NIGHT VISION RAGE! (Modern Warfare Beta NVG)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to night vision in modern warfare The modern warfare video should now be open for everyone on ps4 They increase the level cap to 20 and they also added the night vision mode into modern warfare And if I’m not mistaken Infinity Ward also added night maps into the game in general So here’s the brand new game mode that’s called nvg. It says nighttime maps with night vision in mixed game modes There’s gonna be my first time playing it. So let’s check it out now I’m not completely sure if this is the whole realism mode thing for modern warfare or if it’s just nighttime I guess we’re gonna find out right now anything. No guys, very green. Look how dark it is night vision Okay, there’s a night-vision. Okay, this is looking pretty cool. Now if you guys didn’t hear the mini-map is actually back by default Oh my god. It’s like infrared – this is so cool. It’s very cool-looking. I don’t know if this is actually gonna play that well I’m having a hard time getting here But yeah It looks like you can’t fully 80s You kind of just tighten up your hipfire spread and you have this laser the cool one, okay Now I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys anymore. I know we’re in Nevada. I know it’s not the full game We don’t know exactly how modern warfare is gonna turn out but oh my god Contra paradise. Look at that what I’ve learned so far from playing this beta is that camping? Oh boy is some next-level short going on right now I mean look at this I can camp I can lean with my super cat cool I played matches where this is all people do the entire game in the corner. I mean look at that What I actually thought of her into a claim where that was a perfect nade, let’s see that I gotta watch it Oh, I swear I can make a montage of me. Just dying to claymores and freaking out. It’s hilarious You just walk into a room a claymore gets you and you launch across the room beautiful game design But even though I’m enjoying the modern warfare beta here and there like the camping is definitely next-level It’s something I’ve never seen before, especially when you’re playing tend to be 10 on krasna rate I mean, I see enemies and teammates just doing jack shorts just in some random building in the middle of fAAAking nowhere doing nothing That’s my favorite. I love that kind of gameplay so much, especially when you’re playing domination, and they just ignore the flags I just gonna look like to play a little cover up here like torque and black ops portabella good just not lose so much fun I don’t know guys. I am very conflicted on the modern warfare beta right now It seems like when you super asperton try to rush around you get punished because people are already camping you just camp it Can’t be camping. You don’t know just something dude on top of a building some random ass location You would never think to look I do Understand their design goal of trying to have the maps be more open trying to make them not as restrictive as other Call of Duty Games, but oh my lord guys, that doesn’t mean that you should just be able to go everywhere There has to be some kind of limits as to where you can go because it just kills the flow It makes things weights. UK actually chaotic might not be the best word. I think it’s more that it’s unpredictable I would love to hit a quad feet in this mode. I mean, I think it looked really cool definite gonna go for it, but No, they fAAAking flash me they just had the flash we didn’t know but with all this being said I actually have hit a good amount of feed so far in the beta it’s going Pretty good, but in some lobbies, they definitely just feel like it’s impossible to even hit any kind of clips or anything I be able to switch back over and get a quad Cup doors opening a million times Scott Oh, it’s already over. We were just starting to destroy this team. I was actually the best hold the team so far Wa not bad for this being my first time playing the night vision mode. I think that’s pretty good But one more thing I do want to say about camping and modern warfare Is this yesterday when I was playing I kind of had this? Realization about how this game could really take a turn for the worse one of the things I really hated about black ops 4 are the players who had camp 4 killstreaks and just stack them up and Make it impossible to actually come back and win a game and I really do feel like these kinds of players these kinds of play Styles can be amplified even more in modern warfare This all happened when I was playing a game of cross on the raid There was just some dude camping in the back of the map not even playing the objective and domination But he got a chopper gunner and his chopper gunner was just tearing apart the entire team since you have to get kills to get The kill streaks in modern warfare. You can’t play the objective to earn anything so I feel like the people who really want to get the big kill streaks in this game are just gonna camp probably ignore the Objective as well using the cool I mean, look this guy just called in a kill streak and I was camping in the corner. Just waiting for me I joined this game in progress and the team’s losing by half. I mean, come on Also, I would like to point out that even though they brought the mini-map back if enemies are shooting They