New Audi A1 CityCarver 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Audi A1 Citycarver this is the
brand-new A1 from Audi and I’m really happy to
review it for you I will show you first time the exterior and then we will go
inside the car and I try to show you every single detail about this car I’m
really impressed with the design of the car and I’m really impressed with the
detail of the car I like very much the edges of the car the way they design it
with this glossy plastic you will see it in the moment when you go close to the
car also the LED lights look fantastic and the exterior design is it is a very
beautiful a very beautiful thing that I like about this car very much I think in
my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful car in this class and yeah I
think it’s super anyway now let me show you the blinkers guys I
want to show you also the blinkers to show you that everything on the light on
this car it’s LED even the blinkers here on the mirrors we have LED lights and
then in the front as well you can see right now the way they look in the front
as well it has a very angry and beautiful design in the front I think
you don’t even know what car it is when you show when you look from the front of
the car you don’t know that this is a small car a city car like like this new
a1 City Carver in the back we have these following blinkers that look fantastic
in my opinion the design of them of the LED lights it’s kind of free dimensional
and it looks so nice I think I would make so beautiful cars these days 2019
they did it to make great great designs and it is a really beautiful car anyway
let me stop the blinkers let me go forward to show you the rest of the cars
sorry about the Sun guys today the Sun is directly on the car so you cannot see
so good the shapes but I try to show you as many detail as possible so this is
the back the car have also back reverse camera and LED lights on the number
plate so this is actually really really good that you have this reverse camera
it’s very useful city carver you can see here the logo on the right side a one on
the left side down going down here on the bumper we have six parking sensors
in the back you can see the parking sensors it is directly integrated in
this black glossy it’s kind of grey grey dark glossy plastic that protect the
edges of the car and in the same time look very nice I like the way they
designed even down part there on the door protect the door and in the same
time look very beautiful and protect the paint in the off the car the paint of
the car will last longer and the rust will stay away and also the chips and
the little stones from the street will stay away from the car
in the front six parking sensors as well you can see the parking sensors here and
you can see this big nice beautiful grille also the full LED light this is
the day light on right now and then inside there we have the full LED light
automatic high-beam and yeah all that new technology from Audi going on the
other side the same nice plastic here around the edges of the car that’s
really good I tell you it’s really practical because this protect the car
in time from rust and the car will last longer
the back the parking sensor six parking sensors as you see it I like also that
you don’t have any exhaust pipe here in the back
actually it’s hiding under the car so many car these days come without an
exhaust pipe up here the brake light and this beautiful spoiler up here with
beautiful nice lines and edges that make the car look much more beautiful so it’s
not bad at all so the door around the the windows here
we have this rubber kind of a rubber I think you know it it’s classic for for
cars and then tinted windows in the back up here we have this grey glossy a color
they change the color of the roof the same as down there on the edges so let
me show you forward going forward guys and let me show you
the mirror the mirror you already see it also the gray nice shape nice lines
there here you already see these edges of the car and then the mirror here it’s
it have the same same shape as yeah most of the mirrors from Audi we have keyless
entry ins here on the handle of the car so you can go inside the car only with
your key in your pocket you don’t have to to push a button or something
and also you can see the lines of the car that make the car a little bit more
aggressive you can see here the lines on the bumper a lot of lines a lot of
shapes kind of triangle shapes and sharp edges this make I would work a lot with
these sharp edges you can see even here on the on the hood how aggressive the
car look with all that sharp edges the designer it’s it’s more into this sharp
edges and that make the car look much beautiful here we have some kind of air
intakes but they are not air intakes because you have a plastic
they look very nice on the car make the car look much more support here and
aggressive maybe the air come inside there and then go outside close to the
windshield I’m not sure I don’t think so because the air will stop there maybe
before the range of the car for the aerodynamic is not so good but for the
design it’s beautiful now here is the air intake we have the rudder here in
the middle for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that technology
that keep the car behind the other vehicle so nice nice shape really angry
and beautiful shape I like all that glossy plastics insertion there in the
middle we have the camera for lane assist and also for reading the traffic
speed limit it’s very useful and also the sensors for the wipers now in the
back you already see this beautiful spoiler let’s go inside the car and show
you the rest of it now here going inside the trunk you will see that we have
normal lift kits or no automatic lift kit as expected some plastic at the
entrance in the car we have like 7 centimeter here deepness we don’t have a
flat floor we have the medical kit here on the left side some hooks in the right
side again we have this light we have normal bulb light no LED light there and
then under the floor we have some space there and repair kit and the speakers
right there so you can put your your stuff your tools there down there so
