New Porsche 911 Carrera S 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I’m right here at Porsche Auto Zentum in Bern Switzerland if you
are from Switzerland they have great price in the newest this car right here
in Bern you can come and you can order all the car you can test drive it you
can see it all so today I have a great car for you guys it’s the new Porsche
911 Carrera S in this beautiful color I know many of you will ask what is this
color and it’s cried the name is cried I will show you in the moment it’s a
beautiful color it’s kind of a grey white color and it’s fantastic really
amazing so let’s do the review interior exterior and I hope you will enjoy it so
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other videos on my channel so for now let’s start the review guys I have the
key right here with me it is a beautiful key I think every man on this earth it
will wish to have this key in the pocket here is the car guys and also I just
opened these new LED lamps this is the bay LED lamp I don’t know if you can see
it so well right now but it looked fantastic in the night now it’s a lot of
Sun here today those LED lights look fantastic I don’t
even need to tell you in the back this beautiful line of LED light from a side
to another look gorgeous this car looked fantastic I have to tell you that it is
a very beautiful car the design it’s it’s one of my favorite
design you can also see it there I have two of this car right here in front
they have also on other colors but this color it’s it’s gorgeous it is gorgeous
really I love the color also I will show you later that you can open the spoiler
from here up like that while you’re driving for a better aerodynamic and
also better hand blinks there also look at these rims look at this beautiful
rims guys they look fantastic and if you see we have good ear pairs here on this
car and also I think those are 21 inch rims exactly
they have 21 inch rims that they look fantastic they fit perfectly on the car
21 range and also look at these brake calipers we have the disk ventilated
disc and this brake calipers red Porsche logo there they look fantastic
also the rims look gorgeous they are perfect
we are actually perfect now here we have the big kiss
I just want to show you the blinkers there so when you close the
car you can see the LED lights there look fantastic I love it I really love
this big on the side and also down here we have the blinkers so you can actually
see it they look super nice now I want to show you down here here you have the
weather so we have a rather for a difficult control emergency break and
all that new technology and also the front camera up here that is very useful
sometimes I’m really impressed that they add this front camera there we have
parking sensors in the front as well and we will go in the back to show you as
well now the air intakes we have here air intakes that go to the air there
inside we have kind of a filter if you can see it and then the air go directly
to the breaks discs that they holding down a little bit while you’re driving
with with so much speed the car need cooling and also the brakes need pulling
at high speeds and I love the way they designed the front of the car it’s just
this grill here kind of a grill and then the shape the amazing shape from Porsche
they keep this shape and I love these lines I don’t know you can see it so
well in this Sun today but those lines look fantastic and also the shape of the
car it’s it’s gorgeous they keep this round shape here in the
front it’s look so muscular and so strong and give you this feeling of I
don’t know how to tell it’s actually fantastic appearing it’s great the shape
of the car it’s it’s amazing also hearing at the camera
Lane Assist and reading the traffic speed limit and the traffic sign as well
great technology on the car something that really impressed me
usually you find it on the bigger cars like SUVs but I didn’t expect to find on
Porsche 911 this kind of technology otherwise we
don’t have any LED light here without we have just a camera and an LED light that
illuminate the floor in the night it’s also gorgeous you have to see the car in
the night now here the mirror it’s gorgeous I love
the same color also in the interior here as the exterior that make the the mirror
look much much nicer now guys going to the door and going under the door
better here to see those lines make the car look so powerful and the way the air
come like that around the car help for a better aerodynamic and in the same time
a better handling on the road down there beautiful beautiful lines and shapes the
way they do it they do a great job and I love it if I’m not wrong
down here this part here you can take it out if you scratch it or something
happen with this part down here you can take it out and change it very easy they
can change it for you much more cheaper and this is a coating I like that great
job I like that they’ll do that this is very
practical and economical when you do a mistake
with the car also the windows we have tinted windows in the back and also this
small windows there the shape of the window it’s also very nice and I like it
now I want to show you something with the handles those are the new handles
here guys you just have to have the key with you
let’s go inside this time so if they are inside for a greater or dynamic so
nothing it’s outside everything it’s inside if you have the key in your
pocket you just put your hands here and this will open like that how cool is
that I love it and then you just open the car just like
that and then close it but you can hear the sound of the door
amazing sound amazing also the window when you when you open
the car the window go down when you close the car the window go up automatic
so it will it will fit perfectly it there also when you lock the car you can
lock it from here I think and then you can do it with your piece or you can do
it with your finger so just have the key in your pocket put your hand here it’s
open close it push put the finger there and it’s close
it’s perfectly I love it I love this design I love the way they make it I
