My 600-lb Life Stories That Ended In Tragedy

There are plenty of reality shows that document
weight loss, but My 600-lb Life stands out as it focuses on the lives of real people. Unfortunately, that means viewers get an intimate
glimpse into the sometimes tragic outcomes, along with the successes. Here are the My 600-lb Life stories that didn’t
end well. Dr. Now may seem like an unlikely reality
TV star. However, he’s the only person who appears
in every episode of My 600-lb Life, and his skills in the operating room are the reason
why. The veteran surgeon isn’t known for his small
talk, but he clearly lets his patients know what they’re facing, without diminishing their
humanity. Oftentimes, Dr. Now offers his patients a
reality check on the conditions related to obesity. According to a journal published by the National
Center for Biotechnology Information, complications can include high blood pressure, type II diabetes,
sleep apnea, stroke, heart disease, depression, cancer, arthritis, and gout. “Now that you have the surgery, the physical
drive to eat is gone. So you have to deal with what is driving you
to eat.” Many patients on the show successfully lose
weight after therapy, diet modifications, increased exercise, and weight loss surgery. But, sadly, some of the show’s stars can’t
make the lifestyle changes, or pass away due to the stress on their bodies. Robert’s situation was dire from the outset. It didn’t take long for Dr. Now to discover
that Robert not only weighed nearly 850 pounds, but that he also had an addiction to painkillers. “I hate that this is our life. And that this is Rob’s life.” “Good call on the wings. Love the wings.” “But nothing stops him from eating.” After a rocky start, Robert was able to finally
get some control over his compulsive overeating. The New Jersey resident had a lot of love
on his side, including that of his mother and his fiance, Kathryn. With that support and a whole lot of work,
Robert managed to lose a significant amount of weight under Dr. Now’s care, almost 350
pounds, including the surgical removal of a lymphedema mass. Unfortunately, the surgery left Robert depressed
and longing for painkillers again. He even tore his own stitches hoping to get
more of them. Tragically, Robert passed away from a heart
attack in November 2017, at 41, while the show was still filming. Dr. Now was not shy about expressing his frustration
at the medical system for its complicity in Robert’s addiction, which ultimately did him in. He also hailed him for being a fighter. “He knew that he was running against the clock. And his body gave up. But he never did gave up.” Few of the stars of My 600-lb Life are more
notorious than the Assanti brothers, Steven in particular. “Steven Assanti suffers from severe psychological
issues, so he’s going to be a unique case.” The pair may be bound by blood, but Steven’s
antics ensured that he and Justin were not brotherly to one another. For one, he pretended to be following Dr.
Now’s strict diet during the show, but was secretly binge-eating. Additionally, he would manipulate and bully
anyone, including his father, to get what he wanted. He also continued abusing painkillers, including
stealing Justin’s while he was healing from his gastric bypass. “He’s a big bully that just me all
day.” Because of Steven’s continued and repeated harsh behavior toward his brother, which started in childhood, according to Justin’s
Reddit AMA, Justin ended up quitting Dr. Now’s program, in spite of both his father’s and
the doctor’s best efforts. He also accused the show of blackmailing him
in a now-deleted Reddit post. As of mid 2019, he lives in Rhode Island. It appears that Steven is out of the program
too, and is now living in Iowa with his new wife, according to Starcasm. Sean Milliken seemed like he was moving in
the right direction after a rocky start on his weight loss journey. After initially weighing in at nearly 900
pounds, Sean was finally able to turn things around and get weight loss surgery. That, in turn, helped him drop hundreds of
pounds and regain his ability to walk, according to his follow-up on My 600-lb Life: Where
Are They Now? “I know I can hit all these goals in the next
year. And that’s what I’m determined to do.” But in 2018, tragedy struck when Sean’s mother
passed away, according to TLC. Understandably he was devastated, as he and
his mother were extremely close. Subsequently, he had to move out of his Houston
apartment. In yet another sorrowful turn of events, Sean
