NEW Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Ep4: Parco – Danny Fairbrass & Team Korda | Korda Carp Fishing 2019

Yes! Ooh, the other rod’s going. Darrell? Darrell Peck, best gilly in the world. You were right, mate. This one
was bigger than the other one. 12ozs bigger. Right, after this
there are no more nets. Okay? So stop catching them, please. That’s 56lbs. That’s a PB common. Sorry, guys. No bed time for you yet. Booyakasha! Welcome to Parco del Brenta. I’m here with the sales team
from the whole of Europe. We’ve got some new people as well. We’ve got Mateusz
who’s come over from Poland. He’s just started working with us. And also Hrvoje,
or Harry as we call him, from Croatia. They’ve never been before. Anthony missed the trip last year.
One of our French sales team. So it’s nice to have him onboard. And the old styles that you’ve seen
at Trois Iles, Julien’s here. Big Frank Curassier’s here
to be fishing at range, no doubt. Jonny Mann we brought with us because somebody
needs to catch an 80-pounder. Spooner as well. He’s put himself
in the dolly hole so he’s on the point with a huge amount of water
out in front of him. So, plus all the other countries
spread in-between. The Germans are here, the Belgians
are here, the Dutch are here. It’s a proper mixed bag.
They’re all characters. I’m sure there’ll be loads of banter,
loads of laughs. But they’re all tidy anglers so I’m sure
there’ll be a lot of fish caught and as you can see from my attire, it’s
November but it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been absolutely buzzing to get out here to Parco del Brenta
for a number of reasons. There’s lots and lots of fish
and everyone knows I love a bite. But more importantly, there are lots
and lots of very big carp. Now, 40lbs is a big fish but by this lake’s standards,
that’s relatively small. It’s realistic to expect multiple fish
of 50 and 60lbs – dream fishing. I’ve never been
to Parco del Brenta before. I’ve heard a lot about it. I’ve actually
visited Italy three times this year and met a lot of the guys
that have fished here and by all accounts there’s loads
of monster, monster fish. One of the guys last week
actually caught a 77-pounder. So anything near that and,
yeah, I’ll be over the moon. Lovely. Donk! Welcome to Parco del Brenta. As you can probably hear
the stress in my voice, I am rushing against the daylight,
just like the rest of us. I’ve been plumbing the swim a bit. There’s fish showing
against the far side but it’s too dark to get really close. So I’m just going to fish
out in open water tonight. So I’ve had a good plumb round. There’s a nice sort of bar out here
with a bit of a raised bit I’m just fishing off the side of. It took me quite a few casts with
two marker floats to really pinpoint it. But I know where it is now.
So two are going out on here and then one’s going down the edge
where I’ve been told there’s a really good spot down there
and we’ll see how we get on. But I’m sure there’ll be bites. I bet there’s bites tonight
because there’s 3,500 fish in here averaging 38lbs which is ridiculous. Because I’ve never been here before,
I’ve brought absolutely everything. I’ve probably got
50 pots of hookbaits with me. They’re all small because the fish
get fed here with very small pellet and small baits all the time. That’s the same thing
we hear from everybody – you need to be using small baits. I’ve brought stuff to make solid bags,
I’ve brought stuff to use the Method. I’ve brought stuff to make sticks
or just fish straight boilie. I will adapt during the session
depending on what happens. Personally, I prefer to fish sticks.
So that’s how I’m going to start. I’ve fished PVA sticks
loads in the past. You fish them with a standard rig.
I know they don’t tangle. So to get off the mark
that’s what I’ll start with. But I’ve got everything with me
so I can adjust as the session goes on. Having never fished at Parco before obviously I had a good word with
Antonio, the guy that owns the lake and his advice, the Method feeder.
It’s something that I’ve not really used but bearing in mind
he’s here all the time, he sees the results,
he knows how it fishes, I think I’d be stupid to ignore that.
It’s a really easy way to fish. Soak some pellet,
wrap it around the Method feeder, pull the hooklink in, I’ve got a big ball of attraction
right around the hooklink. So I’m going to go in with that. If I think differently
over the course of the session, I’ve got all the bits in my tackle box,
solid bags, pop-ups, all the normal presentations. But to start with
I am going to go in with the Method. Showtime. Got him. Yes! Come on! What a result that is
to get the first fish. Come all the way to Italy,
start getting the rods out. You don’t know the lake
and then just as the light turns they start topping
and, yeah, what a result. Wanged the old Method feeder out there and you just don’t know
what’s going to be in here. There’s so many big fish, spool starts
spinning, your heart’s in your mouth and you think, here we go. Well, how about that? And a way to open the account
at Parco del Brenta. 45lbs mirror. I put a couple of rods out
after having a lead round and while I was doing that
a few fish topped. So out went the third rod
with the Method feeder and a little Scopex Goo dumbell
on the end. And in the dark
it didn’t take long to find it. It’s heavy. That’s the one.
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. – Jon, have you got one in there?
– I haven’t set my buzzers on yet, Dan. – That’s quite a good one, isn’t it?
– I think that’s mid 40. Right, okay.
