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Anna please pack one kilo of pulses Black gram, piegon peas, bengal gram, green gram, cashews, almonds all in split or whole which one do you want? Umm, the one we use in sambhar Green moong sambhar or piegon pea sambhar? For lunch or idly ? For lunch Ok, 1 kg Black gram then With that pack 1kg rice too Raw rice, boiled rice, Seeraga Sambha, IR-8, IR-20 or Matta which one? One Maggi packet please Vannakam and Welcome to Namma Oru Malgiai Kadai Since the advent of retail supermarkets the smaller provision stores have disappeared into oblivion The video is about our favourite childhood provision store A provision store is is usually owned by an annachi and has a young boy as a helper Way before the plastic ban, our provision stores used biodegradable packaging methods Anna how much? Our Annachi’s billing system is faster and more accurate than the supermarket’s computer billing *quickly adds up the numbers* 218 Rs Ah okay, open a new tab on my name New one huh? Yes bro Thanks na Because the owner knows the customer personally there is a credit system that even supermarkets dont’ have Haska 1 kg Tamarind 2 kg Pigeon peas 3 kg… anything else? One minute… …ah yes 3/4 kg cloves 3/4 KG cloves? are you sure mom asked for it? Err.. it sounded like Lavangam (clove)… asafoetida? no Kumkumam? nope Bubble Gum? No, are you joking? Ahh, vendhayam (Fenugreek Seeds) Ohh you took so long to remember this See, personal care Best customer care Our annachi reminds us even if we forget something, while the supermarket just has boards hanging on top There is a 2 bhk house, third one in the fourth street, it should suit you well The area provision store is not just a shop It is a public welfare establishment, house brokerage, bike repair etc Anna, bike has broken down. Shall I park it here and get the mechanic? Of course, park it that side in the shade When it comes to help annachi can be the epitome of benevolence and when it comes to gossip he becomes a page 3 reporter Ok annachi thank you Poor fellow, used to buy in bulk before Now he’s buying in small packets That engineer girl, eloped with the boy from the fourth house on the third street Cloves Cinnamon Looks like you have guests, shall I pack some special biriyani rice? Dei go get that biriyani rice Yesterday I noticed, our paapa was whizzing past on the bicycle. Ahhhhh! dad, please please i’m sorry. Anna, can i have some salt? Anna, Tamarind? Anna, toothpaste? Why is it always chocolate instead of change? Change isn’t available, so please take the candy. At least give me some good chocolate please! The exchange rate of US dollar with respect to Indian rupees has increased to INR 70. The exchange rate of US dollar with respect to candy has increased to 140. Even more advanced than the crypto currency, that’s candy currency Who Invented this? our Annachi only. Even though they seem so advanced, the only drawback here is… Anna, do you have sanitary pads? Yes we do. One minute, hey get the paper quickly. Get me a cover quickly. Give me a minute papa. Why does act like i’m buying something illegal? it’s only pads. Come straight down the road and you’ll find chidambaram stores. ya right next to it, ya that’s where i’m waiting. please come, please do. When you are giving directions to your house, Annachi’s grocery shop is always the landmark. Annachi, today is my birthday. Please do make it for my wedding. Be it giving out chocolates for your birthday or your wedding invitation, they will always be an important part of your life. Anna, store it in the fridge, i’ll collect it later tonight. Saving something for you or getting more than what you bargained for. All of this is only possible at Anna’s grocery shop. There is a story behind each and every shop like this! There are countless memories as well. You can never get this kind of an experience at a supermarket or even when you shop online, right? Yeah. Yeah. If you really liked this video, please do tell us what video you want us to do in the “Namma Ooru” series next in the comments section. Also, do share your memories of shopping at your local grocery shop with us. If you really like this video, please share and subscribe to MADRAS METER.

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  1. maligai kadha was assume and ippavayo irrukku pa(appro type of family pathe painnuingga)👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  2. I'm From Nilgiris, I Grown In The Surrounding Of Maliga Kada, My Grandpa Who Cared A Maliga Kada In Our Village, Which My Father Take Care Of It Later on, I Been Ther For a Lot of Time From My Childhood, I Grown Up By Working On Our Maliga Kada, Since Last Year When I Completed My Bsc Course I Been Working On My Chithapppa Kada, Now I'm In Cbe working In a company, This Vdo Made me to remember My Entire Life On Maliga Kada, Tnk u So much bro😍

  3. Super script writing.
    Acting was perfect… Direction is most awesome plan… Keep it up for owl Group members …//👍

  4. Xerox shop la Pendrive miss panna Anubavam pathi video pannunga bro…// 👍💐
    புகழேந்தி வில்சன்

  5. இந்த வீடியோவால் நானும் மளிகை கடைக்காரர் என்பதால் பெருமைப்படுகிறேன்….

  6. சூப்பர் எங்க அப்பா கூட ஒரு மளிகை கடை நடத்தி வந்தார்

  7. Bro do the மேஸ்திரி. Plsss… in past years, metro are the real engineers. Pls do it.

  8. Naa kooda enga ooru malliga kadaila…. Amma vaangika sonnanga aprm kaasu kudupanganu solli naraiya balbun vaangi saapteukan 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Semma.