passed away in the hospital due to complications from an infection in February 2019. TMZ reported that his father wrote on Facebook, “He was having problems with his breathing. They were able to resuscitate him and a short
time later his heart stopped.” Sean was just 29 years old. Having the courage to work with Dr. Now and
appear on My 600-lb Life isn’t easy. And unfortunately for some patients, they’re
just not ready to conquer their addiction to food and completely overhaul their lifestyle. Such is the case with Penny, who appeared
in Season 2. “I let food be the way that I found solace.” She was initially able to lose 40 pounds on
a controlled diet, so Dr. Now approved her for weight loss surgery. But after Penny’s gastric bypass, she gained
five pounds, when she should have been losing weight. It appeared she was secretly having food brought
to her. Penny eventually left Houston and moved back
home to Maryland, quitting the program altogether against Dr. Now’s professional advice. In her follow-up episode, he stated plainly
that her addiction will end her life. “Either people around her stop enabling her…or
her addiction eventually is gonna end her.” Penny’s Facebook account has been mostly dormant,
which only fuels speculation that her diet is not going well, and seems to confirm what
Dr. Now called her, quote, “delusional” thinking. Dr. Now is known for giving patients the hope
they need to turn their lives around, and the tools to help them on their journey. That’s what Kelly Mason was looking for when
she made the trip to Houston to meet with the famous surgeon. “Every day is a bad day. And every step is awful.” When she arrived, viewers learned that she
had a host of health issues, including high blood pressure, a blood clot in her leg, type
II diabetes, arthritis, thyroid issues, reflex, and heart problems. It was clear that she needed help. “Some days it just feels like it would just
be easier if I wasn’t here. People could just move on.” Things started looking up for Kelly when Dr.
Now admitted her to the hospital, where she was able to lose over 200 pounds. She then had weight loss surgery, and dropped
another 100 pounds. Upon discharge, she was hopeful, and committed
to sticking to her diet and exercise regimen. But Kelly’s heart had already suffered too
much stress, despite her best efforts. She passed away in her sleep of a heart attack
in February 2019, according to Inquisitr. Dr. Now pointed out, however, that she hadn’t
returned to her old habits. She went out fighting. Like many of the stars who appear on My 600-lb
Life, James was initially unable to leave his bed due to being almost 800 pounds and
had a painful skin infection. “But even though I still open my eyes each
day, I’m not living life because I’m just trapped in this bed all day.” Additionally, James’ family had made some
huge sacrifices for him, including his daughter dropping out of school to care for him, and
his father refinancing his home to get him to Houston, via ambulance, to see Dr. Now. But when James arrived in Houston, he hadn’t
lost the weight Dr. Now required him to. He dropped a bit while supervised, but soon
thereafter, viewers learned that James had instead gained enough to weigh in at 840 pounds. Eventually, Dr. Now told him to leave if he
wasn’t willing to stick to the program. “My dad’s gotten worse. And I’m worried. He’s close to losing it all. He basically already has.” When TLC caught up with James a little later,
things hadn’t improved. In fact, Dr. Now called Adult Protective Services
on James’ girlfriend when he discovered James was suffering organ failure, and she was still
bringing him food while in the hospital. Dr. Now dismissed him once again, citing his
inability to make changes. As viewers learned on her episode, Schenee
endured an extraordinarily difficult childhood. In order to cope with the pain, she turned
to food at an early age, and slowly grew to be 780 pounds. “Food made me feel better. It made me feel happy.” Hopeful that she could turn her life around,
Schenee turned to Dr. Now for help. But she was never approved for weight loss
surgery because she refused to follow the diet and exercise plan Dr. Now gave her. She and her husband were even caught ordering
pizza and burgers to her hospital room. “You both need to stop lying. You came here to have weight loss surgery,
you haven’t lost any weight in four months. Why?” Since the show, Schenee has posted a handful
of videos on her YouTube channel, some of them from hospitals, as she struggles with
