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Welcome Welcome.. This is a Marriage set Before that its, Jaanavasa Set Its 60th annivasary marriage occasion.. Yes.. She have arranged all this..! yeah.. You kept this right?? Yeah This is just a small 11 step Golu In those days we use to keep 27 steps.. Now its reduced to 11 Where’s the god Anchaneya?? Welcome to our Golu..! Morning we are going to Kabali Temple At Kabali Temple it takes one hour Next we are going to Parthasarathy Temple.. There also it takes one hour There itself.. We can have our breakfast Ok Then we are returning back.. Then, at evening we are going to Thiruverkadu Temple.. After Thiruverkadu, straight we are going to Besant nagar Ashtalakshmi Temple.. Then Beach, this our Programme.. Ok 3 Show tickets are conformed..! You know what?? Morning first show Rekka Movie at Sathyam Theatre.. After that , we’ll have food at hotel Sangeetha then Remo Movie at Sangam Theatre.. How is it?? Is it ok? Evening Devi movie at Devi theatre.. While returning, we i’ll have street food.. With full satisfaction..! Hey Partha..!? At Parimala sister’s home.. Golu toys came it seems ..! They have called us to set it up.. we will get awesome food bro Shall we go?? Ok come down Bro..! You know what’s the matter? few girls are coming to Golu Shall we go to stalk them? She i’ll be very pretty..! Come soon.. Whom shall I call next??? Parimala sister we have kept golu in our home come with your kids Pankajam grandma we have kept golu in our home Come for sure.. Susheela sister we have kept golu in our home Don’t forget to bring Lakshmi with u .. Hey Did you sent invitations for golu?? last week itself I invited them through facebook.. Ohh 100 going, 150 intrested..! They i’ll come.. Obviously they i’ll come.. First time in Indian Televison.. Adventures of kids travelling into wild forest “Jurassic Park” First time in the world television.. A Cult film yet to be released Tamil presenting Marudhanayagam..! Altogether come towards left side..! Left ? yeah yeah come towards left.. Make the kids to come closer.. Smile please.. Check whether the toys are seen?? Who cares about the toys, Eeee:D Mr.? Do you remember what to buy?? Of course I do Chickpeas split Green gram Green Peas That’s it right?? For Sweet ponghal? For sweet ponghal its jaggery.. ghee and cashew-nut.. I i’ll buy all this For puliyogare..? you want separate groundnut’s for that..! Ok ..Ok.. On my way to the shop.. I’ll lend some money…! ok.. what special today..? That’s what i’m searching! Everything is there in this app except navarathri Sundals.. I know you will search like this..! you know great indian sale.. Search in that.. if you buy one sweet ponghal sundal free..! Shall i order for all nine days? Dears.. can you say slokas for the guests..? *Says Slokas* Can you perform for the guests?

97 thoughts on “Navarathri | Then Vs Now | Madras Meter

  1. sema ji your innovative is so simple for current trend its very suitable….Artist are well played their roles and Gopal sir marvelous acting & gud humor….All the best for upcoming videos

  2. Put chutney, Chennai Memes and Paracetamol Paniyaram now has a great competition. Great work guys. Innovative concepts ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 100% unmai. Neenga solra unmai ellam serupaala adikara madiri irukarathoda namma paarambariyatha nyabagapaduthu….

  4. Superb video.With a humorous touch the attitudinal differences of people then and now has been brilliantly portrayed.Life has become monotonous n routine really.

  5. There is more changes in the video from the first script but it is way better than the first one. Kudos Madras Meter

  6. We are extremely happy to see my mother Mrs.Kalyani Sambandham's Golu. It is still her passion which is carried on by her for over 50 years…..even before these golu competitions started ! It is a team work of many
    volunteers and she is still continuing this tradition in Vadapalani in her 75th year of her life ! She has Kalyana Mandapam, Canadian Christmas, Sahara Desert, 6 feet Pazhani mountain with train tunnel made out of real rocks, Chennai Harbour, Ramayanam, Mahabharatham, Thirupathi, Indian Army Camp, Vaikuntam, Sivalogam on 4 feet wide snow mountain, Kinnara Logam, Lakshmi Logam, Village based on green evolution, Abdul Kalam's science centre etc.
    Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Sanjay and Madras Meter for showcasing my mom's golu in a creative and humorous way ๐Ÿ‘

  7. I like the videos from Madras Meter. I admire the attention to detail when depicting olden days (e.g., clothing, ambience, etc.). On the same note, my constructive feedback would be to mask the air conditioning (AC) unit in the scenes depicting olden days. The AC unit stands out in this (0:36) and few of other Madras Meter videos when depicting olden days. Not sure if AC units were a prevalent commodity in the olden days. Keep up the good work Madras Meter!

  8. True fact.Nowadays yaaru elaroda veetuku poiye invite panranga,whatsapp dhaan.We are celebrating 17th year navratri this year.Paadhi paer sundal vangavum compliment vanga dhaan varaanga.According to video,acting of both male and female lead was nice.Proud to be a fan of Madras Meter.

  9. i love all ur videos but i always notice this mistake then means future but neega then nu munnadi kalatha sollurega litah confuse ayiruchu then illa before edhan crctana word ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. I ve just started watching must say its truly wonderful I forget all my business tensions… thx u all for your wonderful performance… Keep going…

  11. Evvale manase kasthama eruthalum …itha partha pothum …sette polam…nice guysss ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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