** NEW** NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro – Unboxing & REVIEW

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here and I am back with a unboxing and first impressions for the brand new Neo
Geo Arcade Stick Pro. Now full disclosure, this was
sent to me by a rep for SNK. And I’ll be honest with you
guys, I was a little surprised to get this offer because
in case you don’t remember, I wasn’t exactly blown away
by the Neo Geo Classic Mini that came out a couple years ago. I ended up being kind
of disappointed with it. But they gave me the opportunity
to take a look at this and I jumped at the chance because I heard that they took all the feedback
that they got from YouTubers and poured it into this device here. So we’re gonna see if that’s the case. (upbeat music) So what exactly is this thing? Well, it’s advertised as an all in one kind of pro level control
stick that has built in games. It actually comes with 20 fighting games, but it’s very flexible,
because you can just use it as a dedicated console
or you can attach it to your computer, you can even use it on certain Android device and it supports the Neo Geo Classic Mini. So you can use this as a
controller to the Neo Geo Mini and I’m gonna show you how that works. Also, it currently retails
for $130 on Amazon. I’m gonna put a link down in
the video description below if you wanna check it out for yourself. And like I mentioned, it has
20 built in fighting games. And what’s kind of cool about this, at least they’ve hinted at it. It’ll depend on when this video comes out if they’ve actually announced
it, but it has the potential to actually add more games to it. So it comes with 20 fighting
games but in the future, it could be potentially
have, you know hundreds if not thousands of games
that are supported with it. And as we pull out the box
here right off the bat, it just feels very heavy. It feels quality, it really does. It’s got a nice weight
to it, it weighs probably I would guess, maybe under five pounds. Also included in the
box is a printed manual. It also comes with a USB
charging cable for power. And then it has some pads here that you can stick underneath that if you want. I’m actually gonna do that so
that way doesn’t slip around. And there is this little
adapter for you to use if you wanna connect it to
the Neo Geo Classic Mini, which I will be doing a little bit later. Now I know you’re dying
to find out was SNK able to make clicky thumbsticks
because as we all know, they are very hard to make. And I’m happy to report that yes, the clicky thumbstick is back. (thumbstick clicks) (background cheering) And that was really one
of my first complaints of the Neo Geo Classic Mini is that, I just missed the clicky
micro-switches in the controller. That’s what Neo Geo we’re known for. I love the precision and so it’s cool if they have that back. You’ll also notice that
there are eight face buttons and there’s a nice feel to them. Notice though, that the
colors, the main mapping is actually not like the
standard Arcade, they’re stacked. So the red, green, yellow
and blue are stacked. Some people may not like that, by default they come this way, but the good news is you can actually change
the mapping in the games. And seeing how this is
designed to be used not only with Neo Geo games, but also on your PC or perhaps other consoles. Well, it’s nice that these
extra buttons are there, and again, you can map them. If we walk around the
device on the top of it you have a USB C power in, so they provided a cable for that. But you do need the wall
adapter so you’re gonna have to use the one that
came with your phone. There’s also a standard size HDMI out, and next to that is a USB port. Now they labeled that
as a controller input. But I suspect that that is
also where you would upgrade the firmware and potentially
add games in the future. On the bottom you have two
places where you can plug in the Neo Geo mini controllers. So let’s see you have one there for player one and player two. And then there is a 3.5
millimeter audio jack. So if you wanna use headphones, you can. Then on the side you have a turbo button, you’ve got options, Select and Start. And then you have these these
little toggle switches here. And that’s where you can
put this into the mode of either being a dedicated
console with video out, so you play the games
that are built onto it. Or you can switch it
over into another mode where you can attach it directly
to the Neo Geo Classic Mini and it has a bunch of
different options here and so it explains all that in the manual. On the bottom, there’s not much
you need to mess around with but you will notice that
there is a plug here, and if you pull that out,
that’s where it allows you to swap the control ball top if you want. So if you wanna say,
a bad style as opposed to like just the ball type,
you could do that here. So let’s go ahead and hook this up and let’s check out the
games that are built into it. Right off the bat, I noticed
that it is out putting clearer than the classic mini,
which is a good thing because that was my other major
complaint about that device is that it was low res,
