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the question
[cheery music] How difficult is it to gain
10 lb (4.5 kg) of muscle in 1 month? Well, I put this question to the test with
an old-fashioned experiment- but in a practical sense. Most of us aren’t professional athletes
or extreme bodybuilders and our schedules can get busy
with work, school,raising children, and the other daily responsibilities
that consume our time. So really, the experiment is to see if 10 lb (4.5 kg)
of mostly muscle can be gained without extreme alterations to a normal day— that means NO meticulously counting calories,
and popping ridiculous amounts of supplements, or spending hours upon hours in the gym. This task has to be something that people could do
with an average schedule. Simple workouts, simple eating, and simple recordation. I offer you the story of what I experienced,
the methods, the results- and the 3 cornerstones of thought
that got me through it all. Each of us is fighting a battle that is unique, whether that deals with fitness or otherwise. So I’m sure there’s something you could pick up
to help you out along the way. But not that. [K is laughing in pain] Definitely don’t do that.
Girl in Spanish “Butterfly, butterfly!” Fishes. Nature. Love. Chaos. Koaw – learn on, amigos [instrumental music]
Hey there, I’m Koaw! And this channel is all about sharing what I learn
from my interactions and explorations of our world- because a little bit of knowledge is always a good thing. 3 years ago I was very close to dying – and after having faced the true fragility of my mortality,
I made changes as to how I would approach life. Life is all about learning and sharing,
so about a year ago I created this YouTube channel so that I could share what I know and what I learn about nature, other cultures, fishes, and other cool tidbits of information for anyone
who cared to learn about that sort of thing. Some people might say I wasted
my college education – – [fun music] like those guys – I just say I’m doing things a little bit differently
with a bit more freedom. And yes, right now I am a future, bearded Koaw. But do not be alarmed! I did not become a lumberjack
or join a biker gang after this muscle gain experiment. the why So why am I doing this experiment? Well, I’m a nerd and
I LOVE DOING EXPERIMENTS! I’ve done some weird ones, trust me.
[cryptic Bach music] Secondly, I want to show that positive change can occur with a little bit of effort and a little bit of time. And finally, I want to give my viewers the opportunity to know me better on a personal level and so
that I can maybe get to know them a little better too. Hello! I’m curious what you all are going to think of this.
-the hypothesis- Experiments need a hypothesis, or an educated guess as to what will occur. Measuring difficulty here is purely subjective. That is, it depends on the individual and
what that person considers as easy and difficult. So quantifying something like ‘difficulty’
is a loose approximation— but, my hypothesis is that gaining
10 lbs of muscle in 30 days will fall somewhere just above the mid area
of easiness and difficulty— where easy is that it doesn’t cause me any problems,
discomfort, or use up too much of my free time and hard is that I become very burdened,
f eel much discomfort, and all my free time is consumed. [cheery music] Okay, I’m going to add a brief disclaimer. I’m not a medical doctor or a licensed fitness trainer so although all of my methods of this experiment are safe and easy, if you want to try this at home
I suggest seeking a professional consultant. Secondly, I want to say I’m very appreciative
of you viewing this video! And I’d love to read any comments that you may have.
I will read them and I will respond to them – “Hey Koaw, you missed a spot right over there.” Oh, and if you are a busy person like me and you want to watch this video
but you don’t have time- just LIKE the video and it gets saved in your
bookmarked-videos. And it’s real easy to come back to. Whatever your fitness goals are, I wish you the best. The methods are simple.
Workout 4 times a week or so. Eat plenty of food often and
ingest protein shakes around workouts. Record weights in the morning and night, and briefly describe what was eaten that day. The experiment can’t get in the way
of other daily responsibilities. And don’t stress about the progress— it’s an experiment, there is no wrong answer,
only discovery. Oh, and of course I have to film for all of you! [girl playfully screaming] For the first morning—I weigh in at 151.5 lb (68.7 kg). [optimistic instrumental music]
That means in 30 days from this morning, or in only 720 hours, if I do not weigh 161.5 lb (73.3 kg), then I was not able to accomplish the weight-gain task
within the parameters of the experiment. Okay, so, this is the first day. I have a cold so this may not be
the most opportune time to start this project. But at the same time, it’s all about willpower. If you don’t start now then you’ll never start. Life is about choices in the moment. So I’m going to eat a lot,
always make sure I have food in my stomach – and I’m going to work out later— a light workout because I have not done
any sort of heavy workout in a very long time. So I’ll be smart about this
but I’m still going to do it. Girl speaking Spanish “Eat your tomato.” My little trainer buddy there is already hard at work
telling me to eat my food! Girl: Eat, eat! I’ve never been a big man— I’m approximately 5’ 11’’ (1.8 m) and
my body always wants to fall back to 152 lb(69 kg) — [reggae music] – Gaining weight is actually tough for me
with my metabolism. I’m in my early 30’s,
so I’m already past my physical prime— that is, my hormone production (i.e. testosterone)
is no longer at its peak for ideal muscle growth. Alright, so this dark dungeon behind me
is my workout room and I haven’t been in here in months.