    Ipati evolo annachi ipo kanama poittanga la

    Yellam periya supermarket ku poittu ipati chinna kadaikarangala kanama pannittom la☹

  10. ஒரு காலத்திலே மளிகை கடைக்காரர் அந்த தெருவில் இருக்கும் எல்லா குடும்பத்திலும் ஒரு உறுப்பினராகவே இருப்பார் . எல்லா வீடு சாவியும் கடைலதான் இருக்கும் . அவங்க வீட்டுக்கு வர்ற உறவினர்கள் கூட கடைக்கு வந்து நலம் விசாரிபாங்க , நடுராத்திரிலே கூட ஒரு அவசரம்னா வீட்டுக்கு வந்து எழுப்புவாஙக , சங்கடப்படாம வருவோம் .இன்னைக்கு எந்த பந்தமும் இல்லை , வெறும் வணிகராக மட்டுமே பார்க்கப்படுகிறார்

  11. DO anyone know the name of the guy appearing at start > FAT guy ! am searching one of his short film . Adhula kuda oruthan petrol kudipaan moonu vela sapatuku .. Forgot the nameof movie. COmedy about vithyasamana manidhargal. Pls let me knwwwwww

  12. Awesomatic!!! எல்லாம் சொன்னீங்க, Home-Delivery of Monthly Bagsம் சொல்லியிருக்க்லாமே buddy!!! 😀 Cheers…

  13. Really…. Really…… Really…… I loved this video. ….. Really this video touch my heart….. And made me cry……. Bcoz like this only i have a lot of child hood memories…… Thanks for making this video……. Once again thank a lot…… And anachi acting is superb….. And he react like same anachi… … Thanks a lot

  14. neengalaey india grow aaga bill podra shop ha poga solvinga … ipo vandhu agaiin maligai kada dhan best soluvinga,,, ena pa idhu,,, but namba annachiyum bill potu kudutha nalla dhan irukum,, adha video la solirkalamaey

  15. Nama ooru mallikai kadai is awesome. Also pls take a video on street vendors. ( include sales of veg , fruits and service include gas stove to kineru (well ) thooru varathu ( sludge removal )

  16. Great video.. one of the nice add could be that , maligai kadai phone number & helping neighbors to get calls from friends & relatives..

    That moment “ Thambi unaku phone vandhurku”

  17. Tnx team …nangalum malligai kadai dhan vachi erukom …I'm very proud to see this video …tnx a lot team ..fa giving such an wonderful video ❤️

  18. ஜோர்!…இதற்கு ஸீக்குவல்லாக ஒரு சூப்பர்மார்கெட் அனுபவத்தை படம் பிடித்து, விமரிசிக்கலாமே! ☺️

  19. செம செம செம எங்க அப்பா கடைய பார்த்த மாதிரியே இருக்கு🙏🙏🏼🙏

  20. உனக்கு மளிகை கடை எனக்கு செட்டியார் கடை பபுல்கம்கு ஸ்டிக்கர் வாங்கி அந்த ஸ்டிக்கர்லயே என் பெயர் அவர் கடை கதவுல எழுதுறது ஒரு பார்லிஜி பிஸ்கட் வாங்கி 2 சக்திமான் ஸ்ட்ரிக்கர் கொடுங்க அய்யானு
    கெஞ்ஜி வாங்குறது பிரட்னியா பிஸ்கட் வாங்கி 100 point சேர்த்து ஸ்கிரச் பண்ண கிரிக்கெட் பேட் கிடைக்கும்னு ஆசையா இருந்து try again try again னு மொக்க வாங்குனது இப்டி சொல்லிகிட்டே போகலாம்

  21. உண்மையில் சம மளிகை கடை அண்ணாச்சிக்கு எவ்வளவு நன்றி கடன் பட்டிருக்கிறோம் நாம 💪

  22. Good video. I used to enjoy bread, butter, and jam at small bakeries but did not find them in my last visit. Maybe you can look for them in the next video?:)

  23. Thanks bro's.
    Ennoda school days ennaiya kudikkittu poyittinga.
    Aamam nanga poor family member's daily cooli velaikku paoi than padisaom appo veetula kasu irukkathu appo enga therula iruntha maligai kadai annavum, akkavum sencha help than enga develop aachu. Appuram family friend's ayittanga. Enga veedtu nallathu kettadu'kku avanga vara,
    Avanga veedtu nallathu kettadu'kku poga vara antha alavukku close ayittom. Ippo avanga pasanga nalla padisu officer's ayittanga nangalum officer's ayittom. Ippovum pesu varthai pokguvarathu irukku.
    Aana enga rendu family member's connect panna avangaloda maligai illai. Intha video parthopa ennoda old memories vanruchu.
    Thanks and congratulations to all team members of making of this video.

  24. நாங்களும் அண்ணாச்சி கடைக்காரங்க தான் ப்ரோ
    இந்த அனுபவம் எனக்கு ரொம்ப அதிகமாகவே இருக்கு …🔥

  25. I m missing my childhood days.. Especially when i roam with rent cycle.. Now i have a top end bike but it cant give that feel…

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