Rubbish here, isn’t it? That’s another take. – What?
– I got another fish. Just hit it a little bit and then… We knew this place was insane but it still takes you by surprise,
doesn’t it? It’s only a 40. Come on, Jon, stop mucking about.
Just get it in, will you? Bosh. Right, put the net down.
Put the rod down. Pick this rod up. After this there are no more nets. So stop catching them, please. Thank you. Come on. – Go on, son!
– Get in! Great start. Three fish in and I still
haven’t put my bivvy up properly yet. So I’ve not been fishing long really. A fairly hectic start, as you can
imagine, as these trips generally are. Gear getting ferried round the swims
and this, that and the other. And lo and behold I’d only really
just finished putting a bit of bait out and the first rod was away. A bit more bait, another bite. And while I was playing that one in,
the third one went away. So, yeah, fairly good start, really.
Brilliant. First bite and it feels massive. Come on. First Parco carp,
great big common. Get in that net. Yes! Get in! What a way to start.
Look at that for a creature. All the steam rising off it, that’s mad.
Absolutely mad. 42½, as I said. This one was on a little tiny white
dumbell flavoured with Buttercorn Goo and it was over a mix of chopped-up Cell
and the pellet that they sell here. Antonio’s pellet goes in
in huge quantities on this lake and you need to have it in your mix
to be really successful. So it’s nice to get off the mark. Get a couple of pictures, get him back
and see if we can get the rod back out and get another one. Off you go, beastie, to get bigger. Yes, it’s 22 kilos. It’s the first fish of the session.
It’s always a special one. I hope there’s more to come. This fella
certainly had a taste for PVA bags. It’s only about an hour
after the other bite. Got you! Here he is, fish number two. 27lbs. Well, well chuffed
to be getting amongst them now. There’s fish showing out there
the whole time. Didn’t even get to sleep again
after that last one. Fresh sticks are going to go out,
four to six more Spombs and see if we can ring the dinner bell
again and keep them coming. Well, now the mist has cleared and
I can actually see to cast over there. I’ve put two rods
over on the far margin. Didn’t even get to put any bait out. I was just about to wrap the spod up
and this one has gone already. Pretty hairy at the start. I’m basically casting away
from the trees over there, fishing up against the flat bank
so I can get really close. Then when you get a bite, you’ve just
got to be pulling away from them trees as much as possible. And back to the back of the swim and then run forwards, pick up all
the slack line you’ve managed to gain. Once I’ve got it past that tree
that’s out by the buoy out there, once it’s short of that,
then the hard work is done. Come on. Keep your head up. Get your head up. No? He knows. Really important to just take your time
at this point. A lot of people panic
and pull really hard and end up pulling the hooks out
or snapping the line. There’s so little line out now,
things can go wrong. So just let the tip of the rod
do the work. Come on, Mr bionic common. Get in that net, get in that net. Bosh! Got him. Wicked. I’m actually pulling him towards the
snags, trying to get him to kite left away from the snags down to my right. I’m playing the fish with the rod really
low because the other lines are tight and they’re nowhere near
where this fish is now. And you can just play the fish
underneath the other rods with no fear of picking up
the other lines and moving the rigs because it’s not easy to get them
this close to the trees. The last thing you want to do
is move them for no reason. This bite’s also on a flat pear lead
which I’ve nicked off Jonny Mann, which I know is criminal. I make leads for a living and
I didn’t have enough with me. But I thought the casting
was going to be further distance so I only had distance leads with me and with the marginal shelf over there
being quite steep I was actually getting liners and
it was rolling the rig down the slope. So I’ve come slightly further away
from the trees, only a couple of feet, and gone to a 3oz flat pear lead. I’ve had a couple of liners since
doing it but it hasn’t moved the rig and then I’ve had the bite. You are mine. Get in that net. Bosh. Yes. 29½lbs, this one. And I can’t wait
to get the rod back out again. This is all about work rate,
this fishing. Getting the rod back out quickly,
getting it accurate, getting some bait over the top is what’s
going to keep the runs coming. So we’ll do a couple of stills,
get the rod out. Ooh, that’s a bite. Look at that. All muscle. 31lbs.
Led me a merry dance, this one. Hadn’t even
got any bait out in the swim. I’ve got three rods out now
and some bait in the swim as well. I’ve been spodding up
really close to the trees and I’m getting liners already so it does look like it’s going
to happen again today. Perfect weather
for this sort of fishing. Flat calm, sunny conditions. I’m in much shallower water
than most people and I’ve got a load of woodwork
out there for them to hide in. So this bay is a brilliant day area
so here’s hoping we get more. As soon as I got into the swim yesterday
I was really confident. Swim one clearly commands
a lot of water. There’s a big area
that no-one else can reach so I felt really, really good
going into the first night. I had an action plan. I was going to be
spodding out a mixture of the house pellets they use,
plus three different flavour boilies just to give
a little bit of taste in the water for every different fish out there. So I had Essential Cell,
I had Cell and I had Link, all in 10mm
to really get them grubbing around. Knowing they’re a big shoal fish it would mean you’d hold them for
a lot longer to hopefully get that bite. I’m glad to say it’s worked.
