New Audi A4 allroad quattro 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Audi A4 Allroad Quattro this is
the brand new Audi A8 for 2019 2020 model and it’s right here with me and I
will review it for you today guys so this car right here in front of me it’s
four-wheel drive Quattro and I’m really happy to present you it has a lot of new
technology inside this car and also the exterior full LED light a lot of sensors
rather sensors the new ones and also the new multimedia system here are some
information about the car so I would EA for all road quattro price 62,000 full
cylinder and here’s some information about the car if you are interested you
can post a video you can stop it and read it but until then let’s go to the
exterior of the car I will show you the exterior and then we go to the interior
of the car and I will hope you will enjoy this review so in the back we have
these new LED lights with this beautiful design 3d design that look in my opinion
very nice they look superb splendid also some chrome design here between the back
lamps down here we have the two exhaust pipe on the other side you can see again
those beautiful LED lamps in the back and of course down here we have the logo
whole road Quadro that you would know it’s a 4-wheel Drive LED lights down
here to the number plate also back camera reverse camera in this car
of course as always and then on the other side we have a four local that
tell you this is a four of course here on the side I like the fact that they
add is extra plastic painted in the same car
as the car for a better design but these plastics here they are really really
useful because they protected the car from scratches they protect the car
paint from rust from chips from the road little stones and those those protection
are very good even when you open the door you can see you have a part there
on the door when you open the door and they protect you to not hit other cars
or hit something when you open the door and I find it very useful even down here
from here down all the way down we have another part that you can change it even
this part here you can change it on the doors so even if you scratch this down
part it’s not a problem because you can change it you can see down there we have
some chrome design a kind of Chrome it’s kind of a grey plastic it has a nice
design also it’s for design I’m not sure it’s please also for diary dynamic but
let’s make the car look much much better also I like the line the shape the edges
here sharp edges that they added and they stopped right here on the on the
back door so look how interesting is the door it’s quite normal but from here
begin this shape all the way to the back lamp right here quite interesting I find
this pretty awesome and of course up here we have the spoiler pretty
interesting pretty simple not so complicated some plastic cross see there
and then we have just a normal spoiler up here where it’s also the brake light
LED light quite interesting and simple nothing fancy nothing sporty up there
also on the roof you can add some extra trunk if you want on the other side
let’s continuing here in the backs or the plastic go all the way in the back
so we have a plastic paint in the colour of the car the interesting thing what I
find about this car is that this car doesn’t have usually there is a parking
sensors but this car have only four parking sensors
the front in the back sorry and this is quite impressive I don’t understand why
only four it should be six usually also here are exhaust pipe you can see it
hiding there inside and also with air diffuser down there in the gray color
the same as is find it on the color on the car on the side part never sure that
moment also I like this chrome around the windows I know these days many
people hide chrome I find a lot of videos on the YouTube with hide chrome
hide chrome hide chrome but and I like the chrome I don’t know why the people
don’t like this chrome they want to make the car all black all black black black
black car black cars everything black why is that I don’t understand because
this chrome look really good really beautiful anyway LED light
mirrors look nice as well nice shape and edges also you can see a clean mirror
here because the blind spot technology it’s here on the side anywhere there is
no more on the mirror glass and then in the front we have the same shape here
that begin in the front door that go all the way in the front to the the
headlamps pretty interesting also the protection here in the front you can see
it it’s a little bit out it’s very very useful as I told you for scratch from
chips for even for us the tires also interesting we have 19 inch tire you can
see here the dimension if you are interested in they look very nice sport
contact six as you can see the rims are super cool from all wood its kind of
classic Audi it looks very nicely it very well with the card is 19 inch wings
also the hood look beautiful like always on the body beautiful lines
make it more aggressive and also huge huge hood here I’ll show you a little
bit later the engine as well we will go inside woman also full LED lamp as I
told you before you have this daylight lamp led open right now you can also see
those lines they look super nice and inside there we have the adaptive
full LED light and all that new tech here we have the rudder so we have two
rudders one in the left one in the right so no fog lamps usually the rudders it’s
in the middle but on this new a four this is on the side also Quadro the
grill it’s kind of simple a little bit of chrome a little bit of plastic there
and yeah kind of normal nothing super fancy but I like those lines also in the