it’s very useful under this the great thing is that you can also adjust this
floor so you can put it a little bit down or so you have much more space in
the trunk now it’s really deep so you have like 50 centimeter maybe 20
centimeter up there when you put it down so this is a very very cool stuff
that you can do you are able to do now let me show you you can also take this
out this protection for the trunk you can take it out without any problem let
me fold down the seats and show you the space in the in the back of the car now
holding down the seats is very easy and they go all the way flat I like the way
I wouldI did this seat you can fold it down all the way flat and you have
plenty of space here to carry your your baggage your leg edge your tires or
whatever you want to carry take it out this protection for the trunk it’s very
easily and then let’s put it down and let me show you how much space you have
I think you can even carry small mobile pieces when you go to eat care I care
it’s kind of big entrance I like that it’s a hatchback with the hatchback you
can carry easily things in the back so that’s a cool thing that you are able to
to carry big items even with a small car like that and also this city caver a1
Carver City Carver now the a1 it’s a little bit more taller
the ground clearance it’s a little bit higher so yeah you can go kind of a
little bit of off-road with the car not so much but a little bit if you live in
a country with many bumps on the street this will be the better version of the
Audi a1 anyway now let me fold it back and let me show you the interior I think
you make an idea with the trunk there with the space in the trunk it’s quite
good so let me close the trunk here let me go forward to show you the rest of
the car so now the window I like the fact that in the back you have a big
window only from one pieces other than that here we have plastic on the doors
the design of this plastic it’s beautiful it’s look very nice
but it’s still plastic and here we have even those beautiful beautiful lines
here we have soft material right here when you have the arm so that’s a good
thing and also the the windows button and a lot of space for storage here so
the door design it’s beautiful it has most of it plastic but it’s nice now
let’s go inside the car let me show you here in the middle we have no vents
nothing here in the middle I’m quite impressed maybe you can add as an option
we have a big step in the middle as usually on a woody back of the front
seats only leather and I like that very soft material no plastic there also I’m
not able to tell you the price of this car at the moment because it’s brand-new
it’s just come here but I will make another review and I will come with all
the information with price and and all that stuff so yeah just as as an
information to know it so going on the other side we have this combination of
leather with Alcantara in the middle this is classic for a woody you see
those seats on many cars from OD so in the middle we don’t have a center
armrest this is kind of yeah a downside for some of the people for me it doesn’t
matter but maybe for some people to downside that you don’t have a armrest
in the back and cupholders let me adjust the front seat in my driving position
and then let me go inside in the back and show you the space in the back
because I know most of you are interested in the space and in the back
of the car you have to keep in mind that this is still a small car a city car and
let me adjust this yeah I don’t know who who make this here the carpet let me
pull it in normal position just like that now let me show you the space on my
leg so I have plenty of nice space here also I can stretch my legs
a bit under the front seat and you can see that my dryer my my position here in
the back it’s quite good and also in my head I have plenty of space for fingers
five fingers a lot of headroom and I’m quite comfortable here for a small car
for a city car it’s quite good the visibility on the windows may be a
little bit of blind spot here in the back we have a speaker there you can see
it and there maybe it’s a blind spot a little bit of blind spot for the driver
here we have LED lights in the interior of the car on the roof and those lines
classic for Audi on the roof and going in the middle I can still be here in the
middle without any problem I have plenty of space on my knees and yeah also on
the head four fingers without any problem I’m quite impressed with how
much space you have in the back for a small car it’s quite impressive in the
left in the right it’s more like two people a car here I have to warn you
that is much more comfortable maybe two percent one kid in the back I like this
Alcantara insertion on that on the seats in the front we have this grey Alcantara
and leather it’s a great combination on those seats I like them very very much
also the dashboard it’s fantastic it’s futuristic the design of the dashboard
it’s amazing the way they design it and they they array everything there it’s
great we will go in the front now and I try to show you the other details now on
the car so let me go in the front now guys and show you other details so we
start with tour here on the door we have one big window good visibility also on
the tours up here we have the same kind of plastic and then this glossy
beautiful black plastic the buttons for lock and unlock the door then I love so
much to design the design the doors it’s very nice also down here
we have some plastic again but nice trim in the plastic you can see the little
points then we have leather here on the armrest a leather with this white
stitches and then the buttons for the electric windows and adjustable mirror
electrically there some storage space here and the speaker big speaker here on
the door then yeah it’s not bad to design of the door it’s it’s really good
the s-line logo down here we have the chrome kind of chrome insertion there
aluminum then we have two seats Manuel adjustable seats we don’t have electric
seats on this version of the car but the seats are fantastic we can have we have
there s-line logo you can see on the seat and also the headrest the Alcantara
