New huge aquarium

hi everyone it’s a fish guy and then I’m
just gonna show you my new aquarium I had the video but I want to put it on
when I got this tank but I accidentally deleted Latvia so I’m making this one
just of a tank so first let me show you what light it
up serviced two different types flash let’s just split area okay this the blue
light white light and then you can put both on I like both at the same time
more so when I just stacked a couple of rocks where for my boy shell that’s
already in here tonight so I still need to name Cooper’s budget so comment down
below if you have name I’m also gonna get some eels for a stack that’s perfect
for them I just have a stroke sand this stroke in the middle a few plants fake
plans face Boise you’re swimming really still nickname for him I have a great
background and again let me say this you can see the water goes in then it goes
through this pipe this pipe goes down this pipe is food chain spy braking too
easy what to change this so I just need to click this one man and then if you
want to watch to be flow just goes down yeah this one must be open you guys flow
right down there then goes in here in the some go down over way and we come up
with a sponge again and then it water falls away go through the heater and
rooms home of the water make water warm and when it goes through the pump and
the pump pumps it right there previous pipe up and in
yeah so I can also fit butcher in Reverse through that pipe meet you
I quickly and I put fill out the back one okay so I have two really big apron
back where you can see I’m gonna show you instance right now I have a scope
fish require edibles I’m protein like John and get some
goldfish I first need to get some emails and some more play cards so this one
Eastern I guess so you can see this one instant this is going up this is not one
and base number is 10 so you should furniture it’s not class and as you can
see it’s one of I will stick on from just and it’s this and the back
underneath and right there it’s builded out of a material material is swimming
pools Beluga is just the side panel and the front panel build it out of glass
and then we’ll listen also glass so it’s actually a really strong tank and gives
it a nice effect well glass so I just have normal white brownish gravel I
think I can say light brown so there’s a few plans with Bosch a seems and let me
quickly go and shave our fish fidelity Nia so yes for our official put in there
to Oscars a bomb will be catfish veggies right there and the pecker clown life
and red polish shock I had a video of me getting him because but it was invert
video I accidentally deleted so I’m gonna catch him
last and prevent as you can see it’s beginning Oscar Oscars can’t really do
anything team and when I need to I’m not sure what veers out doing this
what fish I’ll put in this tank I think I’m first gonna seal it up again
it’s not leaking anymore but his hat leaks I’m just gonna seal it up again
and yeah I’m just gonna like to own in this video I’ll put for fishing for two
Oscars clown life bumblebee catfish football a shock and
you play Kyle so this was very old tank and faster annuity so before we go on
all this video please go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel
for more videos like this and if you want to see me get to Eagles you can
also subscribe I’ll get them later on so yeah it’s gone okay so she can see
whistling babe nice tank and uh oh just a little bit but bigger sick little bits
to feed my fish a little bit bigger now so it’s a pretty big tank
it’s a 180 gallon tank 700 liters so I’m not sure if it’s exactly 180 gallon
I know it’s even hardly there so you can go and check it up
she wants you so it’s pretty big tank I think this is because I’ll go at this
moment later on I will go bigger face with Basler so it’s pretty dumb pretty
neatly as you can see the pouch when I set up this time he wasn’t speaking to
that nothing the tank in 105 but I fixed it still need to put that little right
now so I can’t fill it up to more than that because if I fill it up moving back
and prepare goes down we’re just gonna come up and it’s
it’s just gonna flat fall place we figured out how we need to set it so hey
this is the new tank I finger old someday Pizza mutant yeah I’m not sure
so let’s quickly do feeding over a bigger fish just take these pellets okay
so food is in let’s see now as you can see this tank is little scratch up its
second and the new one is also sick in the end but it’s just better it’s in a
perfect condition it was South building so it’s pretty
neat tank built pretty well really well and this is just my two Oscars I still
need to get a name for battle scar I need a name for both Oscars I also need
a name for the clown I’ve Plagueis name is Peter and then I need a name for the
bumblebee catfish and I also need to name for Fabul a shock sir
she can wait till I put fish fishing and then I’ll come back to you so please go
ahead and subscribe to the video and she okay so one more fish green let’s begin
the time hey girls to bumblebee catfish in his
name home let’s see where did he go a very is back V so later on you will
get used to this tank but family catfish is kind of shy so you won’t see in very
much I’m not sure very sure
so if you have a name for body Akuma nominal name for bond will be catfish
corner Mila and names for the two Oscars with our life and the ballet shock
comment all that down love the clown arts now this is novel time I’m just going in the
tank here you can see him so very goes so I also need mental a knife let’s see
where he goes right now okay so just taken it out very quickly a
knife so the update on this tank went on wind
whisper use spaces in a we call the update of the feeding of all my fishing
in another beer and now a clown i for siding tooth and why it’s usually not
that child so I think that’s all I’m gonna get right now getting makeup maybe
photo scar so let’s try getting Oscar okay so I got with Nick I’m gonna put
him in right now okay so but Nicole is in she can see yes
click oh I think I’ll go through one of scoffs next you can see how the way
drunk okay so all my fish is moved to the new crime the ballet shock put your
scars for clown life rip let go the bumblebee catfish the boy sure so I
can’t wait to do an update on this tank so I’ll see you next time don’t forget
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