front we have only four parking sensors this is the thing that I don’t
understand so much why only four why not six and here down here we have the
chrome a little bit of chrome insertion I like the way they make the bumper the
front bumper it’s super nice with some air intakes on the side therefore a
greater dynamic also the camera for reading the speed limit and Lane Assist
you can see the handle keyless handle is the new new handle that you will open in
the upper side it’s quite interesting and also the quality of the doors I love
the quality of the doors one of the best in the world from all would idiots feel
fantastic when you close and open the door they feel great also automatic lift
gate in the back here are the buttons LED light of course inside the car it’s
fooled only LED light and we have three LED lights in the trunk you can see the
trunk it’s quite big it’s quite huge the trunk in my opinion yeah but as expected
for an old car in this class on estate cards expected also I love the LED
lights in the trunk these lines near here are spaced in the left in the right
side you can open this and then you have the fuse box right
here so you can change the fuse think something happen anyway pretty simple
you still have space there down here we have this aluminum I love this aluminum
I like it very much also even these little pockets from
aluminium quite interesting right here and then if you go inside we have the
hooks aluminium hooks as well left right everywhere down here even
this part is from aluminum quite interesting I never see this before it’s
for the first time under the floor is a big space here or you can see we have
the battery in some storage space where you can put your stuff under the floor
quite interesting and then I think you can open even the front part I just want
you can open the front part there and then you have a kind of big place also
very rare you can put some stuff if you want to and then you have these hooks
here on the side and on the other side we have I will show you in a moment but
first time you have this protection for the trunk it’s pretty cool I like the
way it’s going in the upper side so started and making product for you now
you hold this down and then usually this if you have to go automatic like that
but I guess on this Audi a4 not happening to push it a little bit then
you have a flat floor there almost a flat floor where you can you can carry
plenty of stuff in the car so I guess you have landed plenty of space inside
the car there to put your things even down here we have some some space on the
on the legs part you can see a fork here how much space it is indeed there and
also on the other side I think this driver says it’s a little
bit too much in the back I want to put it in normal position so we have
manually manually I just want sit on this cart is putting a little bit in the
front like in the normal in position like that I will show you
later the front part as well and everything there but first time live and
finish with the back so right now you can see how much space it is down yeah
you cannot hold it all the way flat so they will stay a little bit like that
but I still see it’s a lot of space on the legs there so no complaining about
the space is not as spacious as food wagon facade but this car it’s a little
bit more sport here it has a more rounded design maybe the consumption on
this new Audi a4 it’s better than the one pass that but past returns and also
much more beautiful facade has much more practicality if I can say like that it’s
more practical but it’s cool so anyway up here we have some chrome design as
you see before it’s always stay on the door when you open it I like the isolation on the hoodie
nobody has the best insulation ever so this rubber here around the doors so you
can see you have rubber around the door and then I want to show you something
else let me fold back the seat and I want to show you something interesting
because I would be it’s one of the best card in the world with the greatest
elation you can see the rubber here around the entrance in the car so this
rubber it’s great quality and also on the door you have this rubber with
rubber that help the car to don’t go inside so much air so you have a great
insulation inside the car also from temperature and also for the
noise so it’s pretty cool also great quality here on the doors so
we have good of everywhere of a speaker I have this glossy plastic black handle
and also I like this LED light down handle then we have here some chrome
design it was me I don’t know if you can see it but it has an interesting design
there also leather here in the door even here we
have kind of rubber soft material the button for the windows storage space and
the speaker down here quite quite useful in my opinion big
windows as well from one pcs so going inside plastic behind the front seat
storage space there some plastic here and the entrance but on this on the side
here we have soft leather so it’s pretty great for the people in the back they
have a great comfort with this leather here on the side also the seat are
sporty seat they look very nice leather stitch is quite interesting design they
are a little bit a harder harder light like sports it I think they last longer
they have a good quality usually the hard drive seat they last longer than
the softer here we have the usually space that we find on our woody and also
the two cupholders I will show you right now so we have two cup holders right
here in the middle interesting the way they opened and then here you can fold
leave this down the middle part you can fold it down from here you have a button
right here you pull it and push it down and you can carry longer items without
