Why should we drink tea now? What if mom is not in town Come let’s go to the tea shop Hi Anna, nice song Two teas Biscuit? Here you go, two teas And, here’s your cigarette to go with it Not in front of my dad! Hey you always ask for a cigarette with your tea right? Since when did you start smoking? No daddy I am working hard to pay for your college and you’re smoking and loafing around! Instead of paying your fees I could have bought 4 milch cows Vanakam and welcome to Namma Ooru Tea Kadai Namma Ooru Tea Kadai is about the roadside tea shop that have become an important part of our lives With the advent of supermarkets the Malliga Kadai’s have diminished but the Tea Kadai still stands out Do you know how? Anna when will this 12B bus come? In about half an hour thambi Shall I make you a cup of tea? Yes one cup, strong Aiyoo, that M3 is a real pain. I’ve decided to drop out from college and going to start a company, just like Steve Jobs. Anna one lemon tea and a Boomer This onsite call I tell you is an irritation. I think I’ll quit this job and start my own business. What business? Yea, umm I thinking of setting up a tea stall like this. Anyway he makes more money than us. Anna, one green tea and one Kings Green Tea is good for your health Oh and this cigarette? Business Positioning Since these tea shops are located near bus stands, office and colleges their business never dies out Who all for tea, who all for coffee? Tea, coffee, tea, tea, coffee… Three teas and 4 coffees Ahhhmm, I think I’ll have one Ragi Malt Then I want Boost I also want Boost, I want Horlicks I want lemon tea There are several attractive products in our tea shop, tea, coffee, ragi malt and more Ha ha ha, more (buttermilk) Hey, the vadais are hot come let’s dive in. I want a plantain bajji I want one molaga bajji and just wipe the oil with this tissue. For you? Samosas look fresh and hot Ok, I want one egg bonda And… one cigarette Cigarette ah? Go get it yourself Hey there are so many boys there So? I can’t ask in front of them, it’s against our culture Like the many products in the tea shop the people who come here are also very different Cut and the shot opens, a man with a bullet wound is lying on the road No one is bothered to help A bus passes by A lorry passes by A car passes by A bike passes by Why even a bullock cart passes by But no one bothered to help Al last a medical college student, a drug addict, notices and gives him a lift on his bike He goes to the cops, they don’t help him He goes to the hospital, they don’t help him At last a beggar helps him That’s our story Like hot bajjis and bondas the place to find the hottest news is the tea shop This Trump has stoked the fear in people’s minds and become President One tea bro Yea, our area councillor is also the same. The system corrupted If the system is spoiled then get it check from Ritchie Street no The milk seems to be thick Water shortage bro, no mixing Anna one tea, one Kings and two biscuits, add it to my tab Thambi, it’s added up to 413 Rs Bro I’ll settle it this month This is what everyone says, then vacate the hostel without giving me a penny We’ll never vacate the hostel, don’t worry it’ll come to you From bachelors who live on a shoestring budget To cab drivers who eat at multiple places Auto drivers, delivery boys, everyone’s favorite resting spot – Namma Ooru Tea Kadai Aiyo, it’s so crowded Bro… bro… Tea Not too hot less sugar in a paper cup Is there bonda? No, only bajji Is it hot? 2 or 1? Thanks bro, how much? 86 Do you accept card? Sodexo? No I’ll just PayTM it then Tea Shops have kept customer satisfaction as one of their main concerns. They’ve even updated to Digital India Hello Hey, where are you? I’ve been waiting at the spot for 5 mins. Come soon Hey! Hey! Today I am surely going to kill my boss Bro one tea and a cigarette Before the era of WhatsApp groups and conference calls, the common meeting spot was the local tea shop In just 15 mins an entire day’s stories will be discussed Hi friends Wow, new scooter When did you buy it? then you owe us a treat Booze? Biriyani Sorry no budget At least tea and vadai bro When you are low on cash and have to give someone a treat, the best place is the local tea shop. The boy’s will never complain. Anna don’t give anything for more than 15 Rs How can we finish it before 7 pm? It’s really difficult Divya you get the data for the first this month Dugu you get it for the next three and then collate and compare it with the rest She can sort the remaining data in the meanwhile I will compare that bit and we can send it to the client before 7 pm CHEERS! Finishing a four-hour job in two months is possible only because of the tea from namma ooru tea kadai How Glucose and Gatorade is the energy drink for our athletes, Tea the energy drink for our corporate employees Cheers Before Swiggy and Zomato Namma Ooru Tea Kadai had their own delivery system Hey, give this to the Auditor’s office in the second street by 4:30 This flask is for the lady who conducts tuitions at Lakshmi Apartments, the corner building. Second floor. From a single glass to water cans, everything is delivered to neighbouring offices and houses Tea for your Mother? What is the doctor saying? I’ll pack the sugar separately Wash the flask in hot water later Even if it’s pouring madly or scorching hot we never fail to drink tea Marriage or funeral, everyone drinks tea Where does it come from? Namma Ooru Tea Kadai Please don’t use this #raja #rain #teakadaidiaries and all Likes don’t pour in for a photo of a 150-Rupee coffee from a posh Cafe A simple photo from Namma Ooru Tea Kadai will also bring as many likes We just can’t beat Namma Ooru Tea Kadai right? If you like this video, do comment below and let us know what you’d like next in the Namma Ooru Series Also, share your favorite tea kadai memories PLEASE LIKE SHARE AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MADRAS METER!

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