her health. And while she claims to have lost weight on
her Facebook page, any progress appears difficult to discern. As one of the first stars of Season 1, Henry
Foots endeared himself to viewers with his kind disposition and sincere desire to attend
his high school reunion looking his best. “My total fear is the end. I’m gonna go. I know I will go if I don’t have the surgery.” Thanks to his hard work, Henry went from 750
pounds all the way down to 275 pounds, and was poised to put his past behind him. But in a heartbreaking twist, Henry passed
away in 2013, several months after having a medical episode while driving a bus, according
to Starcasm. The cause of his passing remains unknown. Many of the stories on My 600-lb Life have
especially tragic beginnings which trigger overeating to cope with difficult feelings. Season 7’s Mercedes was no different. Mercedes weighed in at 773 pounds, was dependent
on her young children for care, and was struggling with severe lymphedema. She clearly wanted to be able to live a normal
life. “I know it’s hard for her because she wanna
do it for us, and us not do it for her.” But Mercedes wasn’t able to qualify for weight
loss surgery. She had only lost 80 pounds, and was full
of excuses as to why. According to her Facebook profile, she’s now
living in Cincinnati, which is a long way from Houston, so she’s likely off Dr. Now’s
program. One of the most shocking things ever on My
600-lb Life was when Lisa Fleming’s daughter discovered maggots in the folds of her mom’s
skin. It seemed like that would be the wake-up call
that got Lisa motivated to stick to the diet that Dr. Now had prescribed her, especially
since she weighed over 700 pounds. That was also on top of needing a team of
paramedics to get her out of her house. Although Lisa did lose some weight under supervision,
she gained it again, once she was back home. Viewers watched as Lisa’s manipulative tactics
became apparent, arguably some of the worst in the show’s history. By the end of her episode, Dr. Now was clearly
frustrated with Lisa’s unwillingness to change and dismissed her from his program. “When all you do is give in to what’s easy,
you sometimes forget it’s the more difficult challenges that make you stronger.” Not even a year after Lisa appeared on My
600-lb Life, she passed away at her home, at age 50, according to Page Six. Jeanne’s life has not been an easy one, and
it only seemed to go even further downhill during her episode of My 600-lb Life. “My life can’t get any worse. But my body and my health are getting worse
by the day.” She first appeared in a messy home along with
her mother, and a father who struggled with severe mental illness. And by the time Jeanne and her mother, Barbara,
arrived in Houston, things took a turn for the worse when Barbara had to be hospitalized
due to illness. Then, Jeanne’s father back home was discovered passed away in his bed. Unfortunately, circumstances proved to be
overwhelming for Jeanne, who decided she wasn’t ready to follow Dr. Now’s program. Instead of staying in Houston, she returned
home. We certainly hope she’ll get the help she
needs in the future. James “LB” Bonner quickly became a Season
6 fan favorite. “There’s days where I feel so worthless, I
think I’d be better off in the ground.” After struggling with food and alcohol addiction,
and losing his foot after an ATV crash, James’ weight ballooned to 650 pounds. Unable to care for himself, he decided to
seek help from Dr. Now, determined to make a change. It was clear that James was a success story. He went from 650 pounds to less than half
of that, and was sticking to his diet and exercise regimen. Additionally, he had become a burgeoning social
media star, with more than 8,000 Facebook followers, according to Starcasm. He was doing so well and losing so much weight
that TLC halted his photo and video sharing, hoping to avoid any spoilers. But sadly, no follow-up episode would ever
air. Tragically, James took his own life in 2018,
at age 30, according to People magazine. “I thought my brother was great. I had no worries. So I want to reach out to people out there
that love alone is not gonna save them.” If you or someone you know is having self-harming
thoughts, please call or chat online with the NSPL at
1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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  1. I hate how it's often their loved ones who "help" them gain weight at a certain point.