any problem skis or yeah whatever you want to carry it’s welcome in this car
so plenty of space also 12-volt worked with some LED light around it and the
chromatic system there with the band also we have a step there in the middle
and she usually find out on woody I want to go inside and show you the space on
my legs is pretty good no complaining at all not like in the Far surface pretty
good space also I can stretch a little bit the legs there the seat can go
easily more in front because I think people that same frantic would proceed
all the way in the back plenty of space on my head no complaining at all you can
see it for so also on the windows great visibility
even from the backseat way off from the back window there it’s quite good
visibility I like that pretty good visibility fantastic job i
wouldI great job with this new a4 also very practical in the interior up here
handle hooks as well on the B pillar right here good quality on the roof and
on the pillar everywhere so I think they do a great great job with this new over
the a4 I’m not sure how can you customize this car I’m really curious to
see how many things you can add extra I like the seeds they are really
comfortable I like this space in dining inside this car you can see I have
plenty of space on my head also on my legs in the left side you can see I can
almost reach my legs right-hander so I have plenty of space for three people
that’s well a huge huge space on the roof also LED lights on the roof right
here you can also see and yeah good quality little I like this as well now
let’s go in the front and I’ll show this dashboard dashboard I was expected to be
a little bit more I don’t know fancy nicer I don’t know
how to say it’s pretty simple like that I don’t know maybe it’s feel a little
bit like like the older version you know what I mean the exterior of the car look
fantastic with all that new tech and also the center console there I’m sure
in the moment look very nice but I was expected to be a little bit
more fancy more different you see on the new materials they add some LED light
and being black and all that stuff of course this car this car have great
great quality and also all kind of stuff but yeah I don’t know I don’t know I
feel a little bit like the older more don’t
anyway here on the door maybe they concentrate more from only electric cars
here we have soft material on the door even down here some glossy plastic and
LED light on the handle like this beautiful chrome design here on the door
maybe I would be I think I would II they concentrate a lot of new electric cars
you know they will make great electric cars if you see my review with the new
over-the-air Tron if you didn’t see it just check it out it’s amazing amazing
car I really love it and it’s Drive fantastic also a lot of space down here
on the door let’s go back to our car here is the button for the trunk and the
speaker also eyes down here and have the old road all road logo with some
aluminum I think here we have the manual a six-course many seeds and the seeds
are very interesting I like the seat also site support and
they look pretty nice I think this card is 84 I woody age for all Road Quadro in
something like was wagon Passat Alltrack I think that because yeah I don’t know
it’s very it’s very nice and it’s very practical for more exterior examples of
this protection around the edges of the car the same as on the Passat Alltrack
and maybe yeah I don’t know a lot of space here guys you can see my other
video with Audi already have huge space here you can even put your umbrella
there it’s really long also chrome design here are the button for the light
pretty simple I think you already know that
also the bends are also pretty simple with good quality and yeah up here some
glossy plastic nice design soft material on the dashboard of course guys just
don’t don’t understand me wrong all the cars are one of the best in the
world and also the engine and the mechanic on the car is fantastic I had
my Audi a3 and it’s amazing I didn’t have any problem with it I was super
super happy with it one of the best car great engine great consumption fantastic
I already know you can all that stuff the vents here anyway let’s go back
Quattro logo some chrome design the vents are simple here you can see some
button to insert the screen there you have the climatic system heated seat in
the front and down here we have the blow box quite big usually up here we have
the multimedia system in this car it doesn’t have it anymore I’m not sure why
maybe because it’s connected to the Internet you don’t need anymore
also the new screen I like the screen I will show you in the moment a little bit
from the multimedia so we have this screen here that it’s connected with a
new multimedia from Audi you will see it in the moment it’s one of the best in
the market today and I love it also driving mode and all that buttons or the
different stuff USB 12 volt port start/stop engine and then the cup
holders right here with some LED lights on the side ambient light and also
glossy black plastic small space here for your key maybe and then we have this
thick I love the stick it’s very nice very fancy look so great quality and
look so look serious I like it also electric and great I like that know how
to hold I don’t know why usually it should have how to hold when you have an
automatic car yeah anyway yeah maybe I don’t know why did I put how to hold a
bit the car still holding when you when you are indeed you have to always have
two legs on the for the break so maybe nice armrest here
in the middle you can you have a 1200 USB and you can charge your phone down