I’ve fished solid bags over the top, keeping an area of relatively
tight fishing. Two really tight together and then fish one solid bag
about a rod-length extra off the side of the spot. A bit like a big fish tactic
and it’s worked. I’ve managed to nick a 56-pounder
on my very first bite. It’s the first bite.
It’s still only the first night. Lovely way to start. Go on. Yes! First evening, first chunk in the net. That’s 56lbs. That’s a PB common. Bam! – Welcome to Italy.
– Get in! 56lbs of brutish common carp and to think
this isn’t even one of the big ‘uns. What a start. And then a little bit later in the night
the right-hand rod went off as well. Fish number two, 38.02. I could get used to this. So that’s a brilliant way to start.
A couple of fish under my belt already. I’m pretty sure
there’s going to be more bites. I’m here for a 60-pounder, though.
That’s my own personal goal. There’s so many
swimming around in here, it’ll be lovely
to leave with a 60-pounder. If I’m being really picky, I wouldn’t
mind it being a common as well. I’ve been using
the solid bag ready-tied leaders. They don’t take a lot of time to tie up but it’s just nice
to have a few prepared so having a few ready-tied leaders
really helps. I have a 3oz Skyliner inline. It’s a nice weight combined with
the bait you’re putting in the bags. So it’s not too much to be casting out. The difference with this
is I’ve been fishing it running. Solid bags get used on here a lot. In my mind I was thinking
the fish come across them a lot and they’re used to maybe hitting them
when coming across a bit of resistance. With this, they haven’t or won’t be. And it’s kind of worked out because some of the takes
have been absolute blisterers. Tied to that I have four inches
of 25lb Supernatural with a size 6 Wide Gape hook and
a small piece of bent shrink tube. Attached to that is a 12mm Cell Wafter
that’s been soaking in a new Goo. The whole thing
just sits quite nicely on the bottom. The hook’s laying flat
so when it’s on the bottom that little Wafter has just
worked its way to the top of the bag mix and just sits quite nicely. I’ve basically just marker-floated
to death, that area out there. I had two bites from that sort of area. There’s a sort of roadway
going out there. I think this used to be two lakes. The bites I got last night
were at 16 and a quarter rod lengths and I’ve actually found out now by
spending a bit more time with the float that I’m actually
on this side of the roadway. So I’m fishing the slope that’s coming
towards me which is not ideal. By going further and further out, I’ve gone out from 16 and a quarter,
I’ve gone out to 17. Found that that’s the very
sort of shallowish bit at 18 foot. Then going at 18 rod lengths here. Both the rods are at 19 foot,
so I’m on a nice flat bit. I know well beyond it,
close to the far bank it’s 22 foot. So it’s coming up three foot
out of soft mud on to gravel. I’m on sort of the back edge of it
which is where you want to be. You want your line
running down the back of the spot. So by interrogating it, I’ve probably
spent about 20 minutes doing it now, I know exactly
the lay of the land out there. I was definitely fishing too short but I caught a couple of fish
doing it anyway. Tonight I’m going to put
two rods out there. I don’t want to be fishing
against the trees in the dark because you can end up
losing 90% of what you hook. It’s been an okay day today. I’ve had two
from fishing really close to the trees but I’ve had loads of occurrences that looked like pick-ups
that don’t develop and then you get a drop back
and everything. Oh, I’m in, mate.
I’m in, I’m in, I’m in. What is going on? This can’t be carp. And you wind down into it
and there’s nothing there and it’s happened again
and again and again. The carp I’ve caught have been
absolutely nailed, every single one of them. So I don’t think it’s a rig thing. I think it’s a different species,
probably sturgeon. They’re well known, especially if you’re
fishing short hooklinks like me, for picking the bait up in their lips,
pulling it and not hooking themselves and get occurrence after occurrence and
you think there’s something wrong and actually
it’s just a different species. I’ve found in the past, if you lengthen
the hooklink or go on to a pop-up, you hook the sturgeon and I do not
want to hook the sturgeon. Some of them in here are probably
close to 100lbs, I should think. I do not want to be trying to get one
of them out of them trees over there. I’m here to catch the carp as well.
