Hey, come Welcome Sir! Welcome Son! Please be seated Tell me son, what style do you want me to do? Shorten it here… shorten it here also A line here… A line on this side also Ok Trim the sideburns I’ll keep a tail behind Keep spikes in the front here And.. when I go to school I’ll sport a slick back hairstyle When I go out, I’ll keep spikes. Do it accordingly bro! Don’t worry son, we’ll rock this style! Bro! What have you done to my hair??? It looks very nice son What is this bro??? You cut all my hair!! It looks cool son No girl will even look at me in school after this haircut Come, let’s go This haircut is only correct for you Vanakkam and Welcome to Namma Ooru Saloon shop After the rise of beauty parlours and salons, we have slowly stopped going to local saloons This is a simple video reminding us of the little things that we’ve come across in saloons In local saloon shops, apart from the barber, you’ll find these things A TV, in which an old song always plays Old newspapers and a few people, who don’t realize they’re reading the old newspapers There’s also a machine that always sits in the corner but no one knows why it’s there The barber would have never used it Bro, how long will it take? It’ll take half an hour.. please wait In our local saloon shops, they don’t ask us to take appointments beforehand So, we get to see a lot of interesting characters here Some people who just visit to comb their hair and beard Some people who might not even have a voter ID but come here to discuss politics And… If you keep watching TV, that’s how it’ll be in the end We might not remember our first haircut but all of us would definitely remember our first shave Bro! I want you to shave my moustache and beard quickly Which grade are you in? You already want me to shave your facial hair? Bro, I finished school. Just that my beard and mush are not growing So? I heard facial hair grows if you shave, please do it for me Beard… Moustache.. Shaving eh? Yes Hmmm.. ok let’s get it done Bro.. What? Why are you shaving without a blade? As if you came with any facial hair for me to shave it off! Bro, my facial hair will never grow or what? Yeah right! Now you’ll say your facial hair hasn’t grown.. After 30 years you’ll come and tell me that hair is growing in your nose and ears! Get up and go! At least let me rub that alum stone in my face Which? Allum Stone? Fine take it No local saloon’s barber would have ever asked us to try facials or treatments and have definitely never told there was anything wrong with our faces What’s up bro? How are you doing? Come in, son. Please take a seat. I’m doing fine Son, haircut or shave? Haircut bro.. I have an interview tomorrow, so have to get it done. I still remember you as a school kid but now you have grown up so fast and have started working Where is the interview, son? In Chennai Really? I’ll do it well for you, don’t worry They don’t spam us with offers and membership options by getting our phone numbers and email IDs Even otherwise, they’ll have repeated customers That’s the beauty of our local saloon shops Son, I don’t see you coming often here. Too much work load? Yes bro My marriage is also fixed Oh! Is it? Very happy for you Let’s give you the groom makeover then! Our local saloon’s barber never confuses us by asking if we want bridal makeup, party makeup, manicure, pedicure, straightening, colouring, perming, highlighting For him, it’s always just this… What do you want sir? Cutting or Shaving? Haha..First see bro, then ask Kids cutting ah? Is he your son? Yes bro Just feel like I cut for you yesterday but now you have brought your son along.. Which haircut do you want little one? Petta cutting Petta cutting right? Ok let’s do it for you! Do summer haircut, bro Behind every saloon there’s a story and a loads of memories.. Getting all these in hi-fi salons is not easy right? Comment below your favourite saloon shop memories Let us also know what we should do next in our Namma Ooru series If you liked this video, please share and subscribe to Madras Meter

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