New Mercedes GLA AMG 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Mercedes GLA this is the 2019
model also I have the key right here with me this is the old model key but it
also have a keyless entrance in the car and also you just leave the car there
because the car have a start/stop button so you just have to to have it with you
in your pocket and then you can go in and out from the car without any problem
this is the special model imj 381 horsepower and today I will review it
for you interior exterior and then we will talk at the end so let’s do it guys
so first time guys I want to show you a little bit the exterior of the car and I
try to show you every single detail on this new GLA imj it’s a very very
powerful car in the same time very spacious inside it has a very very
beautiful rims in my opinion if you look at this rims we have Continental tires I
am je rims there we have 20 inch rims also ventilated discs you can see there
you can also see the imj caliper brakes and the disc are ventilated because at
high speed this disc brakes need to be cooled down a little bit
also we have a very very nice design we have chrome design around the windows
down there also up you can add some extra trunk there if you want to carry
more luggage and also we have a sunroof that you will see it from the interior
of the car so they chose to make the down part with chrome and the upper part
with black rubber down here guys they just they just leave this chrome design
really nice in my opinion it looks very nice this down part here
to protect the car from the stones and chips in time also they put here around
the wheels this plastic also it’s very useful when you scratch the car here on
the side you can you can change it very easily this is very very useful useful
feature and also in this in the front is the same same same design as in the back
you can see here and they also I like the shape here in the front look how
cool they make this shape it’s super super nice I like those lines on the car
they are fantastic really beautiful lines also we can see here the tube all
over for Mattox of this car it’s 4 wheel drive pretty awesome and also the lines
look pretty pretty nice the mirror as well in much other style you can see
here we have 4 LED lamp on the mirror also down here we have the camera
because this car has 360 camera blind spot in the mirror there and the mirrors
are also nice and good quality also here on the handles we have keyless entrance
in the car they are super super nice as I before here we have some chrome design
we have chrome design and then half we have the color of the car this is a
great idea in my opinion that they do like that also here in the back you can
see this plastic that go all around the car to protect the car and also come
here in the back until here and then it continuing here with the plastic also we
have parking sensors six parking sensors in the back and also this great exhaust
pipe you can see two here and two on the other side those exhaust pipe we have
also a button inside the car that you can activate it and you will hear that
amazing sound also the air diffuser down there look fantastic really nice and
it’s also helped the car to have a great great
a dynamic and great consumption on the road because the car it’s very spacious
and in the same time it’s also have a nice nice interesting shape for a better
aerodynamics oh yeah I like the back of the car I also like the chrome design
here the way they put it also we can see the logo there I am Jas well on the
other side I like I really like this back bumper the way they design it with
these lines here it looks super sporty ER and super nice in my opinion also up
there we have the braking light down here we have this line in chrome and
under there we have the back camera that it’s hiding here and LED light on the
number plate so super fancy in my opinion also going on the side here we
have this black glossy plastic and spoiler up here looks super nice look
how cool it’s looking it’s really sporty ER the back of the car looks super super
nice and sporty I like it very much some round shape it’s shapes here in the back
and also from here you can see the round shapes around the car that looks super
nice but the interesting fact is that the front of the car has not so round
shapes it’s kind of round in the back and in the front we have this a this
sharp edges that make the car super angry you can see these sharp edges and
also on the hood here we have this sharp edges that make the car really angry and
this front of the car looks super nice parking sensors in the front you can see
as well we have six parking sensors this is a good thing also down there the
plastic kong-based until here and then here it comes this chrome down there and
I like the way they make this it looks very nice in my opinion looks
super super nice also I like those air intakes here that the air go inside here
inside this air intakes I don’t know if you can see it inside there and then the
air go out here on the brakes and they cool down a little bit the air cooled
down a little bit the brakes when the brakes are very hot so that’sthat’s
pretty awesome thing also the grill look very nice with the IMG logo here on the
right here we have the Mercedes logo and behind this logo we have the rudder for
adaptive cruise control and emergency brake going forward we have 2 x logo
here you can see the classic Mercedes logo and the new one I like that I
really like it also up here we have the LED light so we have daylight they LED
light and then we have the adaptive LED light in the night they are super good
