welcome back guys to a new video one of
the most beautiful car from Frankfurt this year 2019 Auto Show is the new Audi
rs7 Sportback it is a beautiful car today I will review it for you I will
show you the interior exterior and I try to show every single detail I can so the
car as you see before 22 inch rims beautiful exterior design also these
mirrors are fantastically gorgeous keyless entrance a lot of great quality
here also the doors and the windows frameless windows like the sport coupe a
car should have also all the exclusive you can see the logo there Alcantara
leather fantastic quality on the doors ambient light LED light on the door as
well beautiful beautiful you can see here ls7 at the entering some carbon
fiber down here and also electric adjustable seats leather seat with the
red stitches side support those sports seats look also gorgeous we have also
the area’s logo there on the seats then the design of the dashboard it’s also
very beautiful here I have plenty of space on my legs in the passenger space
the glow box it’s big they have the multimedia system down there also
interesting design on the dashboard leather speakers out there also clean
design really clean and leather almost everywhere and good quality also to blow
books here in the middle the armrest it’s leather adjustable you can see it
also down here we have two USB port and stay card and the SIM card pool space
there where you can put it also in the middle we have kind of interesting
carbon-fiber design electric can break even this cheekier shifter it’s in
Alcantara it is fantastic quality the new digital
display that you see on the new Hoodie these days all the Audis and new ones
come with this to this place there they’re fantastic great resolution great
responsive time and also great hardware Alcantara steering wheel as well super
nice quality also aluminum pedals down here and on the roof we have the LED
light as you can see we could touch screen you just have to put a finger we
have Alcantara on the roof also LED light there on the mirror and ya
clappers understand wheel or changing the gear manually the cockpit this
digital cockpit you know it from my other video if you didn’t check it out
check out my other videos you will see there also the speaker in the a-pillar
the back of the car you can also see it’s great great visibility in the back
there and also leather seats we will go in the back in a moment to show you the
rest of the car I can can make an idea about the digital displays and cockpit
and also outside you have good visibility also areas logo on the
steering wheel there the multimedia system we already know it it’s it’s one
of the best on the market today you have all kind of option in so complex and so
so big that you cannot it’s it’s very hard to go now to detail but if you’re
interested I have plenty of videos without this and you can see it there on
my channel also the car have six parking brakes parking sensors in the front and
six parking sensors in the back a beautiful design around the windows we
have this black glossy plastic they choice many many cars today also BMW
Mercedes choice to put that plastic beautiful carbon fiber diffuser here in
the back with big exhaust pipes you can also see it they look very nice
and the back LED light it’s gorgeous really gorgeous the design
the lines of the car in the back they are fantastic you have to you have
to see it for yourself in real this car look fabulous
that way I tell you in the beginning it’s one of the most beautiful car right
now on the market in this class it’s it’s actually fabulous car really
beautiful design the designer was a smart person anyway keyless entrance in
the car as expected also the car have soft clothes I will show you in the
moment for example if the car if the door is not closing you can see it’s
closed itself for example you cannot close it enough then the car little
closed self also in the back frameless window leather great quality on the
doors speaker here a with chrome around there
Alcantara all the exclusive again here logo in chrome and sealed and also
beautiful beautiful quality stitches even the speaker’s here Bank and also
very good quality they sound pretty well and we are going inside here on the side
we have leather great comfort for the passengers in the back you can see the
seats also in the back and they are pretty nice and they have side support
like the sports seats in the back here we have some plastic with the storage
space and again in the middle of 2 USB port one 12 volt port some touch screen
display there pretty useful in a big step in the middle now here we have the
blow the two cupholders and a space here where you can put your mobile phone or
wherever you wanna use it for quite good quality in the back there
a lot of great great quality also the here in the back trunk it’s it’s huge
down here we have some some space for your repair kit or whatever you want to
use it there but it’s kind of cool a lot of space we have aluminum metal
hindrance there and it’s it’s pretty big and I like this type of cars when you
open the trunk in this way up there it’s pretty cool I
really really enjoy this really nice also automatic lift gate you just have
to press the button and then if something comes in your way he will stop
so it has a safety feature as you know all the cars that have automatic lift
gate it has this feature so pretty awesome anyway let’s show you the space
in the left you have some space in the left
it’s kind of a huge huge trunk I didn’t expect to have so big trunk in this car
but it’s really pretty big and put a lot of stuff here in the back quite
impressive about this thing I’m really really impressed to see that anyway
alright now I want to show you the space now we didn’t fold him down the seat so
if you fold down the seats and I go back sorry guys about the video but many
people was on this car and it was really complicated to film it
a lot of space there look look it’s cold everything goes flat down and you have
plenty of space let’s open and let’s roll down this one and you will see now
a lot of space even down there in front a little space and everything it’s
almost flat there so you have plenty of space to carry bigger items if you want
to carry so in the same time you have a great great sport car with 600
horsepower that it’s also very practical and it has a lot of great quality so
well great quality in the interior so has a big price but it’s totally
deserving because it’s one of the best car out there in the market today in
this class so yeah that’s the price that you have to pay also 360 cameras around
the car everywhere here are some information about the car
so we have 600 horsepower 8 Tiptronic gearbox
four-wheel drive price you see it it’s a huge price but I tell you totally
deserve it six parking sensors in the front some carbon fiber here on the side
big big air intakes on the side for cooling down the brakes and also for
better aerodynamic for a better downforce while you’re driving beautiful
grill with also a lot of sense of standing front the car have the rudders
for other people’s control emergency brake and all that stuff directly on the
grill anyway beautiful beautiful car I’m really
curious what do you think about this car just check out check out on my right on
my channel down there send me your feedbacks tell me what you think about
the car I’m really curious to hear from you guys I will answer to you as well if
you have question it is indeed a beautiful car beautiful design yeah so
the exterior is also super nice the lines the shape the aerodynamic and the
way it’s looking it’s almost phenomenal in my opinion it is gorgeous and also
this orange color it’s it’s super nice the way they do it it’s fantastic
the doors in the front as well great quality and maybe you want to check out
the engine for a little bit here and anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the
review I know it was not so probably made properly right I will make another
review soon with the car so stay tuned subscribe to
my channel also check out my other videos like share thank you for watching
my channel again to all my subscriber and stay safe see you soon
and don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to check out my other videos
better now on the screen so see you soon guys you

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