turner actually got married again to someone else, not that long after his divorce, which speaks volumes about the status of his ex-wife in his life. She was obviously right. So good for her for going through with the divorce.

  36. i would like to see a show that chronicled weekly updates on the weight loss and what they did that week as far as exercise and dieting. like not in real time just tell us in a show how several months went etc to show that it doesn't just happen so fast i know they say two or more years but seeing it in an hour long show or even a few shows makes it seem unattainable and impossible despite these people having done it. also they have to lose like 100 lbs to have surgery why don't they just keep doing the diet to lose the weight why risk your life with surgery?

  37. Since Doug Armstrong and Nicole Lewis had the same starting weight how come Nicole’s story was more sad than Doug’s was

  38. It’s weird because I have My 600lb life: Animal edition.
    I have a guinea pig who lived with her sister, her sister died and she got depressed and started to gain weight, we got her another pig to live with but she was bullied and started to stress eat. So we tried to find her a tiny baby pig for her to live with. She’s on a diet now and she looks healthier

  39. Yes l am watching but l am not fat l pray for the world honor and respect and health love you all beautiful world from Kenya love heaven on earth

  40. Fasting is king raw is king water is king one meal is king healthier and world love you all from Kenya love heaven on earth peace respect and honor

  41. I saw that Nikki and Gideon had the same starting weight and they were the same age and they were both in season 4

  42. I weigh 90😪 buttttt Ive been eating 600 calories a day for ten days sooooooo also I haven’t weighed yet cause I’m scared 😟 I might weigh over 100 😷 also I’m eight yrs old🤫😷😪🤧

  43. If I don't give them food they gets mad ..mate the only thing that gets mad is their mouth .let them scream and shout you are in control sorry if I sound mean it's not meant to be

  44. Loosing weight and dropping off some creep that only values you for you looks? Damn thats impressive. I've seen too many people that cant do just one of those two.

  45. I am glad they lost weight but I noticed that they don't do skin tightening on the face and some of them have saggy faces due to being over weight and it can make them look older. I am thinking insurance doesn't cover that and that's why those surgeries are not performed.

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