very very good and you can have a very good visibility in the night also here
we have the camera for Lane Assist and traffic sign speed limit they can read
it I will show you in the moment when you go inside the car also the windows
are nice we have tinted windows in the back but let’s go inside here we have
automatic lift gate as expected from the car also an LED light here and also a
handle that you can close the trunk going in here we have this chrome design
you already see it before and the trunk it’s pretty big
at first look the trunk looks super big and also here we have some plastic at
the entrance in the car on the side again some space here where you can put
your stuff we have the light normal light no
no LED or something here you can open this and you have the electric stop I
think you already know that twelve volt port right here again space in the rift
we have a lot of hooks there and they’re everywhere
also this part here it’s very light they make it super light much more lighter
than in the other cost also you can take it out very easy when you want to carry
long items we have chrome design down here also under the floor we have the
repair kit and electric speakers and yeah some space that you can put your
stuff there pretty useful so that’s the trunk guys pretty big
pretty big for this car so that thing here you can open it this is a cool
thing and you can carry long items for example skis or whatever you want to
carry you just you can just open this and then you can carry bigger items
without any problem let’s go inside the car and let’s show you forward for
example here you have this center armrest and you can also open these cup
holders right here put it back and let’s fold down the seat we can fold down the
seats right now just like that and then you will see in the moment that the car
have a lot of space we don’t have a flat floor here but actually the seat go
almost almost almost flat there so you can carry longer bigger items without
any problem so this is a cool thing also pushing the button and the trunk it
will close automatic just like that here we have also a little bit of space under
here that you can put your stuff if you want to now let’s put this sit in the
normal position because this seat here is not a normal position I want to put
it in my driving position so we have electric electric seat so let’s go a
little bit in the front just like that now it’s in my driving position and
let’s go in the back you see how much space we have there in the back so now
we can hold down fold back this seat but first time we have to take the seat belt
and then pull down the seat back before going up we see the the door for a
little bit we have a big door big windows it’s a very very nice design I
see this design also in the new e-class you have a great visibility with this
door design we have soft soft materials everywhere on the door here we have
leather in this side you can see the stitches there you can also see the
buttons for electric windows and then the speaker down there and some storage
space and also this chrome design here they look pretty nice I like them I like
the doors also you can see here this plastic in case you scratch the car you
can change this plastic very easy and this is a great thing because this
plastic protect the paint of the car in time from rust and stuff here is the
normal one we don’t have the new one new design of tanking with petrol but anyway
let’s go forward let’s go to the seats so we have leather sports seats here in
this car and the quality of the seats it’s very very good also you can see the
speeches on the side here we have sights port so great comfort when you drive
long trips also down here as well leather it’s pretty good it’s a little
bit stronger but I think the seat are really really good also up there on the
roof you can see this car come with two panoramic sunroof and they look
fantastic in my opinion they look very nice and they are tinted so you don’t
even feel the Sun coming inside or you don’t see so much light inside the car
the back of the front seat it’s with plastic here and it is a sport design
you can see here we have the hope with some chrome design there let’s go inside
the car going inside the car it’s very easy because you have a big big big big
entrance in the car quite impressive a lot of space on my legs here as you can
see also I can stretch a little bit the legs under the seat there
my head space it’s pretty good kind of three fingers here I think you can see
that no complaining at all maybe if I go a little bit like that I can touch it
but no complaining the space it’s pretty good also the visibility as I told you
on the on the window it’s it’s pretty good because this this window design
it’s also in the new a-class hand it is gorgeous it’s one of the best I like it
also up here we have an light it’s just a normal bow we have a hooks we have
handled the quality of the roof it’s really good and also the visibility up
here it’s fantastic I like the visibility I like the way you can you
can look on on the windows it’s pretty awesome
so the space here in the back it’s good so let’s go in the middle now going in
the middle is pretty easy and the space up here because we have this glass over
my head I have plenty of plenty of space because
of the glass and on my legs as well this sit it’s way way in the back you can
also see it there too much in the back but this is in normal position so you
can make an idea from this position so it’s pretty good the space is pretty
pretty good also on the side here I have plenty of space and yeah for the for the
