Nimminati VidSummit Ticket Contest Entry Nick Nimmin  Dee Nimmin  Derral Eves Mr. Beast Vid Summit

Nick Nimmon, Dee Nimmon, Nimminati Nation it’s
me, John Pullum here to nominate my friend,
Michael Kallio for the VidSummit tickets Mike and I grew up in the same town and
have known each other for many many years. Since I had a full head of hair. From a young age we were both interested in video from 8 millimeter to VHS, we are always filming something cool to entertain our friends and family. Mike
moved to Hollywood after high school to direct and produce TV shows
documentaries than from many other things. Mike has produced shows like The Texas
Chainsaw Manicure. Yep Manicure! Curse of the Monkey. And don’t forget Mutant Swinger
from Mars. All of which never had an Oscar nomination. Mike and I were doing TV
shows and movies before YouTube was even around and when it started it was
like oh you’re putting like home movies online. You’re a youtuber? Now things have
changed so much everything’s online everyone’s online and now it’s like Oh you’re a youtuber! We know it’s a lot
more than just saying subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to click the
bell notification button to be alerted for upcoming videos. No. I’m serious. You can subscribe and click the click the bell. We want to
learn the ins and outs of YouTube by the experts like you Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin, Pat Flynn, Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon and the one and only
Derral Eves. Mike is one of the nicest guys I know although he kind of looks
like somebody you’d see on Sons Of Anarchy. Please pick Mike Kallio as your winner
for the VidSummit tickets. I look forward to meeting you guys there and
we’ll see you all at VidSummit Vid Summit.

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