in the middle those are classic seats for s-line and
also this Alcantara grey here look fantastic and it feels super nice
I love the seats how would you really know how to make those seats to be
comfortable and yeah they do it right down there we have the aluminum pedals
as expected on the s-line and an LED light on the on the legs there here we
have some plastic nice design on the dashboard not sure if you can see it so
well but the design is very beautiful then that I think you already see the
new cockpit on my other videos I make a full review with it we have this digital
copy that it’s great here are the buttons for the light where you can open
and close it also soft material on the dashboard you can see it here nice
quality materials on the dashboard the steering wheel is also great one of my
favorites too wills out there all the dashboard it’s
soft we have a speaker we have some kind of simple clean design on the dashboard
up there and you have a great great visibility on the windows in the back as
well and around the car the car also have this reverse camera so you don’t
have to worry about parking the car the mirror it’s quite big and you have good
visibility in the back and those LED light and mirror here good quality on
the roof materials and also the vents are quite simple nothing fancy about the
brands but they feel nice as you touch it also the new cockpit I think you
already see the digital cockpit I don’t want to go into detail it’s it’s one of
the best great colors great resolution all kind of information you can see also
the navigation right there in the front and yeah steering wheel it’s fantastic
great quality and it’s looking nice it’s sporty we have the s-line logo on it we
have those buttons very simple to adjust different settings here on the steering
wheel and it’s very simple to use it I like it very much and down here we have
the S logo so I I think this is one of the most beautiful steering wheel there
in the back we have the stick for cruise control and all that yeah adaptive
cruise control and option from the here on the on the a-pillar we have a speaker
again good visibility on the mirrors let me show you I think this song come I’m
sorry for that guys because the Sun come from the front you don’t have a good
visibility but look how cool is the multimedia system directly to the driver
side so you can move to the menu very easily there we have the newest s
multimedia system from Aldi it’s work van
it’s so responsive we have the hardware and the software it’s one of the best on
the market it’s super responsive you have all kind of information you can
connect your car to the Internet you can see the weather even the weather and all
kind of information information about the car you have the navigation but this
car is brand new so we don’t have this installed on the car at the moment to
show you what you can see in my other videos I have a full review with this
new multimedia system from Audi so you can see all this menu and all that
information just as an info for you guys it is fantastic this multimedia system
it’s great and great resolution great colors and it’s work super nice also the
same design on the dashboard the globe box with multimedia system there is the
card and all that stuff where you can put your map and all that stuff here we
have the climatic system that it’s classic for the last years I would he
come with the same climatic system on this is more Carson down here we have
the drive mode and all that button for the parking sensors blinkers and down
here we have a new SBB 2 USB see we have 12 volt port you can charge your phone
wireless down here very useful in 2020 and this stick for changing the gear
automatic so you can see the trim and quality of it it’s it’s magical it’s
great also handbrake manually handbrake really impressed to see a manual
handbrake on this car I was expected to be an electric one but yeah who knows
why they chose to do that also armrests in leather with a very small space here
really pretty small space here I don’t know why but it’s it’s quite small then
you can adjust this armrest this is a good thing two cupholders and up here we
have again a lady lights on the roof guys and other than
that no glass squirt or something like that on the roof yeah it was expecting
from I woody to add this glass support on the roof I don’t know why they never
add it it is really a useful feature then other than that the visibility from
the driver side it’s perfect you have great economy here on the
dashboard and everything it’s in the perfect position you see everything very
well and you have a great comfortable driving position and inside this car and
everything is also very good quality and you don’t see any gaps or problem inside
this car so beautiful steering wheel beautiful display there cockpit and also
multimedia system everything it’s great so guys that was my review with the new
Audi a1 city Carver the rims I forget to show you and I will show you right now
they are very beautiful I think they fit very well with the car
the combination of grey glossy that we have on the edges of the car with this
chrome aluminium it’s perfect and it fit perfectly with the roof of the car and
the edges of the car so quite quite nice the car come with those I think they are
I’m not sure I think there are 18 inch rims well they are quite big for this
car but they fit super nice and they look very nice on the car I was expected
to be a little bit smaller but yeah 18 inch winners quite good quite big
beautiful car really to give it my opinion I think the car it’s super
beautiful and it’s one of the most beautiful in this class if I will buy
this car I don’t know I see also the new page 208 that’s super
beautiful maybe it’s a battle between those two cars so
anyway thank you for watching guys I hope it was helpful for you this video
check out my other videos subscribe to my channel guys if you want to see the
newest dis videos on the market thank you for watching don’t forget to check
out my other videos and subscribe and see you in the next video so bye guys you

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