My Girlfriend Tries To Review Supercars (she doesn’t know anything about cars)

Ugly car figure out units you looking at what
is going on guys Sully here so hopefully from the thumbnail on the title you can kind of
get an idea for what did you get it was going to be about to be really funny to see what
my girlfriend thought on two different cars out of car enthusiasts we think I really like
expensive really fast really nice and his relationship with your opinion because she
does not care about cars at all anyways I’m not going to waste anymore of your time and
I hope you guys enjoy it didn’t show my angel cast of the first car but isn’t that Bugatti
Chiron how do you think it’s toilets at the blue Colour you like this colour Henry big
nose the little horseshoe Grill this one was your first initial guess 2.3
million higher US dollars so you have two x 1.2 so whatever you say just increased by
30% total lower 4 million honey point three million before taxes how how much horsepower
is in a test 1000 3003 thousand horsepower so has almost there has around 1,500 horsepower
okay how fast you can get to rear 260 so had to give you perspective does 0 to 60 in 4.2
seconds free flow I don’t know 2.3 seconds at its top speed kilometres miles 300 I feel
like three is a good number is 305 miles per hour now that you have understood the fact
that his car would you give it what would your score be a sex is like a
backwards C yeah I guess it’s a backwards C the other side is it normal to I think it
looks like there’s a rectangle and there’s a little bump on it but this whole thing is
yeah and it’s too fast okay alright that’s what you get the next car how do you say Miss
Carla Batman car play Saga Batman car I got some more to me like that but like
normal like Lambo doors they like go up like this why cuz they want to be unique how much
do you think this car costs so this car that world record for the highest speed the last
recorded future hypercars which means they’re like expensive 6 million 6 million I’ll be
over to get you to guess how much it was like if you were to buy it from Koenigsegg and
then how much like people are selling for it selling it for now 2.7 million and then
if you buy it secondhand 7 million African dresses so they cost around like two and a
half million play against a 2.7 million from the manufacturer is pretty accurate but I
think second hand just go for like 10 million USS like 13 million Canadian dollars think
of what you could buy with 10 million dollars 7 houses 200 200 and the other one thousand
1160 everything is 06. 3.1 seconds you can drive it is cancerous nine other colours that you can
call it whatever you want you can get diamond Flex into the car like dust diamond dust into
the carbon fibre body Diamond coloured I can do 10 Toyota Supra units you looking at
its like weirdly shaped the new one this is like the old one is Thinking
Fast and Furious in like a Hot Wheels car shark a shark make a lot of cars uses angry
everyone loves his car how much is a photo so smooth this is -5 this one’s like I was
just showing you the old one for compare cat spay basic identify the phone the best car
cost you show me like 10 of them 500000 $500,000 for the Supra car exactly $50,000 $300 – $300
fully loaded at $65,000 but I think starting it’s like 50 k had a pretty good guess how
much are you doing how much horsepower does a cat have 600 600 400 / 335 horsepower slow
now I think you’d how the car looks because of the ones I showed you the first I showed
you to hypercars how fast you think 0 to 60 is it has 335 horsepower 4.3 seconds 4.3 Alien
Gear dropping popcorn from your mouth pretty good I’m surprised that you actually be able
to guess that’s good that’s good enough somewhere else so far they do so what’s your what’s
your rating of this car you think it’s the worst out of the ones you seen
how bad is it to attend off right now. BMW I8 how much do you think this car cost
you’re offline but that’s what makes him it’s okay it’s too low to the ground don’t like
any of the colours of the shiny colour how much how much is it look like when you
look at it I just looking at it if you were to see was on
the road $100,000 you’re guessing yes it has these words you see me stores that one looks
like it’s really expensive 150000 brand new like a hundred
K but you can get these like this one specifically when I used to sell you can get for like 60,000
Canadian dollars 55 how much horsepower does a cat have 500 try again slower see what that
other one that stole the super had 335 hang of this now do you rate the other one the
super out of your overall score on the super you said was like that too oh yeah I lied
it’s it doesn’t in like 4.3 seconds 4.42 BMW 4.4 black play over all that you can pick
your car at 8 this seems more like a daily car like it’s a car I would maybe drive
it looks coolish expensive can I get diamond Crest in the BMW i8 too much yellow I feel
like a different person be a people I feel like if I was standing next to a car I was
really really yellow Nike rose gold wrap your GT iron rose gold if you have the money right
now I feel like scary just a little bit too dented 10 to 10 what’s your number one was
it this one or that would be the Koenigsegg this one they said she has like someone who
doesn’t drive cars that often like I would be too afraid of like in Genting it or like
scraping it and also like after points but I’m not coming tracking the car I’m ever going
to going with 200 km down a Suburban streets so I would go that fast but it feels like
a flex beats do you think in real life eating about cars we think that they are the same
price like before I showed you the scars I told you how much they cost would you think
it would look the same but if you saw the rose gold one and then
you saw the current so you think you would be like steam price
before the video Silverado pickup BMW i8 I like osmosis video hope you guys liked it
if you did it’s like button let me know I’ll get it review I don’t know what you want to
review do I need more cars okay well we’ll go over some more cars interesting cuz you
have an idea of the horsepower that you would not be able to stay tuned for next. Guide

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