I’ve been traveling. So…some cats, while I was gone,
peed all over my equipment. And uh, can’t use that and my hand-wraps, and other stuff. So I’ll work with it. For Day 1, I did a very light workout, making sure to stretch my muscles thoroughly
and not do anything my body wasn’t ready to do. The cold was unexpected— and so I really couldn’t push
my body too hard and end up sicker. Later I had some protein and
before I went to bed I recorded my weight. [Oriental string music] – With that said,
I’ll share the first cornerstone of my ideology: We should never stop bettering ourselves. No matter the existing age, education, ethnicity, religion,
socioeconomic status, or gender, we should always seek to improve ourselves on a daily basis,
both physically and mentally— and for many, spiritually. This experiment offers a convenient way to monitor
a method of myself undergoing a bettering. That means I’ve had 3 days to eat a lot of food. I’ve worked out each one of those 3 days.
I’ve also been sick for each one of those 3 days, which, has sort of been hindering my progress
but let’s take a look at my weight. Remember I was 151.5 lb (68.7 kg) to start… And… this says I’m 156.0 lb (70.8 kg). So… So, that’s 4.5 lb of weight gain since morning #1. That’s not all muscle. Right now that’s mostly just the fact that I’m
well hydrated and well fed. I have a full digestive system. So really, it’s uh…
it’s good though. It’d be bad if I looked at the scale
and the weight was lower. Alright, so it’s Day 5.
I took a rest day yesterday. Today I’m going to knock-up a notch
on the intensity the workouts. I’m going to take this to a medium. I want to get a bit of a sweat going,
do some cardio, but at the same time do these high intensity reps. And of course I’m going to do this with resistance, with weights because that aids in gaining muscle. So…that’s what I’m going to do. Here I’ll show you a typical workout— [energetic music]
It’s about being efficient with time. That means only spending around
40 minutes in one day working out. Circuit training, like shown here is a great way to work
multiple muscle groups and do cardio in very little time. Of the 24 workouts I’ll complete in these 30 days— my average daily workout was only 42.5 minutes. A bar is a great way to work the core and back muscles- and hitting the bag works various muscle groups
and contributes to getting the heart beating. Alright so I’d say that was 40 minutes of a
fairly intense workout—I’d say a medium. Everything smells like cat pee,
including my hands because the gloves that I was using for the bag
were just drenched in cat pee. So, ya know, that’s one of the things
about anything in life— you can make excuses. I could have said, “Hey, it smells like cat pee
i n here I’m not going to workout.” No. Excuses will always limit you— never, never. My little gym not only comes with
smelling like cat pee but— I’ve also got—my own little zoo going on. Is that not a fabulous looking creature? [serious music] Gaining (or even losing) 10 lb (4.5 kg)
of weight in one month is an ambitious goal for any individual. Many of us just want to get in better shape
so that bathroom mirror is a bit less daunting. Myself included. but often, those hopes never reach fruition
because of, well, excuses. That brings me to my life ideology #2: No lies. [music intensifies]
As humans, lying is natural for us— it is hardwired into our bioneurological makeup— an advantageous quality preserved by evolution. But truth, believe it or not, is a much more
powerful tool to harness for self-betterment— and for the betterment of everyone. When we lie to ourselves that is often detrimental. Lies lead to excuses—and too often excuses
are only unwarranted justifications. “My spouse is going to eat two burgers
with fries so I should be able to as well.” “It’s cold outside—tomorrow will be better.” There are, of course, reasonable excuses— however, considering that the World Health Organization
reports that 1 in 3 people in the United States are obese and almost 3 in 4 people in the United States are overweight, I would wager that a fair percentage our U.S. population is
deeming too many lame excuses as reasonable. Alright so, it’s been officially 1 week on this project trying to gain 10 lb of muscle. I weighed in just now at 156.5 lb (80 kg),
which is 5 lb (2.3 kg) heavier than the first morning. I’m pretty confident that I good deal of that is muscle ‘cause this morning I cleared my system. So, um, I’m actually not that hydrated.