three people here I think will be tight not so good for three people this car
it’s made for two people I have to tell you that it’s not super comfy to stay
here in the middle so recommend it for two person in the back maybe for for
short trips you can have free people anyway down here we have a vent
pretty simple vents nothing complicated just a simple one not like the new
a-class also here twelve volt port then you our
class have here two USB C port and also the vents are super nice otherwise
pretty simple we have a step big step here in the middle let’s go out now guys
let’s go in the back in the front I mean I like the entrance in the car it’s
quite quite big entrance this is something that I like it I like also the
quality of the doors when you close them the quality it’s super super good also
big windows in the front great visibility great quality on the doors as
well you can see Harmon Harmon Kardon Harmon
Kardon there the speaker great quality soft materials on the door handle
electric adjustable seat saving position here we have also leather down on this
part here the stitches the chrome design the same as in the back here we have
some plastic LED lights here pretty useful also we can open the trunk
from this button and we have another speaker plenty of space down here and
also the buttons are yeah normal as usually good going in here we have the
I’m gay I’m J logo in law in LED light you can
see it in the night illuminate it’s super nice also the carpet I am J logo
there on the carpet we have aluminum pedals the electric handbrake it’s right
here also the button for the light are here so you can see the LED light in the
back you can see it illuminated here you can see they have this interesting
design they’re pretty awesome like crystals when you move it a little bit
like that you can see them like like some crystals there it’s too much light
outside today so you cannot see it so well
also in the front we have the LED light that comes like that pretty classic so
nothing new there are good also let’s go inside now of the
car but before going inside wait a second I want to show you the seat the
seat our sport seats so you can also see it you cannot adjust the head room they
are very nice they have side support also here they are also very very very
hard they should be like that the sport seat are a little bit harder if you want
a comfortable one you have to take another model you can also adjust this
electric adjustable you see it before also the lumbar part you can adjust it
from down there so here we have on this part we have some plastic then we have
this vent they are cool they feel good quality
they are very nice also up here we have leather on the dashboard everywhere
there on the dashboard it’s leather and soft material also speaker and then you
can see that that inform you about the parking sensors also leather great
quality on the dashboard there I like it another words about the cockpit it’s
classic cockpit here we have the start/stop button you can see kind of
big one we start push it and then you will see a digital display in the middle
and on the side the classic speedometer and 200 meter so nothing interesting
there but what interests what it’s interesting about this car it’s this
steering wheel the steering wheel it’s gorgeous
I love it I really love the steering wheel you can see we have Alcantara here
on the side and here we have leather and again Alcantara on this side super nice
the imj logo also the buttons to control different function on the screen there
for example navigation you can also see the navigation here or actually not the
map but you can see in store Shango forward go left right on this
side here we have the other buttons for different settings for example the phone
and all that stuff so it’s pretty pretty interesting I really like that here we
have the clapper so you can change the gear manually if you want that they are
pretty useful as well and yeah that’s it the start/stop button you already see it
here we have the vent again integrated with some glossy black plastic around
them the navigation system it’s here it’s not
so good positioning through the driver like the new system are much better when
you have all that display here you can see much much better than with this one
but actually this one it’s also good you can see here the car can read the speed
speed limit you can see it right now and it’s pretty pretty awesome also up here
we have a mirror big mirror good visibility in the back up here we can
adjust this you can also open this solar roof it’s pretty awesome
when you open this it’s fantastic it come a lot of air inside the car this is
a good good good thing also you can also close it completely I don’t want to
close it right now I just want to show you otherwise we have some LED light up
here pretty simple no glass support here glass support we have a light here
normal boat light mirror handle and in the other side of the same
same things the visibility visibility outside the car it’s very good I like
this this type of mirrors typical for materials I like them very much
the visibility outside it’s pretty good I like the visibility I like that you
have a great great visibility also in the back there even this even if this
car have a 360 degrees camera you still have a great visibility and I
like it I like it very much also here in the middle we have this leather center
armrest open these two USB ports they’re very useful and you can stick your stuff
to cup holders this year you can control the navigation system there you can go
back radio navigation media telephone and information about the car here for