I’m a bit of a purist like that. So I don’t really
want to catch anything else but that’s good, that’s a good half hour
I spent getting it dead right out there. I know when we come back from dinner
tonight, I can start Spombing out there, put both the rods out at 18. I’ll probably Spomb at 17¼
because of the swing back of the lead on the fishing rod. So it’s all dropping on top of itself. And, yeah, hopefully
I’ll get more bites tonight. Yes! Yes! Here we go. My first fish from Parco del Brenta caught on a small PVA bag. Size 6 Wide Gape X and
it’s actually my new personal best at 22.6kgs. What a cracker. Yeah, I feel like a good one. He’s strong. Look at that fish! Come on! Nice one! Well, it’s all got a bit crazy. Jonny Mann’s just been awoken from
his slumbers by two fish on the bounce. Poor old Mateusz has just lost
what we think was a sturgeon, absolutely led him a merry dance
for God knows how long and then came off. And me old mate, Davide,
has had two down in swim 15. So… Or 16, sorry, swim 16. They like it in the dark. Come on, this time get in that net. Bosh! Got him! I think that might be a 40-pounder. Okay, come here, big guy. Yeah, man. 46½lbs and it’s only just got dark. There’s bites all round the lake
and it’s time to wind in now for dinner. We’re all going to go up
and see who’s had what and get the rods back out later on. Everyone’s clipped up ready to go. Plenty of solid bags have been tied,
plenty of sticks have been tied. And I think now
everyone’s getting into the groove. Text book return! Yeah, baby. This one has come about five minutes
after finishing Spombing. I switched over to a big Spomb. This is the shorter range area,
the gravel bar or the old road that I investigated
earlier on with a marker float. This is the first rod I’ve put out
on a solid bag since I’ve been here. After seeing the success of Jonny Mann
and the other guys using Method feeders and solid bags,
I thought I’ll put one on one rod. Ali showed me how to tie them
in the office the other day because I haven’t
tied them properly before. I’ve seen it done obviously
millions of times by other people but I always fish PVA sticks. I knew this place responded to the bags. I should be swapping two rods
onto solid bags straight away. There he is. A mirror. Yes, I think you’re ready. Come on. Get in the net. Bosh. Text book. Lovely. There he is. 33½lbs of discus-shaped mirror. My first one
on a solid bag out of here and I think the moral of that story
is if something’s working on a lake, if the fish are really conditioned
into feeding a certain way, then definitely solid bags and Method
feeder seem to be the way on here, then you need to try them. So without any shadow of a doubt,
it’s going back out on that rod. It’s going to go out
on the rod next to it as well. They’re only fished
about six foot apart, the same range and 10 more big Spombs of bait
over the top. Boilie and pellet and it’s nice. I’m not fishing anywhere near the trees
on those rods so I don’t have to worry
about the fish running. It’s a nice way to fish in the dark. Beastie. Yeah… Same spot out on the bar. Not managed to
put any more bait in yet. I was just tying up
a couple more solids. I was going to change this rod
for a solid. I might not now. I wanted to test sticks against solids so I suppose really now
I’ve had a bite on each of them, I should really fish them
against each other for a bit longer and see what happens. Come on, get in the net. Bosh. Got him. And the 30s just keep on coming. Another immaculate common.
Fought like a demon. Unfortunately picked up the other rod
but that’s gone back out there already with a solid bag on. And as soon as this one goes back, a stick will be going right next to it
at 18 wraps. I think it’s going to be
one of those nights. Fish are showing out there. I haven’t even put any more bait out yet
but I’m sure when I do, there’s going to be more
and more fish feeding on that bar. Awesome. Angry. This is not the magic of editing.
This is real life. Literally I put the bag rod out, put another little tiny soft section
on the end of this Combi Rig and put a stick on it, hit the clip. I’ve put six big Spombs out
over the top of both rods and literally
I’ve just put the Spomb rod away and I was just about to adjust
this bobbin to get it nice and level and it’s pulled it out of my hand. So they are properly on this feed now. The other rod’s in, the right-hand rod
that’s fished over by the margin. All that’s going to do now
is get in the way. So for the rest of tonight
I’m just going to fish two rods. Mental fishing. Snags down here, it’s pulling hard. It shows you how much pressure you
can put on them when you have to. Well, I’ve just heard on the grapevine that Mathieu Baert
has had a 50-pounder. I’ll tell you what, this one
doesn’t look far off that either. This way, this way. Bosh! That is a big ‘un. Get on the Buttercorn. It’s a big 40. It’s big 40, it is… 48¼. Wicked. There he is. 48.04, proper powerhouse of a carp. That right-hand rod’s staying in now. I’m not going to fish
over by the trees tonight. Just concentrate on these two rods,
keep the bait going in. Six more big Spombs
are going out there in a minute. See if we can keep
ringing the dinner bell all night long. I just caught my first fish of the trip. A common of 51lbs exactly. Stick to the plan, fished to it
and in the end I had a fish already. It’s good. Lovely. It’s enormous. Wow! That’s a good start. My first fish of this trip. Fell for a PVA bag with fake corn in it. With a bit of Goo in it. The PVA wasn’t even melted yet. What a start. Lovely. First bite of the trip. Kiting hard to the right.
Feels like a good fish. A slow but steady take
and then just hit a big weight. So it won’t be an upper double,
it will be something bigger. Let’s hope we can get it in. – How does it feel, mate?
– It feels big. Actually it was a slow take, like beep,
beep, beep, tick, tick, tick, tick. Get in there, you lump. Yes! Yes! Yes, get in! Well done, dude. Oh, yeah. That’s a nice fish. Sales seminar carp, Mathieu. Yeah. I’m actually really buzzing
because I had a 50+ pound mirror. My first fish of the session,
hopefully not the last. Really happy with it, chuffed. Early evening so there might come
another one this night. Let’s go for it. – 53lbs.
