New Density2Go Handheld Density Meters. Light, Intuitive, Rugged.

Has anyone seen our new density meter? The Densito by METTLER TOLEDO? Yeah. I think Brad took it with him over the weekend. Why would he do that? Well, it’s light, it’s portable – perfect
to take anywhere! Brad? What are you doing? Didn’t you just have a shower? Yeah, but I’m just doing some quality
control on the bubble bath We’re running late. Don’t worry, the Densito works really
fast, so I’ll be done in a few seconds. Eww. What’s that smell? Petrol! …Or is it? Better be safe than sorry… Are you actually going to fill the tank at
some stage? Yep. It’s petrol! Brad, can you put that thing away for one
second? Don’t worry, you only need one hand for the
Densito! The other one is free – cheers! …Here we go. 39.8%. I wonder what it says on the bottle. It says you are 100% losing your girlfriend. Oh, sorry. You want to have a go. It’s so simple to use. Your smartphone has nothing on this! And it’s sturdy, too, look— It doesn’t even break! Brad? Are we dealing with a little device addiction? What? No, no. Me? Coffee? METTLER TOLEDO Density2Go. Light, intuitive, rugged. You can take it anywhere… Doesn’t mean you should.

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