and it didn’t need to be because the output here is actually 720 P. So it should look fairly sharp
on a standard HD television and as you can see here,
it does and we’re gonna get into the games themselves,
but right off the bat I noticed that yes, it
definitely looks better than the Neo Geo Classic Mini. And then as for the games, well you see a bunch of fighting games as I mentioned, and there are a bunch of
King of Fighter titles here. You of course have the Fatal Fury games. You’ve got Mark of The Wolves, you got some Samurai Showdown games, Art of Fighting, World Heroes,
Ninja Master, Last Blade. So yeah, there’s a bunch
of fighting games in here. If you are fans of that,
you’re gonna love this, I guess, for me, and maybe I’m wrong, but it would have been cool if
they would have also included some of the other non fighting games, I would have loved to see
some shooters on here, you know, or maybe a metal slug. Now let’s go ahead and
jump into the options. So the first one there is language, and that is where you set the
language for the menu itself. It’s not for the games. Underneath that you have screen size, which is very important. And what that really
means is the aspect ratio and how much zoom that you are, you know, how much that you’re comfortable with or how much you want in
your particular setup. For me, I usually like the four by three, the kind of original aspect
ratio, but you could stretch it if your TV is small or if you just wanted to fill the entire screen. Under qualities where you
can really dial in exactly how you want the picture to look. Now by default out of the box, it comes with smooth scaling turned on. And that’s where it takes the pixels and it kind of smooth them out and makes them I guess a
little bit more modern looking. Some people like that, it’s
not really my favorite. So one of the first things that I do is turn on pixel scaling, because that’s the old
school style I like. But if you’re in the scan lines, you have three different options here, including transverse
scan lines, longitudinal and also 45 degrees scan lines. Now, I’m gonna show you all
of these running in the games, but I will say to give you
a little bit of a preview is that, it seems to add scan lines to the smoothing options. So just be aware it seems to
be mixing those two together, but I’ll give you examples. Back at the main menu,
you can set the volume for the headphones and then
underneath that is system, so check this out. Under system you have
something called unlock, now not 100% sure what that is
yet, but I believe it’s where you’re going to unlock
more games in the future. If you click it right
now, just out of the box, it says no external
storage device detected. However, you could plug
in a USB device in there, and it’ll detect it, but
as far as I can tell, I can’t figure out any way
to actually have it see ROMs, so not 100% sure what they’re
gonna do with this yet. Same thing with system upgrade, if you click on it right
now, it basically says that it doesn’t see any external storage. So I believe that maybe SNK is gonna sell optional USB add ons for this device, which would be pretty cool. And then back in the main
menu, I do wanna point out this question mark here,
and that is basically just the manual for this device. And because there’s so
many different things that this can do, I am
glad that they built it into the actual device itself,
so you don’t have to go try to find the manual, it’s
all right here on the screen. The first game I wanna check
out is the King of Fighters 97, I just picked it randomly. And I think a lot of you
are probably gonna wanna do this as well, is that you can
try it with the stack buttons. But again, you can very
easily go under Settings. So you hit the the button on the outside of the console itself,
and then that brings up the menu system, and in there,
you can very quickly set all the buttons to just the top row. And then you save it to its
settings file or whatever. It’s all handled internally. The only thing is that you have to do this for every single game. So every time you launch
it for the first time, you’re gonna wanna go in
here and configure it, if that’s what you prefer. And then playing the game feels good. I mean, I’m sure that this
is emulation, of course. I’m not sure about the
details of the hardware, but it feels really
great playing this game. Now, this particular game
right here you’re seeing it’s in four by three. And of course I’m showing the pixels because that’s how it prefer it. And then here is the
King of Fighters 2002. And so basically I’m
gonna jump into a bunch of these fighters and just
show you a random sampling of them, so you can kind of get an idea as to what they look
like and how they run. So that’s obviously four
by three aspect ratio with just the pixel
scaling, but let’s go ahead and go into the menu. And then let’s turn on smooth and let you see the difference. Now, ah man, you know, it’s funny because I actually don’t hate that look. I can see why they made this the default because I think depending on who you are and what you’re used to, you