– Wow! – Get in.
– Get in there. Bam. 52.08lbs of Parco del Brenta mirror. Caught on a Method feeder
with a small Wafter hookbait. Wide Gape size 6. Doing the do. Brilliant. Very chuffed with this one. The first and hopefully
not the last of the session. But very welcome,
very big and very heavy. Beautiful. So a new personal best. This was the next target, to get over the 50lb mark
with a mirror carp, and I’ve done it. Last time I had a personal best mirror
was back in 2008. And that was on a Korda social, too. Definitely the key on this place
at the moment is baiting up. I had a real flurry of action
earlier on in the night. Then it all went a bit quiet. I sort of got myself out of bed,
not that I wanted to, put more bait out. And this is the second one
in quick succession. If you look down there, there’s
a 54lbs common in that sling. And this one feels big as well. I’m starting to develop a carp cold. It’s going to be light soon as well. Get in that net, big shape. Yes! It’s too big for the net. Get in! Result. Wicked. Check that out. 54½lbs of just brutal
Italian common carp. Look at that.
Absolutely led me a merry dance. It’s been several hours from a bite and I thought
I’m going to ring the dinner bell, put some more Spombs out,
put two fresh bags out and this one came along
not long after. I think we’ve got a mirror
that’s even bigger to show you. That one I landed
just before it got light. What a night. All right, bruv. – How are you doing?
– Good, man, good. – Not as good as me.
– No, I’ve not had one that big. Neither have I, neither have I. It’s a fraction under 58. Get in! Not a bad night’s work. You’ve been mowing them down as well,
haven’t you? A few, mate, yeah. How many 50s have you had? This is the second one. – Second one?
– Yeah. Take a look at this, though. I stopped baiting up, I got tired, I stopped baiting up
and nothing happened. And then I started rebaiting.
Look at that. Started rebaiting
and had the 54 common and that straight after each other. – Crazy place.
– Crazy place, yeah. Yeah, look at that! Absolutely solid as a rock. Just a fraction under 58. Two 50s in a night. Unbelievable.
Absolutely unbelievable. I’ve had a really crappy year
this year in the UK. Three 30s is all I’ve caught all year
for loads of effort. So it’s nice to be making up for it
with a session like this. Well, the biggest one so far.
Just over 50lbs. I changed things up a little bit
from the first night. I was using Method feeders
and solid bags but all three are on solid bags now and I seem to have found
the right spots. This one came off… There’s a point round there
that I can just cast a marker float to, walk round and just bait up with
the pellets. It’s absolutely perfect. A lovely spot.
Really good intersection point. I’m really confident
for the week going forward. You hear all the rumours about Parco. You hear about the Method feeders,
you hear about the solid bags. Obviously you’d be a fool
to ignore the local knowledge. So that’s what I went with.
I went with a Method feeder. And to be honest,
I didn’t quite get my mix right. Groundbait kept coming off and I’m a little bit more experienced
with solid bags, I’m more confident with them
so I swapped to that and it proved to be the winning method. No more groundbait flying everywhere. I’m confident that it’s getting
to the bottom and not breaking off. That was the paranoia
that was in my head. Was the groundbait
blowing up on impact? Was it coming off on descent? By changing to exactly the same mix
but inside a solid bag, I could guarantee
that was down at the bottom and just having that confidence,
that has spurred me on and it caught two fish and I think
going to the following night, or tomorrow night, should I say, that, yeah, with this tactic,
a little bit of bait, honing the spots
by seeing where they’re topping, this should be a good week. First of the morning
so hope for the next one. So a bit smaller than the other
but very, very welcome. I really, really hope to catch
his mother or his big brother. Fish on! This just confirms to me that even
though it’s the middle of November, look, I’m in a T-shirt, it’s so mild,
they really, really want food still. And it’s like the faster I put it in
and the more I put in and the bigger the Spomb I use,
the more of a splash it makes, the faster I get a bite. These fish are so conditioned on to the
sound of the Spomb and this pellet that they see every day of their life… If it was blowing a northerly
and two degrees, then I’m sure
it would be a different story. But we’ve just been very lucky
that we’ve got such mild weather. If you add that in to your own fishing, bait heavier
when the conditions are good and much, much lighter
when they’re not. I remember last year at Trois Iles we had some really cold weather
at the start and Jonny Mann was catching over
just 150 boilies over three rods. That was more than enough. But this is a completely
different story. An angry common. Interestingly, I’m not using
sharpened hooks over there. Ooh, the other rod’s going. Darrell? Darrell? Darrell Peck, best gilly in the world. I tell you what,
you got round from swim 14 quick. Fast aren’t I. By the look of it we need to swap rods
I reckon. Yeah? I’ve eased right off. – Got it?
– Yeah, got it, got it. We should have said you are ours,
rather than mine. Have you got another net? Yeah. I reckon we should
just live the playboy lifestyle and just do four weeks a year here. You don’t have to catch anything
anywhere else, do you? Done. It’s done. Go to Ibiza for three months. Bosh! Yes, get in. Un, deux. Uno, due. You’re in the wrong country. – Cheers, bruv.