love also this window the way it comes down like that the shapes the lines
everything looked fantastic even the body look how cool how muscular look the
body here in the back or just really gorgeous also those lines
here on the engine that cooling the engine comes over air inside there so
when the air come out I want to explain you a little bit of cutting the air come
in the front come all over the roof and then the air come inside here so you can
see this little fellas that the air come inside and this air helped a little bit
to cool down the engine when it’s very hot anyway I hope you understand a
little bit of finish here’s the brake light pretty interesting the way they
did to look very nice yeah all right so let’s show you the interior so guys
before I go forward I want to show you some information about the new Porsche
911 Carrera S so here is the information so we have gasoline three liter engine
and then you can see the colors here quite many of you ask me
then going down there you can see all that information and all that option
that are on the car right now also you can see the place here in Switzerland
it’s in francs but it’s the same in dollars maybe in Euro it’s a little bit
less maybe one 160,000 euro or something like that around there will be the price
so yeah I guess that was a good help so now let’s go inside the car and I want
to show you the rest of the of the car all right guys so now let’s show you
forward so for example I want to show you something critical here you have the
buttons when you want to open for example the trunk so called trunk
I don’t know how this is going so you just press that button and the trunk
will be open now it’s a little bit of water here because was raining but
there’s no problem at all when the water go there in the vents they have a great
systems here to cool down the engine you can see here free little s so you know
that engine free later here you can the oil changed the oil and different
stuff also the vents that pulling down the engine also the car have this vent
there pulling down so it’s critical so this is the way you can and then you
just push it here and it’s closed now in the front I want to show you actually
this is the trunk guys this is the trunk actually because on the Porsche is not
in the back it’s in the front so right here I have handle that I can pull it
just like that and then here it is here is the trunk and it’s quite big really
big it’s kind of deep here so you can see
it’s super deep I can stretch my whole hand here it’s super big trunk I’m quite
impressed about that and also here you have an LED light pretty awesome
yeah I love it it’s really good and we have a lot of space here in the trunk
so that’s the trunk let’s go forward to show you the rest of the car also
something that you want to know it’s here you can put the water for the
wipers so same rise on the Tesla or on the sports cars it’s right there in the
front so it’s not in the back push it back very simple
I like this logo look how cool the logo is look the trims on the logo look
fantastic it’s really beautiful and also the new full LED lamps are great LED
matrix system from Porsche you can see there the name and they are fantastic in
the night I wish I can show you this one day excite there the logo it is actually
fantastic I love it and also when you open the light you can see all that
lines illuminated in the night and it’s low actually gorgeous really gorgeous
also let’s go inside of the car guys but before going inside I just want to show
you one more thing and then we will go inside something that I want to show you
it’s I just have the key with me right now it’s it is in the parking you can
see even this wait a second ok I don’t need the music
so guys even when you opened it the car the steering wheel it’s a just automatic
look at this so the steering wheel it’s adjusting automatic so it’s pretty
awesome look how cool that is how cool it is also the position of driving it’s
fantastic you can stay with almost straight legs here you can see the
pedals Arminian pedals really create quality there something that I want to
show you guys it’s where is the button wait a second so you have air suspension
button right here if you press it so air suspension and also the sound
the exhaust pipes right from here press the brake and then the engine is closed
so supercool I want to show you the from here you can open it or close it
and also the air suspension so in a computer this the engine right now
the sound with all right it’s kind of noisy but this is
the sound with a cold engine guys I think many of you are really curious
about that something that I want to show you now about the car it is the car for
example here control right this spoiler so you press this button on the spoiler
and the spoiler will open you can see here in the image and also in the back
the spoiler was open and you can also close it from here and if you press this
button the exhaust 5 we will open just like that so let’s go in the back and
let’s show you I will film it from the back right now the spoiler it’s open
look at him look how cool is look now the engine is cooled down a little bit
because it starts to to get warmer and the noise is not so bigger anymore
only when you are accelerate and also here it is a great spoiler here
so also the breaking light it’s here inside now is no more up there it’s
right here inside pretty awesome really awesome I love that yeah anyway we go in the moment to all
this information here so here is the spoiler you can open it from here you
can choose the sport mode as well you can see here the suspension is changing
the wet the Sport Sport+ in the video the way you wanna drive you can also see
it’s changing from here driving mode you can change it and you can see it there
on the display the way you want to drive it’s super cool that you can see on this
new digital digital screen right there in the front it’s quite amazing in the
front you can see the two row meter and also another screen there that you can
control it from from from this side here I think I’m not sure for example here