might prefer this look here. I know I’m probably gonna get crucified for that in the comments. But there are times when I
turn on smooth and I’m like, yeah, but doesn’t look half bad. Another thing I wanna point
out that can be important is mode or region, and
so a lot of these games if you go under options, you’ll see this thing says mode there, and you can choose basically
Japanese, sometimes Spanish or English, or it’ll say USA. And of course, that will obviously change all of the text in the game. But sometimes it also changes the blood. So just be aware that if
it doesn’t look quite right when you boot it up, or if
it’s in Japanese or whatever, or if it’s not playing or looking the way that you would expect, go under options and swap it from Japan to say, USA or whatever would normally be your region. And now I’m gonna run
through the scan line options because I know some of you out there really care about this stuff. So there is the transverse scan lines. And you’ll notice again that
it doesn’t look that pixelated, it’s got the scan lines,
but notice that it seems to have a bit of smoothing there. I just want to point it out
because some of you might care. Now, if you go to longitudinal scan lines, I think that’s how you pronounce
that word, longitudinal, I don’t know, anyways. And then of course 45 degree scan lines. It’s cooL, that they have
three different options, for people who want them. I’m not sure how accurate these are or if people really care, but the options are
there if you want them. Me personally, I always come
back to just those clear, crisp, beautiful pixels,
that’s what I like. Now let’s go ahead and connect this to the Neo Geo Classic Mini and use it as an external controller. This should in theory make me happy because like I mentioned,
I was disappointed that the Mini didn’t have
the clicky little joystick. So we’re gonna use this instead. And the way that this works
is that you open up the bottom and then there is a USB
cable that comes out. And then you just plug
in that little adapter, and then you plug it into the side of the Classic Mini there. And then on the side of the device, there’s that little
toggle switch right there. And once you do that, you’ll
notice that it blinks green on the top, that tells
you what mode it’s in. And then from here on out, you can use this in the mini classic. This is where you can
really see the difference in the video quality. Again, I use the exact same
capture device the Elgato here, and both of these are 720 P. But as you can see here on the mini, it’s just a softer image,
it’s not as crisp at all. But I will admit that the
controller works great. And it’s really fun to use this with some of my favorite shooters,
this just feels so natural. This game here is Blazing Star, and again, a game I like come back
to time and time again, I really enjoyed this
game, great graphics. And with this device, with
the Arcade Controller Pro, it works fine. Here’s me using the controller
with Metal Slug three. And again, I just kind of
wish that the Arcade Pro came with some of these
games because these games are classics, maybe they didn’t
wanna compete with the Mini. I’m not really sure why
they decided to leave off, you know, any games that
weren’t fighting games, but you know, obviously it
was deliberate design choice, but it’s a little bit disappointing because these are so much fun. And here is Twinkle Star Sprites, again, another really fun shooter. And this controller works great with it. (game gun shootings) So what do I think? Well, I’m happy that SNK took the feedback that they got from the
Classic Mini from reviewers and YouTubers like me, and
really tried to improve this Arcade Stick Pro, you can really tell that they took that feedback
and tried to make it better. The video quality to your TV
is definitely an improvement. The buttons are much
improved and full size and fully configurable. And yes, that thumbstick
is clicky as it should be. It works as a standalone
Arcade Controller both for the Mini as well as say your PC, and it seems like the build
quality is pretty good. Now I’m pretty sure that it’s
doing some sort of emulation on the inside, I haven’t
really torn it apart or dug into a deeper. I’m sure a bunch of YouTube
channels like Game Stack and my life in gaming will
probably tear this thing apart, and do a bunch of latency tests. I’m very curious to see those. And I’m gonna continue using
it for now in my game room because again, it is so flexible, but love to know what you guys think down in the comments below. Are you interested in
picking one of these up? Do you think the $130 price
tag is a fair price for this? What are your thoughts on it? What games would you like
to see them release for it? And at what price to those be? That’s going to be a
big question mark that as of the making of this
video, we just don’t know. Like I mentioned, if you wanna
check it out for yourself, I’ll put a link down in the video description below to Amazon. Alright guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing, and take care. (upbeat music)

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