New 4,500km ‘Korea Dulle-gil’ walking trail spanning entire Korean coast announced

Key initiative… part of the government’s
grand project to rev up the nation’s tourism sector… is a 45-hundred kilometer-long hiking
trail that circles the entire country. Yes, all along the three coasts and the demilitarized
zone to the north bordering North Korea. Our Kwon Jang-ho with the details of Korea’s
Dulle-gil trail. Korea has many wonderful walking trails around
the country, but a new one is about to eclipse them all.
Covering a distance of some 45-hundred kilometers, the “Korea Dulle-gil trail” will stretch along
the country’s coastline and the DMZ in the inter-Korean border.
The route will connect the existing northern Pyeonghwa-nuri trail and the eastern Haeparang-trail,
with the southern and western sections currently in development.
The full trail is expected to be completed by late 2018.
It will be three times the distance of the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, and
be within the top 10 of the world’s longest walking trails.
The Korean government expects to attract 5-and-a-half million visitors a year from all over the
world, giving the local tourism industry a boost of 600-million dollars.
The organizers of the project are also planning to work with local cities and communities
and set up events and traditional markets to promote local culture and history. Alongside the announcement of the Dulle-gil
trail on Friday, a raft of new plans to improve the tourism industry in Korea were also announced.
These include more multilingual tour guides to cater to visitors from countries such as
Thailand and Indonesia. A new law is also being considered allowing
Korean homeowners to rent out their rooms and houses to tourists for up to 180 days
a year. A smartphone app, called ‘Ask Me,’ is also
being developed, which will allow tourists to report complaints to government authorities
and receive help real time. Kwon Jang-Ho, Arirang News.

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