you can control from this wheel you can control the different information there
sport mode information about the tires also g-force you have the navigation
system even here on the screen it’s pretty awesome to have this directly in
your side up view it’s pretty awesome and also on this side here for example
if you press this button here you can see the full 360 degrees camera
around the car so how cool is that to have a sport car and to see 360 degrees
camera around you can also see the panoramic view and side view the way you
want to see it it’s pretty awesome and I love I love to have this on my car also
the screens are fantastic you have a great resolution on the screens even
here on the on the dashboard it’s great resolution and great screen and you can
customize the way you want it I really like that really they make a great job
with that also the steering wheel is fantastic it has a great grip beautiful
grip and also the buttons the way they made it great good quality of the
materials and it also looked very nice very sporty
very angry the handles we have aluminum pedals here to change the gear manually
if you want to its aluminium very good quality and also the cruise control
stick is right here you can control the different driving style right from here
pretty awesome also very good quality on the dashboard you have a speaker
advanced leather all over the dashboard we have this typical Porsche watch right
there in the front and event and also beautiful design great visibility from
the driver point of view you can see you have a very good visibility also on the
windows great visibility also in the back you have a big big window even
though the car have 360 degrees camera you still have fantastic visibility now
up here on the roof you can also adjust this the way you want it like that it’s
pretty useful great quality on the roof the buttons we have LED lights here
buttons right here guys pretty awesome also the mirror it’s perfect so you have
great visibility in the back you can see how cool you can see everything there
also mirror with LED lights on the side pretty awesome much now that I show you
the steering wheel and also the digital display there the way you can customize
it I want to go here to show you the way you can use this I think you already see
it on my other videos now here on the home if you go to home he will see this
this way you see the navigation you see all kind of information about the
telephone about the radio and then temperature and the time same as on a
computer and then you go to navigation it will get you directly to this
beautiful big screen and you have a great visibility from the driver point
of view it’s pretty awesome and you have you have so smart screen here great
colors great contrast you can see no lag at all it’s
one of the best navigation out there on the market today also destination and
all kind of stuff you have here all kind of information I don’t want to go into
detail now but it is gorgeous I love it love the navigation love the way you can
customize it love everything about it media here you can go to the media you
can hear music and all that stuff I don’t want to hear right now any music
then go to the phone also on the media we have here favorite list and all that
stuff radio station and all that thing of
stuff kind of stuff phone here so on the phone you can connect your phone and you
have all that numbers and information about it here the car control you can
control different things I show you before the exhaust pipes sound you hear
it before the two different sounds now it’s open air suspension as well so if
you press this one it will go to the sport mode you see I want to go to the
sport mode if you press this up you will go in the normal mode so depend how you
want and the suspension to be while you are driving so with this on it’s in the
sport mode without this it’s a normal mode so just to know control here you
have control about the car system what you would like to see in the screen I
don’t want to go into detail it’s so complicated the way you want to
customize the things there instrument cluster and all that stuff what you
would like to see there and anyway trip here the information about the trip of
the car the trip that you made before it’s pretty awesome the consumption and
all that stuff for example here you can see two thousand kilometer the
consumption was forty liter pretty good consumption 14 hours quite awesome
really cool really interesting to see this stuff and also here 30 so
consumption is around 30 40 so pretty awesome
here is the chronometer and all that stuff you wanna go speed
speed up a little bit the car you can use these things climate change you can
change the climate from here from the touchscreen the way you wanna have it
air conditioning all that stuff also you can control it from here the temperature
you can see it here I can control the vent you can press it off and on every
single detail you have it right here it’s work perfectly and I actually love
it also the sound you can use it from there and you can also use this little
wheel here to control display there in the front anyway
air quality here yeah your knees out or you have also this unit or in the car
this is fantastic that cleared the air inside the car so
you don’t have any any of that air pollution air application you can
connect to the application your phone you can see the weather you can connect
the car to the internet restaurant and all that stuff I don’t want to go into
detail assistant here you have all kind of assistant around the car so you have
adaptive cruise control sensors the car can read here it has a camera behind
this and you can read the speed limit and all that stuff also the sound here
you can choice the way you wanna sound go the tone the system here volume
device here you can connect your device many device at once
super awesome and also the application great I love it I really love it I
really love this car and here you can close and open the display if you want
to anyway create multimedia system one of the best great job Porsche with this
