hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Audi s3 2019 model it’s right here and I will review it for you
interior exterior and every single detail about this car actually to be
honest the car is not much more different from the previous previous car
or from the a3 or from the air s3 it’s just a few difference here and there you
can also see the logo it’s different we have new LED light technology also you
can find it on the air as free here are a few information only the difference
it’s 300 horsepower free cylinder s3 Sportback the price 63 thousand francs
same in dollar and around 6000 euro I think is the exchange course around
there you can also pause the video if you wanna see all that detail about the
car now the rims I like it very much their original rims for from Aldi they
look pretty good I like them very much I if I buy this guy I didn’t change this
because they look super nice in my opinion they fit perfectly on this car
we have Hancock tires here that come with a car pretty interesting why they
choice that and I’m pretty sure those are 18-inch rims
I mean you didn’t find this I think it’s must be around here anyway here the
rubber I like the rubber that let’s go outside a little bit that we have these
tires that protect the rims so we have this rubber that protect the rim so you
cannot scratch it so easily otherwise the line here on the side is the same as
on the a3 also down line again here we have some plastic to protect the car
down here again very very useful I like that because scratches or little chips
on the street here for this kind of stuff it’s very useful I
like also the spoiler up here it has a nice design nice shape there also the
brake light and LED light down here we have full LED lamps you already see it
there they have the same LED lamps as on the Ares 3 or a 3 also a back camera LED
light on the number plate on this Audi s3 also the difference in this Audi s3
are those beautiful in the back here we have the exhaust pipe and also this
diffuser black look very nice in the back in my opinion it is very beautiful
there’s nice shapes shape and line down there other than that it’s almost
different you know it’s almost the same also another thing that I like is this
glossy black plastic around the windows also different I like the way it look
also from the side you don’t spot the difference again another thing the
mirror it’s in Chrome kind of a chrome a matte chrome there look also nice other
than that is the same we have the usually blind spot technology inside the
mirror in the interior of the mirror we have the LED light going in the front
full LED lamp you can see the daylight LED and also there the full adaptive LED
lamps they are fantastic also those lines on the hood look gorgeous I love
the lines on the hood and also we have four parking sensors in the front four
parking sensors in the back some air intakes here that cool down a little bit
and the brake caliper and the disks very useful on the own so powerful car 300
horsepower also the grill it’s in black glossy quite simple grill and then down
here some interesting shape from think nothing not so much different from
the normal version also I’m quite impressed that the car doesn’t have the
camera up here for Lane Assist or reading the traffic speed limit and
science also let’s go in the back now to show you the trunk the trunk is the same
same as on the Audi a3 2019 model in 80 I think also two LED lights there it’s
quite big the trunk it’s super big and super super useful I have it on my on my
Audia any three also in the left side we’d have some space a lot of cooks and
down here we have like five centimeter deepness so it’s not flat floor there
and under here we have some storage space not so good it’s quite interesting
what we have to offer there also another interesting thing is that you cannot
fold down the middle part of the seat so it’s made from two parts also this you
can take it out use protection here manually lift kit in the back so let’s
go in the back let’s roll down the seat to show you the space in the interior
now in this car we have a very nice seat looking at open the trunk let’s fall
down the city to show a space the seats in the car they are super nice I like
them some leather combination with kind of Alcantara in the middle there so you
have to fold down all the seats if you want to carry long items you have to
fold down and see other than that you have no other option to open the middle
part also down there a lot of space for four legs and it’s quite big the space
is quite big we have plenty of space to carry stuff in the car and it’s a
hatchback so it’s pretty useful for a small car like that in this class it has
plenty of space I think it’s the same as on the boulevard angle
not a big difference but I like that it’s black we have a flat floor there
let’s roll back to seats and then we will see also the interior space in the
car so let’s go on the other side because the headrest it’s blocking it’s
blocked in the front speed so I would have to push the button here
I let me leave the camera down for a second it’s quite that’s all you do you
know to take it with one hand so I have to leave the camera for a bit here and
then just for all the shit up and then let’s go back forward now plastic behind
the seat storage space I don’t like that someone was in the front and they leave
this it’s way in the back also I like this window in the back because it’s
from one pieces so it’s you have electric window but it’s from one
position you have good visibility other than that everything is the same here on
the door only here we have Alcantara on the door and soft material and the
buttons are a little bit different also the speaker and other than that
it’s the same here on the side we have plastic and then those beautiful seats
I like the seats although they are very nice and also Alcantara here beautiful
design sport seats they are super cool very comfortable we don’t have any