– You’re welcome, mate. You can carry on about your business. – Cheers, bruv.
– Well done. We’ll do a picture together after,
if that’s all right with you. Both holding them, yeah? Cool. You were right, mate, this one
was bigger than the other one. 12 ounces bigger. I knew that, didn’t I? 30.04lbs, 29.12lbs,
not bad work if you can get it. Right, we’re going
to get these ones back and then you’re going to work
with Mateusz today, aren’t you, and try and hone him a bit? Yeah, mate. Hopefully get him fish in. It’s not that far. It’s only 18,
18½ wraps to where he needs to go. I’m sure if he can do that comfortably, there’s plenty of fish
to be caught out there. Yeah, I’ve just seen him hit the clip. – So, I think he is.
– It could work. I’ve come round to swim 18
to see Mateusz. He’s from Poland
and where he fishes most of the time they’re using bait boats
and rowing the rigs out. Obviously Korda is an English brand
and a lot of our products are based around UK fishing which
is casting from the bank generally. So I’ve come round to help him
hopefully catch some fish but also the tactics and techniques
that we use in the UK. He can then pass it on to the shops
where he supplies the tackle and then that information can be
passed on to the end consumer. Here you have to fish
more English-style tactics and basically just a little bit
of casting practice, find a spot for him, help him clip up
and he was away with it straight away. He knew what he was doing,
he just had to press repeat. Cast out, hit the clip,
get some bait out there and he’ll be fishing
just as good as the rest of us. Again, 10 minutes
after putting 10 big Spombs out, we are away. Just trying to keep this fish
away from the other line. Definitely the key seems to be baiting
rather than rigs. Jonny Mann had a load of bites
on solids at the start and I thought sticks
might have been maybe too small, not enough bait in one place for them. As the owner, Antonio,
said at the start that big Method balls, big PVA bags seem to be the way. And I’m using tiny little sticks
but it’s now rocking and it’s all to do with the amount
and the frequency of feeding. I can see his eye looking down,
looking at the net. Too late, mate.
Upside down and in. Bosh. Awesome little chunky creature. Smallest one I’ve caught but who cares? Absolutely perfect. I’m sure this one will be getting
to 50 or 60lbs one day. And it does seem to be up against
the woodwork in the day time, out in open water at night,
that’s what’s keeping the runs coming. And just pulling off that margin
just a bit, I’m sort of six, eight foot
off the margin now rather than right under the trees, putting more bait out
and the bites are coming. This is the rig technology that is doing
the business for me here at Parco. I’ve had loads on this now
and they’re all absolutely nailed. You’ve seen some of the takes I’ve been
getting and the fights that ensued. It is hair-raising stuff. And if ever a rig was going to fail,
it was going to be then and this has not failed on me at all. So, talking you through it
from the dumbell down. These are some special ones
that Kev at Mainline made for us. They’re the High Impact range and
these are the Peaches and Cream. Still slow sinking but much,
much smaller than a normal one. I’ve boosted these with Buttercorn
which they absolutely still reek of it. This is one
that I’ve actually wound in recently and it still reeks of the Buttercorn. The fish seem to be
absolutely loving that. That goes into my PVA mix as well. Then down on to the hook. Very,
very important part of snag fishing and a very important part of landing
everything that you hook as well. This is a size 4 Wide Gape X. So a curved point
stays in better than a straight point. A Wide Gape X is one wire gauge thicker
than a normal Wide Gape. So it’s much, much stronger. Quite a short hair there.
What I’ve basically done is used the Whipping knot to whip the hair
onto the shank of the hook. You could use a rig ring as well and
I have been doing that to equal effect. But this one in particular
has just got that on. I like the hair
to leave the hook at that point. It helps the hook flip over
and catch hold. And the hook
just lays flat on the bottom with the hair and the bait
just sort of waving slightly above it. So underneath that kicker
I’ve got my favourite Whipping knot but what I’ve done is folded over
a bit of 30lb Arma-Kord and done the Whipping knot
in two bits of line. So you only have to do three turns. That creates a six-turn knot but you end up with two hairs
coming out the top of it. Cut one of those off and that forms
what you can see on the hook there. The loop coming out of the bottom
of that then loops the loop onto a very short section
of Boom material. I kept the rig really short because
everyone uses solid bags here and Method feeders so the fish are used
to getting caught on short rigs. And where I’m using this with a PVA
stick, I think the fish come in, they’re over the top of the whole lot,
suck it all up in one go and I think a short hooklink
reacts that bit faster. It’s just crimped at either end,
a bigger loop at the other end and that’s on to a size 8
Quick Change Swivel that just pulls up into the lead clip. I don’t know if you can see, there’s a little tiny bit of silicone
poking out the lead clip. So what I’ve basically done is I’ve squeezed the eye
that goes into the lead clip to make it oval
so it doesn’t click in anymore. So really it just sort of rattles about
inside the lead clip. Then I put that little bit of tubing in
just to semi-fix it just slightly. So when the fish picks it up,
feels the weight of that 3½oz flat lead and then the swivel pops out
and the tubing comes out with it. So if I get a few bleeps
and it doesn’t develop and then I wind in
and that bit of tubing’s gone, it means that the rig has been
played about with at the hook end. So I know I’ve been done. So in that situation,
bigger hook, shorter hooklink or maybe a longer hooklink, change something about the rig
until you start converting the takes. But for now, every single one
has been absolutely nailed. So that hasn’t really served me