thing and also here we have a nice nice feeling of good quality also big Globox
here actually it’s a huge go box there and you have an LED light actually super
big for a small car like that also the Vans here they feel very good
quality in the middle the air come perfectly to you in the middle also I
like this design of the dashboard look how beautiful is this design here super
awesome also the band’s there and everything feel great and even the
position of driving it’s fantastic you have great great visibility in this car
now going to the middle here I already show you look how cool is this stick
here to changing the gear of the car to go in Drive
and reverse it’s super small and I like it just like my finger it’s super nice
also parking brake and 911 logo down here it’s super nice the design we have
ventilated sit on those great seats you can see the holes here also heated seat
for the passenger for the driver I like that great job Porsche also
beautiful design here on the side we have a speaker I think here on the side
and leather and good quality also on the side panels here now a cup holder and
the handbrake this is the electric handbrake and beautiful design around
here I’m not sure what is this material here but it look pretty nice here is the
center armrest that you can open it as well you have a button on the side there
so you can press the button and then you have here two USB port one is the card
port and one SIM card port also you can put your phone here pretty easy very
useful I like it very much here is the the key actually if you have the key in
your pocket you cannot use only this one here and you can start the car only from
here it’s kind of a key just like that so it’s pretty awesome as well and also
something that I like very much are those buttons here for the light
and here those glossy black buttons you can open and close the light it’s pretty
pretty awesome also I like the 911 Carrera S logo down here at the entrance
in the car and electric seat buttons you have every single possible adjustments
that you can make even from here this phone part you can see it I can put it
in the back this part here every single part of this seat you can control it
electrically and it’s fantastic the seats are very good very good quality
soft you can drive even long trips without any problem
I like this leather I’m not sure what kind of leather it is but it’s good
quality it feels soft and nice side supports here also on the head
beautiful seat you can see it for yourself right now in the image there
are Porter’s the seat are gorgeous also the door I like frameless windows big
windows you see it before also great quality on the doors nice leather
stitches there we have the same nice design here this great beautiful design
on the doors the handles are in the same color very beautiful they feel very good
as you touch it and also the buttons the black buttons velocity for saving the
position of the seat electric seats we have leather all over the all over the
door we have only beautiful soft materials leather and some soft material
down here I’m not sure what it is I think it’s also leather also white the
light reflector and some storage space here and here the boss speaker as well
and another speaker here and also beautiful hello see black buttons super nice I
love the doors I love it very much also now let’s fall down this you just
have to pull this you just put it like that and then you will see in the back
the space in the back is fantastic and also the quality is amazing guys just
look at this middle console here in leather stitches beautiful quality
everywhere it’s great great quality even though the surprise in this car I will
show you in the moment the surprise and the fucking cool thing is that you can
pull this just like that and you can lift this down both of them and you have
a huge space there to carry your stuff look how big space it’s in the car guys
it’s amazing amazing space there where you can put your stuff there super
awesome and I like that very much if I go on the other side right now and I will pull this back again
just like that and then put it back both of them you can see how much space you
have here in the back huge space pretty awesome pretty I didn’t expect to having
a sport car so much space I think this is the most practical amazing sport car
and if you see my other videos with a new type Khan first icon electric you
see the Porsche made great cars here we have the speaker and also on the other
side you have another speaker and other than that everywhere – leather and soft
material pretty awesome and you can put this back and you have two people here
in the back without any problem and I will show you now in the moment let’s
put this back also I love this porch design here super awesome closing the
door let’s go on the other side guys and let’s try to go in the back let’s put a
seat a little bit in the front so that I have more space I want to put the seat
in my position actually in my driving position and then we see how much space
I have right now it’s in my driving position you can see my my foot on the
pedal so now let’s go in the back and let’s see the space there inside not so
hard not so hard to say but I have to say the space here it’s a little bit
tight look at the space guys it’s a little bit but I guess if you want to be
in the sport you can stay like that for short trips yet it’s no problem I know
I’ll stay like that here and whoa I would enjoy this beautiful view and in
the speed that the car can go for the legs also a little bit complicated but
it’s quite practical you cannot expect too much also you have a hook here
pretty awesome I like it I really like it
I like it that you can even stay here in the back for the kids will be no problem
and I can go out from the car no problem at all for me and also for the kids I
think they can stay very easy they’re quite awesome I love the car so guys and
I hope you enjoyed the review I think I should be everything about this car so I
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so bye guys you

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