My Weight Loss Journey- How I lost 30 pounds without really trying

Hi friends! Welcome to my second video. So,
first of all, sincere apologies for the delay in getting this second video out to you. It’s
a little bit of a learning curve but I promise I’m going to get better at it and have videos
posted more regularly. So after talking to a few friends, I have reconsidered kind of
the approach that I’m going to take. My videos are going to be a bit more candid, a little
bit more like this- of me just talking to you out there, whoever is listening. Hopefully
have you get to know me, the real me, the goofy me, the silly me, the every me as openly
as I can be. One of the first things that I would want to tell you about it my own journey
and it started a long, long time ago. I was born in Warsaw, Poland and I lived in south-western
Poland for the first 6 years of my life before moving to Canada. So throughout my childhood,
both in Poland and in Canada, I was raised on a traditionally Polish diet- traditionally
Polish cuisine. Polish cuisine is very meat-and-potato centric. So yes, sometimes there are some
pickled vegetables or a salad here or there or a stew with some cabbage. Of course, fruits
and vegetables are definitely a part of the Polish diet but most meals consist of meat
and potatoes. So there are some good things and some… some not-so-good things about
Polish cuisine but that is what I grew up on. Interestingly, when I came to Canada and
I tried fast food for the first time, both when I tried pizza for the first time and
when I had KFC for the first time as a child I actually felt sick and threw up. And what
was interesting (I’m sure I didn’t realise it at the time) but in retrospect, my young
body had been used to- maybe not the most lean or the world’s most healthy diet but
I was eating whole foods and all of a sudden I’m exposed to this fast food, these processed
foods with a lot of chemicals, additives, very high in sodium, high in sugar, high in
fat- all of these things that I wasn’t previously exposed to and my body just didn’t recognise
it. Even though of course, unfortunately, my body got used to all of those different
things and I was eating a pretty standard- well Canadian not a standard American diet
but pretty close. It caused me obviously some problems down the line. So one other thing
I want to mention about my childhood is that I also grew up with a chocoholic mother. My
mom is a very slim woman, she’s very active always moving but one thing that I never saw
her live without was chocolate. For my mother I’m her only child so of course…. (pause
) excuse me. So I too of course was exposed to a lot of chocolate from a young age and
I too fell in love with chocolate. That has been a constant throughout my life, even to
til today. So I’ll tell you some ways that I satisfy my chocolate cravings. Perhaps if
you’re interested I can even show you what myself and my husband eat in a day- so comment
below if that’s something that you would like to see. I then entered my teen years. I grew
very, very quickly. The height that I reached at 14 is the same height I am today: 5’10”.
You know, I had my first boyfriend at the time so we would go out to dinner often, we
would go through drive throughs and just get a cookie or just get a hot chocolate. This
was sometimes a nightly thing. I was also working part-time after school at a place
that had vending machines everywhere. So what I actually call that phase of my life ‘the
chocolate bar years,’ because I was eating sometimes 3-4 chocolate bars a day and I was
stick thin because I was growing so much so it almost didn’t matter what I ate, I looked
lean. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking at all at that point about nourishing my body
and nourishing my cells so then came university, and university consisted of the same bad habits
that I had developed prior, but also came a new phase where I’m now “cooking for myself.”
A lot of the times my meals would be something quick, take out. And of course I tried to
be healthy- I was always interested in health and wellness to an extent, I just didn’t really
know what that meant for me. So I would go extremes. I’d be eating spinach out of a box
and a bunch of fruits and vegetables and then on the flip side I would be drinking a whole
bunch of alcohol, multiple nights a week and then be eating the same chocolate bars and
the same processed foods that I was previously used to but now I’m also making myself quick
meals like noodles from the grocery store with soy sauce and butter in a frying pan.
I learned a lot, but I was very lost. I was a very very lost person in university at least
in the beginning. And my weight continued to climb until an interesting moment when
I went bungee jumping. Of course, weight is very important- it’s a critical factor in
your trajectory downwards and all of that. To ensure safety, they weighed you and in
black permanent marker wrote your weight on your hand. So if you’re any young woman who
is struggling with her weight you understand that that would be an absolutely mortifying
experience. Especially because I had not been weighing myself and I had no idea at that
point how much I actually weighed. And so the number read 169 pounds. The gentleman
I was with at the time of course, noticed this, and made a comment about it like: “I
can’t believe you weigh that much!” It was obviously a traumatic experience for me, but
I wish I could say that it was that moment that changed everything. That wasn’t the case.