example the consumption the time and all that 360 camera then dynamic select you
can also see here we have this wheel when you when you when you change this
wheel you can change the different driving modes
I like this stick here for changing the gear it’s so small and so cool just put
it front and back it’s super nice the key already see it here you have another
space with 12 volt port and a small space there now the climatic system it’s
right here pretty simple nothing complicated but it’s nice with some
chrome design and very simple to use also those button are super nice here
you can see you can activate the exhaust pipe you have heated seat in the you
have parking sensors here blinkers this you know this is the air I want to show
you but I have to start let’s start the car now every time you push this button
you change there the comfort of the suspension so you want to comfort you on
a sporty or comfort so you have two types of suspension depend the way you
want to drive it also you can activate from here the exhaust pipe it’s pretty
cool pretty nice and the car will make a bigger sound here we have the buttons
for the radio shortcut media navigation so you go directly there on
the screen so you can have to push it in there it’s pretty pretty easy to use
also the navigation it’s very good I like navigation yeah I think I show you
everything I want to show the 360 camera it’s pretty awesome but I have to close
the door so when you close the door you will see 360 camera it’s pretty awesome
I like it it’s very useful when you park the car it’s super super useful and it’s
fantastic also I like the fact when you you have blind spot there I already tell
you I like the fact every time you unlock the car the mirrors are folding
but they are staying every time you open the door then the mirrors are folding up
this is a great feature because not every time when you want to unlock the
car the mirrors will will fold up and fall down so only when you open the door
they will do that so the vent you already see it the dashboard is nice
the visibility from the driver point of view it is also very nice and very good
so you have a good visibility I told you before very nice design here I am gay
I’m Jay logo right there and also the vent they look super super nice very
nice the dashboard is super very interesting I like it very much
now the glovebox I know you’re interesting it’s not very big but it’s
quite enough to put your stuff there and we have a bulb light so no LED inside
there the chromatic system we already see it the steering wheel as well what I
want to show you it’s the price and some information about the car I think you
wanna know it so we have here the mercedes-benz GLA 45 AMG four-wheel
drive here we have some information about the car so as I told you before
308 one horsepower you can see the price
there with all the discounts 59,000 it is a good price
also you can pause the video if you want to read all that the color it’s polar
white it’s simple I think everybody can see that it’s the only one white color
so I guess that was enough just one show you the the engine noise I start the car let’s go out for a bit so this is a cold start
I don’t want to accelerate the car when it’s cold but you can hear the sound
when it’s cold it’s pretty awesome pretty cool I love this sound so nice
you don’t wanna accelerate too much I don’t want to force the car but I want
to drive it back in the in the position so you just put it in the reverse and
then press the acceleration easily and then you can see on the just like that
and then you press the park and the car it’s parking right now super nice and
then from here as I told you you can change different type of driving you can
see there on the cockpit sport plus race the way you wanna drive it or the
comfort anyway pretty awesome and the handbrake it’s right here just like that
alright so right guys that was the review with this great Mercedes GLA I am
J line 2019 model I hope you enjoy my review guys it was a really really
complicated today to to film this and maybe I didn’t give you so much
information about the car I was not in good shape but anyway I hope you enjoy it
I hope it was a little bit helpful and you see some stuff above the car that
you are interested in I like the steering wheel I like many things it’s
not the car interior is not as good as the new are class or be class it’s it’s
fantastic the interior in the air are class or B class it’s gorgeous this is
kind of a little bit one level down but it’s still good the quality it’s still
great and yeah I like the car I don’t know what to say
with this money fifty nine thousand I will probably buy an hour class or B
class or the new cilia or the GLA or the I don’t know but anyway I hope you enjoy
it please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos thank you very much
for watching guys sorry if I was not so good but you have to take into
consideration I speak without stopping the video so if
I if I make the video stop and then speak and stop and speak that’s easy
everybody do that I just do the video and then this this is it roll video no
no editing so you have to take that into consideration that it’s not very easy
nobody can’t speak perfect all the time and not all the time come and their
ideas in my head so anyway thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe I
will come with new videos from the Auto Show in Frankfurt the new Volkswagen ID
electric and also Porsche daikon and all that stuff anyway thank you and see you
soon bye guys you

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