NBRen Sound Level Meter Review

Hello this is the unboxing and review of
the NBRen sound level meter I bought it on Amazon and I wanted something
really simple and easy to use the meter come with the battery, a manual and
that’s it, very simple. It has a measure range of 30 to 130 decible the product
was made in China and you can see on the manual there is a lot of grammatical
error you can pause the video at any time to read the manual, it has a
multiple function like the fast read which you will hear the low peak level, the
slow read which does an average and also have the max decibel level record the
minimum decibel level record and also a Over range I wish I’m not sure exactly
what it does but have this option I removed the pop filter, just to
show you on camera but high highly suggests and not to remove the pop
filter because it’s a bit pain the ass to put it back. You can attach the sound
meter on a tripod we have this little hole and this unit come with a battery
also which is very useful I bought it on Amazon for 17$. All you have to
do is press the power button and hop you go. All right so let’s go
test this level meter with my doors and windows open and close All right so I hope you find this video
useful, drop me a like if you find it useful or dislike if I forget
something maybe and thank you for watching

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