New Freshwater Aquarium setup 2019 Urdu

Hello my name is Umair Saeed and i newly started fish hobby I got this interest from my friends and cousins then i decided to keep fishes and in January 2019 i started aquarium making work and decided to do all thing myself then i myself started making aquarium slowly slowly place and connect glasses i got to much help from net so i shall say thanks to friend who give information on net and i found information on all topics so now today its is 15 August 2019 so it become approximately 8 months Now my aquarium is fully functional same i want to reach this point i face to much problems and some time i decided to leave this as its difficult job i was thinking its very easy job just bring fishes and put them into water very easy but its really very difficult task due to less information and as fish is a living thing so must fulfill all its requirements without this these can’t live at the end i bring 19 cichlid fishes on 21 April 2019 and due to some disease in aquarium 10 fishes died one by one and 9 remain alive to safe fishes i did lot of effort and learn too much but i can safe 9 and 10 died now i decide to give all information on YouTube because i got much information from net so now i try to give all my findings on net so other people can learn from that and try to make some more better i did some extra work to correct my mistake or to get best results now any one can get info from here and don’t do same mistakes which i did you can find many videos about aquarium making on net but i shall try to upload that videos which has some new idea or i did some mistake and then i find its solution I made videos on almost all points to keep them in my record for future almost i made more then 500 videos so i shall try to upload best informative videos specially internal Sump you can find many videos on net but i did mistake in cutting of glass for water flow then i face too much problem in water flow because water was coming slow and i spend almost 5 month to solve this issue water was coming slow and stop at mechanical filtration partition where i used sponge and foams and if water coming slow then water pump will damage when water level will go down to pump if i use small water pump then pump does not damage due to water slow flow but aquarium will not clean and remain dirty because small pump can’t catch waste and if i use big pump then its flow is more it catch all waste but water level go down which result pump damage so it take to much time to solve this issue without cutting glass i shall upload its videos Second i made two Peltier Cooler its 90 Gallon Aquarium it has 4 feet length, 2 feet height and 1.5 feet width its 90 Gallon or 340 Liters its big aquarium to cool it i made two peltier cooler each cooler has 4 X TEC1-12706 modules 12V 6Amp total 8 X TEC1-12706 modules and both cooler are connected in series first one take water from Aqu then give to second and then it put water in sump filter then water pump put back to Aqu Cooler work best i shall upload all videos on it now in August outside temp is less but in June, July ambient temp max was 47 Degree in my TV launch 37 Degree and it maintained 29 Degree Both cooler togather give best performance and maintain 29 degree in such a hot summer now weather is changed and ambient temp decreased to 32 degree and Aqu water temp is 27.9 Degree Then i made Egg Tumbler after watching videos from net and try to modify it many times Then i connect separate box for two babies Then K1 Media Filter after long research Then Cooling Fans four here small and two big there Must use LED light normal light don’t use because that make greenery on bottom gravels I want to shift both peltier coolers on bottom sheet but due to their more height cant shift I shall make their proper fitting later because now due to high temp i cant switch OFF them From next month In winter same peltier coolers will be used as peltier Heater They did best job in summer a single fish does not die due to hot water even outside temp was 47 Degree To use same cooler as heater I shall swap power supply of peltier modules positive with module negative and negative supply with module positive terminal then water block gets hot it will start work as heater till now i did’t use it as heater just check for some time and it works later in winter i shall check it proper experiment will be done in September or October I hope if some one will watch my videos then it will be helpful on any topic After 7 month work now its running best Basically i m an Electronics Engineer and working on a Power Plant That’s why i try to control all thing so i used too much extra buttons for light pump and every item Then i connect mechanical thermostat because i was thinking if this temp controller became faulty and did not trip peltier cooler or Heater then water become cool or hot so i added thermostat second i have to use Arduino controller but due to other works i could not connect I shall connect Auto feeder, temp sensor, pH prob to check water quality But that project is pending i shall connect that later but now its running well now i shall start work on controller Due to water not flowing in Sump water level gone low and my one water pump burn so i connect water Low level switch Then connect U type Pipe to increase water flow to maintain water level high in sump I shall upload all videos and give link below this video If any friend watch these videos he can get some useful information Once again I shall say thanks to all friend who give lot of info on net and i can get successful results During this fishes became ill and i used many medicines and which work well i shall also upload that video I hope my videos will be helpful for others and they will make better then this. I shall say Thanks in Advance for watching BYE BYE

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