    I mean, my girlfriend is a little chubby aswell and I don't mind getting fastfood with her but I also got her to work out with me to get her back into a healthier lifestyle.

    You're indirectly killing the person you love, I don't understand how some people can think that's okay.

  2. When even maggots in your living body isn't enough of a wake call…
    People like these need someone to watch and discipline them if they want success, not enablers.
    I mean, I go into a weight loss mindset and any time my 30 inch pants start to feel just bit tight.

  3. I actually felt bad for Steven. He had severe mental illness that wasnt treated and had problems since childhood. His weight was the last thing that needed to be addressed.

  4. How in the WORLD could these people allow themselves to pack on this much weight….!!??!!.the minute I saw the scale tipping up towards 300 lbs I hit the gym and starting losing the weight….

  5. I'm sorry I can't have pity on people who eat themselves to death.. if you cant get out of bed because of your weight you need to stop eating fast food.
    Or end up like that 800 pound man…. in an oversized grave.

  6. What good is all of the hard work that the ones who stuck with it, and then died shortly thereafter? Not a very good bunch of success stories, are they?

  7. Penny pissed me off more than anyone…. She's a mouthy lazy bitch and she lies to her son all the time. I wanted to break my tv!!!!

  8. I cjust couldnt watch my relative kill themselves like that its not like drugs because you can clearly see whats happening pound by pound and you still enable them ..for fuck sake people if someone cant walk or bathe themselves theres something wrong …just stop feeding them and lock em ina room for a week with abowl of water hell lose weight lolol simple ya dumb fucks

  9. I know I may seem like a horrible person after this comment is posted. But seeing as how big they have gotten, it makes me want to continue to workout, since I'm 100+lbs overweight. I just turned 28, and I am planning my future with my fiance, I don't want to die early. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of these individuals. I need to be honest with myself and stick to eating right as I planned. To any one wanting to loose weight, now is the time, don't procrastinate. The journey will be long and hard, but don't give up! You've got this!

  10. I don’t see how people get obese, the second i feel overweight I feel shitty for eating anything unhealthy. When I was 10 pounds overweight I water-fasted for a week and only ate veggies after that for almost a month.

  11. I like that he doesn't sugar coat anything. He is tough but fair only because he wants patients to succeed in weight loss . He is right when the patients are told the surgery is not a magic pill. It takes work and a serious change in portion control with healthy food .choices and exercise.

  12. Death related to complications from o obesity far outpaces smoking related deaths; AND affects far more age groups than smoking. THIS is the dirty little secret behind the glorifying the acceptance of being fat. Tell someone they are too fat and you are fat shaming.

  13. u know what makes me mad, that society freaks tf out when a kid or adult is skinnier then normal and everyone says its the worse thing in the world and then we have obese people that just continuously stuff their faces and everyones like “oh yea thats healthy, totally fine”

  14. I understand addiction – hell, I'm the child of two addicts – but this phenomenon of food addiction to this level is almost exclusively a USA thing. What the hell is going on that there are so many extraordinarily overweight people in the US? I mean, there's a reality tv show about it , which is probably enough to tell you that this is not rare at all. How do people get to this point in their lives, and why aren't they getting help before this becomes such a risk to their health?

  15. Honestly… I'm super attached in relationships, so it would be very difficult for me to leave someone over their weight gain. Im also a brute of a man to date when I need to be……., and under not circumstance do I tolerate laziness nor would you ever become immobile or would I bring you fast food a bed pan or pull the maggots out your fat folds. If I saw you having trouble getting out of bed to get the kitchen. I would literally move the kitchen into the garage. Im a carpenter so yeah… FUCKING FACTS!!! Have fun getting some grapes out the fridge. Cause there would be nothing in that kitchen that comes out of a box or bag or package. I hope you like water cause thats all you would have access to on the property.

  16. i feel awful for sean he actually was trying hard to lose weight and succeed i’m actually crying he seems like such a nice guy

  17. I'm vegan since 1989, 164 cm tall, 52 kg. Eat vegan chocolate once a week. Never touched alcohol or drugs.
    Still I do have problems with my blood pressure.
    It might be stress and anxiety as the doctors say.
    I've done a lot of tests on my heart, checked my vitamin and mineral levels. All is good.

    I can't understand how these overweight people can stand up.
    Of course they will die.
    I'm happy that some of them do lose weight and can live a full life,

    But I'm pissed off by the friends and families who give them that fatty, sugar filled "food".

  18. Does anyone else feel bad for those paramedics who had to lift that fat fuck? I’m a Paramedic and lifting heavy people is the WORST

  19. I come from a big family, I dont want be like them, I'm 12 and could fit in my mom's Jean's, I joined cross country and now losing weight, I'm happier now ? be healthy, you'll regret not watching your weight, I'm not saying starve yourself, I tried that, it gets worse. Just STAY HEALTHY

  20. To all the people judging them & talking shit should STFU! Yes they're severely overweight but that doesn't give y'all the right to be assholes & judge them!

  21. Long story short, the ones who tried died, and the ones who didn't got kicked off the program and are still fat and unhealthy as fuck.

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