That is just a moment when I can tell you one of the heaviest weights I ever recorded
so I might have been well over 170 pounds, I’m not sure. But 169 pounds is the highest
weight that I know for a fact. University came and went, and after university, took
a year off and I actually did a bit of travelling before I started a full time job and that
was a phase where I actually felt really alive. I felt like myself. I felt so satisfied exploring
the world and meeting new people that food was no longer that crutch- or not as often-
it wasn’t as often that comfort I would go to if I was stressed, or if I was unhappy,
or if I was bored, or if I was…. ‘insert a whole bunch of emotions here.’ And I know
that a lot of women out there can relate with me and it’s the reason that I’m sharing my
story because there is a better way. So throughout my teen years, and my university years I struggled
with my weight and then when I graduated and I spent that year off, I had gotten a little
bit leaner, I was feeling a little bit more fit. I had started to compete for Miss Universe
Canada so I was going to a boot camp. I was doing all sorts of things to try to lose weight
from the regular low carb diets to the Master Cleanse you know for 10 days before a pageant.
The sad part is that nothing ever worked. I would do something extreme and for a few
days I would look quite lean but that was not real weight loss- not real transformation
to my body. I was just trying to use quick fixes to look a certain way for an event or
for a specific competition. Health was never the priority. Nourishing the body was never
the priority. Funnily enough, now that I’ve stopped caring about how my body looks and
started focusing on my health that everything has changed and I’ve really transformed my
body and I’m hopefully going to continue to. So after university I went on a trip around
the world. Learned a lot about myself. Had a fantastic experience but then when I came
back I started working full time in a corporate job for a couple of years. It was a very bizarre
time because I was making good money. I was finally an adult, able to do my own thing.
And the truth was that I was quite unsatisfied with a lot of things in my life – I was unhappy
with my home life, I was unhappy with my career. I was unhappy with myself, most importantly.
I would go a few times a week to an all you can eat restaurant. I was of course choosing
the fried calamari, the cream heavy curry- all sorts of things that were high in sodium,
likely high in MSG. I wasn’t thinking about any of this, I just wanted that feeling when
that food touched my tongue. But of course, a few minutes after the meal I would be so
angry at myself for how much I ate or why I chose to put that in my body in those amounts.
A couple of hours after those massive lunches, I would pick up either some ice cream or some
cookies or some chocolate and usually eat whatever it was in my car. It’s not that I
was actively looking to hide everything that I was eating from people but I was a bit ashamed
because most of my close friends knew that I was always looking to lose weight or I wanted
to look a certain way. What I was doing was really self-sabotaging. I wasn’t getting at
the root of the issue and it wasn’t until I actually did THIS….. for any of you who
have seen that on social media before- it’s a clothing brand, I believe. But when I saw
it it made me laugh because THAT is literally what I did. So a quick synopsis- December
2011, I came to Barbados to visit a good friend I went to university with. In the last 3 days
I met a young gentleman who became my husband. So 2 years ago I moved to Barbados. It was
an opportunity for me to focus on my health coaching practise. It was an opportunity,
more importantly, to learn about myself. And the biggest thing that I did differently was
I started experimenting with food, and I’ll talk to you in future videos about home cooking
and how I think that making that a central focus in your home can drastically alter your
health and the health of your loved ones so we’ll definitely cover that in another video.
Since this story is about my transformation, I’ll tell you that really it’s in the last
6 months that my personal biggest growth has happened. I’ve become a little bit of a kitchen
maven and I went from someone who hated cooking to the point in university that I would either
eat those noodles that I told you about or I would eat spinach straight out of a box
because I was too lazy to even chop up the vegetables to make a salad. It was a very
long process for me to start to fall in love with cooking because I was so averse to it
for so long. It’s been little tiny experiments here and there and the truth is that these
days I cook very simply. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been toying with it but more
consistently 6 months ago, I transitioned to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. And
I’ve actually transitioned both myself and my husband, in a way. For me personally, what
eating whole, plant-based has meant is that I eat fruits and vegetables predominantly
throughout the day. I eat a lot of rice, a lot of potatoes, a lot of starchy vegetables
in general: fruitpota… *sweet* potatoes as well as breadfruit, which is something
local here in Barbados. Another thing that I have had to do is make adjustments. You
know, there are a lot of things that I used to eat in Canada that I would still love to
eat. Now, I’ve had to of course adjust for a more local diet. The thing that blows my
mind is that I have lost 30 pounds and it has felt like I haven’t even been trying.
Yes, I’ve been doing a few things in terms of my fitness but it was less than I’ve done
in the past. I’ve trained for a half marathon before and I haven’t been this lean so the
truth is that you can’t out exercise a bad diet and food is at the centre of it all.
It’s not that one thing that you happen to have every blue moon. It is what you do consistently-
and we all know that to be true. Soooooo I’m making this video and telling you my own story
and subsequent videos so that hopefully there is someone out there who is feeling lost,
who is feeling like their relationship with food is out of control. Who is hiding their
cravings and their binges from those in their lives. Those who feel alone, who feel trapped
in their body, who feel like their body is not the one that is right for them. Not the
one that they feel their best in. Whether you’re a vegan or not, I hope that this channel
will inspire you a little bit. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned
for much more! Until next time 🙂

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