don’t show up on it enemies only show up in red if you call in a UAV I do think in general It is nice to have the mini-map back just for the sake of getting used to the map having an even better understanding of where Your team is but I really hope that I can speed up the pace of this game What’s how did he die How did I kill him I guess I’ll take the kill Here you owe me Come on I’m running out of ammo so fast, I changed the ammo on the mp5 the first match. I played ahead extended mags But now I have the 10 millimeter ammo I think I think that might increase the damage slightly on the mp5 running out of ammo so fast, though. Oh Come on more let’s keep going to the coffee in the night vision. Come on. Oh Your boys popping off, I don’t know if I actually had a co-op feed on screen whether it is split or not But I’m just glad the mini Matt’s back. I think it will help with the pacing of the game. What’s the beta’s open now? So hopefully there’s more scrubs playing. Oh My god and b5 with this new ammo just shreds. We really turn this game around. We’re just destroying them and there you go That’s the win notice if I can get a different map though, see how it plays out on something else Can we stop just getting Hackney yard? Can I stop getting Hackney yard? Whoever this is? This is walking out the gun walk to a different location. I don’t want to play the second map I just want to mix it up a little bit. Oh, we got the cave map. This is gonna be terrible I’m personally not that big of a fan of the cave map and I feel like people gonna be camping really hard Okay, it’s almost over – let’s see how it’s gonna go If you switch to your pistol that doesn’t have always recite on it No one can find you cuz I can’t see your legs or see. Oh handing behind a barricade in the corner Love to see that. Oh my gosh, so enjoyable to play against What was he gonna go for the big jump go for the big jump do it? You know, oh look at that jokes the heck looks down over here on the bridge. Come on. We’re safe Come on, guys. Okay, we all die It’s so much fun getting two kills I don’t know if I could take this night vision, but seriously It seems like the kind of thing that you just check out for fun. Maybe played a couple times and then never touch it again Just camping if you go for a shotgun quad feet I already have some quads with the mp5 So let just mix it up wonder what the aiming is going to look like for a shotgun is it salt? Okay, you aim like that. You can actually toggle the night vision. Oh my god turning out for the first time Mommy, I’m scared Jeff. We’re not gonna play without the night vision Oh My how is that not a kill who shot gunshots up close I actually have come close hitting a shotgun quality whatever with whatever this is But God some of the hair markers you get they just don’t make any sense I’ll be right next to someone you get so hit work for them but So much head glitching so much camping, I know there’s more here, I know there’s more die Just get fluffy nerds. Come on Oh almost had three of them there you are. Come on Get back here. Come on We’ll look at quickscope with a shotgun. Oh Oh Come on he’s gonna hit come on Yeah, I guess you could say the modern word for beta makes me lose my mind occasionally all the time I don’t have the shotgun fully leveled So I don’t know there’s better attachments you can get for it. But I want something that’s gonna make this thing I want hit kill all the time On his toes, that’s why didn’t kill him. Come on lads Who won Miss nor mister shot? I could’ve kept going. Oh, I don’t think I’m hitting the shoddy quad quite yet Oh Mike woody you just got you got a triple triple skull what does I need to do somehow the best on the team using a Shotgun, I don’t even know how that’s possible. But I’ll take you let’s go through it for this video Thank you guys very much for watching Hope you guys enjoyed watching me play the night vision mode on the modern warfare beta if you got a chance to play the night Vision mode in the modern warfare beta what do you think about it? What do you think about some of the changes they’ve made so far definitely leave a comment? Let me know and with that being said I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did and you want to see some more modern warfare beta videos, make sure to drop a like mostly guys later

60 thoughts on “NIGHT VISION RAGE! (Modern Warfare Beta NVG)

  1. Why don't they make a thing where if the player stays idle in a certain area for at least 30 seconds that person should be shown on the mini map IMO

  2. Hey Erik!

    Are you going to make a Q&A video? I just would be so happy!

    Btw your content is really funny and nice!

    Bye, and like for Craig… 🙂

  3. You should get kicked from the game if you camp in one area for too long. I don’t really know how that would work, but they should do something like that.

  4. Haven't played a COD game since Ghosts so I was really anticipating on this game being great. Ran into so many campers I quit by the 3rd game. Nothing has and ever will change with this game series

  5. The reason you cant sight in with the night vision is beacuse NVGs are covering your eye so you wouldnt be able to look down a scope with that. Your laser is what you aim with in real life. Its actually pretty realistic 10/10

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