in this situation but if things weren’t going right,
that is a good little trick to tell you whether they’re liners
between the lead back to the rod tip or whether it’s all going on
at the hook side of it. So just a standard lead clip
finished off with a tail rubber and then some Dark Matter tubing,
this is the brown one. We’ve changed the colour
of this recently and it’s absolutely perfect
for the bottom here at Parco. I like to camouflage everything
so I’ve got a brown hooklink. I’ve got a brown kicker,
a clear bit of Boom and then brown everything else
so it blends in on the bottom. The water is super clear here. The fish know all about rigs, they’re
coming across them all the time. So if your one blends in better
than the next guy’s, I’m sure it’s going to get you
more bites. And having that loop
near the lead there, that’s really key
to the whole thing not tangling and having the tubing on the end there,
that helps with that effect as well when you’re casting it so close, so every time it goes out there
and hits the clip perfectly, you know it’s not tangled,
you can put the rod down on the rest confident it’s fishing properly for you. Do that day or night, I haven’t wound
a single tangle in the whole time. If you construct your rig exactly
like that for this sort of fishing it’s going to get you loads of fish. Check that one out. What a cool little character. 23½lbs,
probably never going to get massive, somewhere near 50lbs. But a wicked little shape
and another double take. Yes, I’ve got a bite and I netted it
just after losing a fish. This one went perfect. A nice mid-40 mirror. How lovely is this? Wow. After losing a fish and straight away
catching within an hour a fish, lovely. Just before dark,
getting my rods back in and let’s see what happens tonight
or maybe in the early evening now. This is a confidence booster. It’s the thing you need just before
dark, a bite during the day. Lovely. Just under 42. Right. Ready? Well, check him out. Another 40lbs common. A little solid bag, a little bit
of soft house pellet inside. And on the actual hookbait itself,
a little dumbell, Scopex Goo, lovely. About 40lbs of beautiful mirror with the help of Darrell, Jonny Mann, Danny Fairbrass. Very satisfied, very pleased
with that Italian mirror. Thank you, guys. I’m really pleased with this.
Bring on some more. Yeah, what a fish. Second fish, second 50.
You cannot imagine how happy I am. Wow. – Are you there, mate?
– Yep. Same rod again. Sorry, guys. No bed time for you yet. Yeah, get in that net. Yeah! Booyakasha! I’ve just had an absolute battle
of all battles with a sturgeon about six or seven foot
long, must’ve been 50, 60lbs. After all that it’s nice to get a carp. They’ve been showing out there
one after the other. I knew it wasn’t going to be long. Another one out there now. Another one out there now. This bay is just alive. Come on, get in that net. Come on, mate. Proper fighting machine. 31½, and while I was playing this one,
I heard a massive shout go up over there and it sounded a bit German. So I reckon one of those guys
has caught a big ‘un. – Come on…
– Yes! My third fish of the trip, 23 kilos and this is my second PB
in just one session. – How big is yours, Daniel?
– Mine’s 22.08. – I’m happy.
– We are very happy. So in the early morning I rebaited
and cast out again and within an hour
I had a second, another bite. I had now four bites
and three fish landed. Average is going down. So I have to
do something to get it up again. Actually yesterday I baited up more and
I think I will do the opposite of that. Not bait up more but less
for the bigger fish. I think the bigger fish are separate
from the big shoal of smaller fish. So maybe that’s a tactic. Here it is,
my success for this week so far. It’s a simple but effective system. It starts with a fake maize. It’s a slow-sinking one,
combined with a Kamakura size 4. A little bit of silicone tubing
on the shank of the hook. Shrink tube
on the eye of the hook, of course. Supernatural, in this case
the thicker version, 25lb. And then combined
with a normal leadcore leader with a ring swivel on it, an inline lead in combination within a PVA rubber. It’s an extra long rubber. It’s perfect to fit in your PVA bag. So this is it. It’s easy. For me it’s very new for this week
and I’m already in love with it. Well, good morning from Parco. Not such an eventful night last night. I had that 30lbs mirror early on. Then same sort of time as yesterday,
5, 6 o’clock in the morning, had a 30lbs common which is
languishing down in the sling waiting for a picture. Then about an hour later at first light
I had a 40lbs common which is also languishing in the sling. And they were all off the bar
off to the left-hand side of the swim at 18 wraps and literally
I’ve just put this rod back out at 22¼ just to the left of the red buoy and didn’t even
get to put the second rod out and it’s already gone. Nice chunky mirror. Get in that net. Bosh! Got him. Nice. There he is, the one I just caught,
26½lbs. And it looks really good for more now. Sunny conditions like this, very calm. You can imagine the fish
migrating out of open water where they’ve spent the night and
disappearing up under them trees. So I’m perfectly placed
to get a few more bites and I’ll be wrapping the rods up
and getting really close and definitely
putting some bait out as well because these fish…
This is a miniature 60-pounder. You can just see genetics in this fish,
it’s going to get huge. Super clean, deep bodied,
a fish of the future. That is a 30-pounder
taken on a little tiny stick and a running lead clip
and the ever faithful Combi Rig with a Boom to Arma-Kord. And an all-important size 4 Wide Gape X. Super strong hook
for super strong fights. And this is the first light 40. 40.08, proper ruck, this one. And this was on a solid bag. I’m fishing solids against sticks
out there on the bar and it’s pretty even, to be honest. The same mix in both, the Parco pellet,
a little bit of crumbed-up Cell, a bit of Baileys, bit of Buttercorn
and they can’t resist it. – You had one last night, I hear.