here pretty big space and I like this you know just this armrest here in the
middle quite good that you can adjust it now up here I like the mirror got some
small tiny edges and the mirror look nice also LED light up here on the roof
with other SOS buttons and all that stuff the microphone are also up here
I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have any glass support out there really
delight in the mirror up here and also handle other than that very good quality
very classic nothing fancy but everything in the perfect place the car
is amazing the engine is amazing also even this steering wheel it’s one of the
best it’s not something new but it’s great work perfect it has great grip
great visibility yeah fantastic so now complaining at all with this
thing will or with the car also the buttons you have here clappers for
changing the gear manually if you want to productive cruise control stick down
there and yeah other than that everything it is in the right place
where it should be and you know of course you have here the new cockpit you
know it already for my other videos it’s great it’s great
nice colors nice contrast nice resolution you can customize it the way
you want it also here we have the new you can see this screen has the new
multimedia system from our woody it’s one of the best I love it one of the
best on the market today have radio may be a telephone navigation you can have
all kind of car information right here for example how efficient is climatic
system and all that stuff other than that you have to use it with
the touchscreen normally already have here controller but in this car don’t
have anymore any controller you have to use the touchscreen so maybe it’s
annoying sometime when you’re driving because you have to touch all these
buttons here in the front all the time I’m used now with the controller in the
middle and so much much better the navigation one of the best no lag it’s
work perfect great resolution great contract great information also you are
connected to the internet all the time so you see the traffic and all that
information about the car good visibility from the driver point of view
as well and yeah what can I say I like the screen I like that it’s a big screen
with nice colors and you can control connect your phone Android Auto app for
card play all that stuff you have it on the navigation here you have also all
kinds of information about the card here I want to go into detail too much just
here you have information about dedication to changing so you can see
for yourself the road information there when it’s a road block and all that
stuff you have also freely let’s see how fast it’s loading when you choice and
destination let’s go to Paris for example and go to pirates it ask you
here the street we don’t want any street so just in Paris anywhere and then you
go start and then a car it should be loading in just one three four five six
seconds and then you have here the interior interior on the next time you
can see how fast it’s loading and you have plenty of information on the screen
and on the right the right side you have even the traffic information what time
you arrive and all that stuff you already know
think all the car Hefty’s all the navigation to get this but anyway I like
it I like the way it’s move I like that it
doesn’t have any lag and it’s work fast and it’s quite good quite quite good I
like it very much I don’t know about you yeah weather news and all that stuff you
buy stuff from here from the internet even a chance in access Internet from
the car so this is quite interesting to see that’s working and then great
usability on the windows as well and see on the left in the right in the back
good usability big windows and people pretty good what can I say about the car
it has some new stuff for example this multimedia system the LED light the
exterior it’s fantastic I like also the interior but interior I
like to center console it’s nice the steering wheel I like the new cockpit
but the dashboard can be a little bit more fancy maybe a little bit of ambient
LED light there or something like that but still still a great car with great
engine I think better than Mercedes and other cars I think all the involves
working group make the best best course with the best engines but they are very
very reliable and very trusting so in my opinion they still still remain one of
the best cars in the world even though has this problem with with the pollution
and all that stuff I think it doesn’t matter because the cars are still one of
the best here we have automatically get in the front if you want to see the
engine you can take a look at the engine at this petrol engine I don’t know
almost you doesn’t say many things but maybe
four or some of you will say something so guys I guess that was my review the
new Audi a4 2019 Allroad Quattro I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe to my
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on the channel I have great great new cars on my channel it will come next as
well also thank you for watching like it share it and I wait you soon in the next
video so thank you very much guys for watching again thank you and wait next
month I will come with great readers I have some surprise for you guys
big surprise you will be amazed what surprise will come for you so until then
check out my other videos and see you soon bye guys you

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    I finally bought a new Passat R-line. Oh man I'm so happy ! As you told in previous clips about Passat, quality is astonishing, so so great. Have a good one my friend.

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