I need to get hydrated and get some more food in me. This constant eating is probably more annoying than,
uh, anything else in this project. Typical breakfast: banana, milk, cereal. Normally I don’t eat breakfast.
I really don’t like breakfast. But I have to, to gain weight. Another day, another workout. Everything went well… that was until I strained one of my hamstrings. Well I jacked-up one of my hamstrings…so ice shower right away, then heat. I’ve got to keep an eye on that.
It’s not good—not good. This injury could set back my entire project. [upbeat music] No matter the injury,
I’ve got to keep progressing as I can. Two of the staple parts of my diet have been
chicken breasts and broccoli. That’s muscle food 101. So it’s Day 13. So it’s Day 13. I weighed-in at
157.5 lb (71.4 kg) morning weight, which is 6 lb (2.7 kg) since the first weigh in. Um, I have no appetite. I’m not hungry. But the important thing about this is to
always have food in your stomach. And I do understand that’s a first-world problem. And I’m fortunate that I can do this
experiment and eat plenty of food. So uh, on this Sunday morning, my thoughts are with the people in Florida
right now getting wrecked by the hurricane, and the animals there, and the people that
have already been wrecked by the previous hurricane in the islands and Texas and all that…so… I’ll eat and think about them. So a good model for health is my grandfather right here. Now he’s going to be 94—
94 in a couple weeks. And uh, he’s always had a different sort of
exercise regime than I have had. But he’s always been an active man
and he still takes walks. He’d like to get out and do some
more swimming this summer but we’ll see. Cal—if you had to give people
advice on a healthy lifestyle— to live into their 90’s,
what would your advice be? Cal: The one simple…thing is keep moving. K: Keep moving
Cal: That’s whether you’re a real athlete or just trying to avoid putting on a lot of fat. Keep moving is the #1 thing! K: Alright, you heard him—keep moving! Per my grandfather’s advice, I kept moving, getting a decent workout in, being careful
not to further injure my sore hamstring. [water pattering]
So the overeating is one of the things that I don’t like about this project. But the second thing
is the cold showers! I detest cold water! Oye… But it’s good for the muscles. [tranquil music] Sometimes a little surprise shows
up in the workout room. K speaking Spanish: Up, down, up, down. This is LP—my little trainer. She’s enthusiastic about fitness
and that is awesome! We’ll just have to work on her form a little bit. Koaw laughing, in Spanish: Careful, touch your chest here. LP speaking Spanish: My horsey, my horsey!
K: Okay, ready? LP: Yes. [Koaw breathing heavily] [Giggling and laughter] ????? broccoli. K speaking Spanish: Do you want a little? A little. The next day’s workout would be
managed by the little trainer as well— and she is a tough trainer!
[K laughing in pain] LP: Butterfly, butterfly! Alright, so it’s morning 16.
That means the first half of this project is over. And I just did my weigh-in, let’s look at that. The weird thing about this weigh-in is that
I kept fluctuating between 157.5 (71.4) and 158.5 (71.9) which also leads me to discuss that
I think the scale I have is not that consistent, which is a horrible thing to have when you’re
trying to do an experiment involving measurements. But it’s—it’s uh—this is a soft experiment so
I’m not going to worry about it too much. I’m a little…I’m happy that I’m gaining weight but I definitely feel stronger and better. I’ve noticed, uh, definitely the
chemical changes in me. I’m getting acne everywhere but that may be a result of the stress from starting this with a cold. I also ate a lot chocolate but I don’t have any empirical evidence that suggests
there’s cause and correlation between ingesting chocolate and breaking out in acne— that’s speculation…and sort of I digress. I have another 4 lb to go but again I need to go over that
because that’s not all muscle. I’ve still got—even though I’ve cleared
my system this morning, I’ve got a lot of food in my gut. Oh, and I also need to note that I need to travel for work, which means that for last quarter of this project I will not have access to my dungeon of cat pee. And uh, travelling always messes up eating. So…another twist. Hey thank you for watching!
I’m sure you want to see how the experiment unfolds
because you’ve watched this far. Me too! Will I hit that 161.5 lb mark?! Will I be eaten by a bunch of hungry bluegills? Well…I’ll be releasing Part 2 about
a week from the release of this video so you can check the link in the description below or you can simply just subscribe
and get notified —that’s FREE— by clicking on this little icon in the bottom
right-hand corner of the video screen. Thank you again for watching and whatever
your positive fitness goals are, good luck!

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