center armrest here it really impressed I’m really surprised that they don’t add
that armrest and you and I don’t understand why usually on this how would
es free it should be right there let’s put the seat in normal position also we
have the same handles nothing special here let’s fold this all down the C
let’s fold the seat a little bit in the front it’s majestic because it was way
way in the back so I cannot see how much space is there
and we will go in the front in the middle in a second
also in the back here as I know from my car you have plenty of space on the legs
are no problem with the leg space even if you put the seats a little bit in the
back you still have a lot of space I know because I own an Audi a3 and it’s
quite good also on this and you know the s3 is the
same great space on my legs also on my head no problem at all huge space here
fantastic also the visibility it’s good handle books and all that stuff good
quality on the roof as well and as you see the visibility it’s great great
visibility big windows no problem at all with the visibility also another hook
here the big the pillar LED light on the roof I like that I didn’t have done my
car but this Audi s3 2019 at this I think this car will never get old so so
practical and so and the consumption it’s amazing I have to tell you the
consumption on this car it’s coercion story dynamic it’s fantastic maybe that
way i wouldI didn’t change the design exterior design and also by interior
because it’s very practical the quality is quite good and also the IRA dynamic
of the car it’s fantastic the consumption it’s great and the airflow
the round car perfectly and yeah you don’t need so much guess I have a petrol
engine on the a3 and the same car as this one but a little bit more older but
the consumption was fantastic also big windows in the front great
visibility also the same door as in the back some soft material on the upper
side something like a rubber and then Alcantara handle Alcantara here again rubber in
the buttons we have here – I think a lot of the storage space is quite big as
well two speakers on the door we have the s-line logo here s or s s free I
don’t know not s line but the test also the manual adjustable seat and aluminium
pedals are here they are the same aluminium pedals as on the O’s wagon
coal or on the old wagon I see it as well also the light button you can
adjust the steering wheel from here manually cruise control stick those cool
bands that you can rotate it and adjust it the way you want it it has a special
design that can send the air in many direction so it’s quite good
very very nice one of my favourite bands we have this sport seats s and C the
logo is here because they are sports side support you can adjust it the way
you want it the quality it’s good although they are a little bit harder
because they are sport on my car I have sport seats and I have a little bit pain
in my butt when I Drive many kilometer here we have the navigation the
dashboard is same as on the previous models Quattro logo here on the
dashboard also you can see the bands you can see here the Globox i like the
chrome design here on the handle i have it also on my car we have the multimedia
system there and the flow box it’s quite a same beat also the buttons are the
same from 2013 it won’t change those button or the climatic system only the
navigation is the new one but other than that everything is the same but you know
what it’s work perfectly why do i should change something that’s worth perfect
they change only the things that it should change here our the first mode
and we have some LED lights in the cupholders they’re looking nice
also on USB port 12 volt port a Stronach logo on the stick sold an automatic car
we have an automatic right here also the controller’s while you’re driving the
navigation system we have also LED light down there looks super nice in the night
quite fantastic also electric brake out of old as well
some plastic the center also it’s made from plastic but it’s very stable the
quality is very good here we have leather armrests adjustable and the
space to charge your phone and we have again an USB port here and oxid yeah
pretty awesome I like it thank you very much as well the navigation as you know
you can control it from here it’s not the new navigation from Audi that you
find it on the new Audi a4 or yeah the bigger brothers but it’s the kind of the
older navigation right here but it’s work it still work fantastic you still
have a lot of information you can connect to the internet and it has a lot
of great features that many new cars these days doesn’t have it so you have I
think you already know it I don’t want to get into detail about that also on
this car can change driving modes so we have sport dynamic comfort or echo the
steering wheel we have s logo here it’s great how would they make fantastic
steering wheels even if it’s the same as the old one it’s still fantastic and the
buttons and everything it’s in the right place
clappers for changing the gear manually we don’t have a start/stop button on
this car and you have to start it with a key that’s also surprising and we have
the Digital cockpit here we are LED light I
like that and also here LED lights so pretty impressive that they add a lot of
LED light also the mirror is nice the visibility it’s great in the inside
of car yeah I’m quite impressed about this car it has doesn’t have so many
change from the older models or from 2013 until now the Audi a3 over the s3
out the air spring are almost the same not so many changing so if you’re not a
person that know this car you don’t make a difference so anyway I like it it’s a
great car I have it and it’s it’s Drive perfectly so I recommend it totally
great I rode in on again great design so anyway guys I hope you enjoyed please
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guys with the next video so stay safe you

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