– Yeah, sure. I had one. Thanks for your help. It was around 1am, I guess. Exactly as you said, 18 wraps
straight to the far margin. I baited up a bit,
put out the solid bags, as you said. That’s excellent, mate,
and there’s still a few nights to go so every chance of catching one
even bigger than that. Exactly. Let’s have a little talk through
what I showed you exactly yesterday. Obviously now that you’ve been shown
once, you’ve just got to press repeat and keep doing it. Once you know
that you’re doing the right thing, you’re on to a winner at that point because all you’ve got to do
is repeat the process and that’s the easy bit once you know and being able to do it
the same every time. So you know the distance,
you know the line to cast on, you know to have a sharp hook on. Basically you’ve got a system here which is just a really simple, basic,
really easy to use solid bag set-up. So he’s got a loop to loop connection which is a figure of eight
in the Mainline. A really short PVA bag leader,
a little leadcore leader. A 3oz Skyliner inline
and on the end of that, it’s probably about five to six inches
of 20lb Dark Matter. 20lb Dark Matter. So what he’s done basically,
he’s got a little Wafter on the end, size 8 Wide Gape. He’s put that into a small PVA bag,
a little bit of powder on top of it to protect the hook. Some pellets on top of that,
fill the bag up until it’s just level with the back
of the insert of the tube. Twist the bag round,
make sure it’s really, really tight. Finish it with a little bit of PVA tape
and that’s all ready to go. Quick change if you need
to change the leader or anything. Yeah, perfect little set-up. So with this bag I’m about to catch
a whacker today. Let’s hope this small bag full of
attraction is going to bring a cracker to my landing net.
Let’s cast it out. Again, it’s only been out there
10 minutes. Perfect weather for fishing
under the trees at the moment. So much fun playing fish on the clutch. When you get loads of bites
you can just have it set right, it makes the battle that much more fun. Bosh! Got him! Wicked. Result. And there he is. Another scraper 30
on the size 4 Wide Gape Xs. Really important to have a strong hook
on when you’re fishing out there with a beaked point as well,
they stay on that bit better. This one, as all the others were,
was absolutely nailed. Come on, baby. Here we go! Another one. Fantastic 41lbs,
fell down on a Method another time. So really happy. Really, really happy. Fish coming. It’s a brutal one. But you’re mine, mine, mine! 38. We’re coming to our fourth night now and it’s going to be my last night
in this swim. I’ve had loads of bites.
I think I’ve had 20 fish now and this is a team thing and
it is good for building morale and everything else so I’m going to hand
the swim over to somebody tomorrow that hasn’t caught anything. That’ll be decided in the morning
once we see what happens tonight. Hopefully I’ll be up all night. I’ve caught up
on my sleep a little bit now so I’ll feel a little bit
more in the land of the living. I’m expecting something to happen between now and when we have to
go for dinner. We wind in at 7 o’clock. With the light dropping,
the sun’s gone down now, the heat of the day has disappeared,
there’s a few fish showing out there. One of these could go at any minute. Everything’s locked up at the moment so you can see
the old Singlez system’s proper sturdy. I’ve got one of the snag bars
on the right-hand rod because it normally
pulls round to the right where it’s fished against that tree. 15lb Touchdown on. The reel’s locked up solid. A tiny drop on the bobbin
so if I do get a bite it just pulls up to the top, I get
a few bleeps and I’m straight on to it. When I’m fishing out in open water
I won’t have to do that, I can let them run a little bit
but when I’m snag fishing, everything has got to be
locked down solid. I’ve got 12 foot 3¾ Infinitys on. People often say,
why do you use such heavy rods when you’re not fishing
at extreme range, but you need the power
in this situation. Also you need to cast mega accurately. If you’ve got a soft rod
that’s folding up, it never drops in the same place twice and when you do get a bite,
if the rod’s bent in half you’re not putting enough pressure on
the fish and they can get in the trees. So everything is there for a reason. We’ve got one more night and I’m going
to absolutely fish my socks off, see if I can catch a monster
by the morning. Oh! Wait, wait! Who’s that? I’ve only just finished Spombing,
for God’s sake!

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