Nissan 350Z Single Turbo Abstimmung 100-200 km/h / CTD-Germany

Tire check, very important! The clutch is .. quite heavy. My mechanic calls it clumsy clutch. OK, what do we have here: As you can see the customer built in some gauges. We got a boost gauge and a oil temperature gauge. Boost gauge? Yes, the car is boosted! How is it boosted? Single Turbo Kit of Turbonetics! The engine was built to fit the turbo kit of course, otherwise I won’t do anything here and doing a tune. The customer installed Wiseco 8.8:1 pistons, forged conrods, The customer did it by himself before. And of course the Turbonetics single turbo kit was installed by him. We still have the stock Turbonetics turbo charger installed, so it hasn’t been modified and it isn’t bigger than the stock charger. How this car looks from the outside and inside the hood, you’ll see in a moment! OK, you just saw a pretty colorful engine bay. We’re bringing some temperature to the water and oil right now. Then we’re trying to make a 100-200kph run if the weather is good enough. A GReddy boost controller was installed, too with two settings. You can store two setups in it to control boost. The first one we tested on dyno and the map results in 0.73 bar boost. and we got a 0.78 bar setting. The customer wants to go safety first and we’re not going to rise the boost anymore. We’re now testing the low boost setting and I think that the car will go over 0.73 bar in the 4th gear. On the right hand side we see a exhaust temperature gauge. The upper value shows the exhaust gas temperature directly in the manifold and the lower value shows the ambient temperature at the moment. I think that the sensor will be replaced at another location, but this isn’t our problem right now. The tune is done and we won’t have a 100-200kph time before tuning, because the car was tuned by another tuner which doesn’t exist anymore. The tuner limited the car to 3.500 RPM and to 120 kph. The customer drove it 2 years limited. Our customer told me that this was a quite hard time. 🙂 We rebuilt the entire mapping, so we adjusted the injector size, ignition settings and we made a setup of the boost controller so we’re having a very nice torque distribution. We’re going to make a 100-200 kph run right now and let’s see if we got any traction on this hell ride, because the torque is pretty sick on this one. Yesterday we didn’t go any further with this car. We lost the second EGT sensor on highway. 🙂 Now the exhaust gas temperature gauge only shows ambient temperature. Doesn’t matter right now, because we went to the dyno and verify that the temperature isn’t too high. This car produces 420 HP at 590Nm of torque. Very good result. We noticed a few things which are still important. While driving normally, the exhaust will heat up quickly and it’s very hot. On dyno we saw at 5.000 RPM a huge drop at power and torque. It’s quite simple: The backpressure of the exhaust is too high. The exhaust system needs to be enhanced or modified. We recommended it to our customer as well, because we’re handing out the car to our customer soon. The boost is acceptable and we’re not going to rise it anymore. On dyno we saw that more boost isn’t necessary for more power output. What we want to show you is an eargasm. The turbo spooling sound is very sexy, so keep your ears open and take a listen! (I don’t know if this will work .. :-)) Meanwhile we’re driving on our beautiful streets. Look at this, it’s one straight street. Unfortunately a truck is in front of us and it’s raining. Maybe you saw that the Z was going a little bit sideways. I can’t even get the power on the streets right now. I hope you enjoyed this video and we’re going to tell our customer some recommendations, to get even more power of it. You can easily get more power out of it. We will get our hands on this car later, but not before the end of this year. Now Eugen can drive with a smile, as he was limited to 120kph for 2 years. Maybe he will drive different now. 🙂 I’m pretty happy with the result and I’ve got a question for you: Is your Z charged or do you drive an N/A Z? I’m enjoying the variety to tune a turbo charged, supercharged or N/A Z. Also BiTurbo, that is pretty interesting for me. How do you like it? Turbo, N/A or Supercharger? Tell us in the comment section and please like or share this video. We’re going to show you the dyno chart right now in the corner Have a great time – see you then!

21 thoughts on “Nissan 350Z Single Turbo Abstimmung 100-200 km/h / CTD-Germany

  1. Ich fahre den GT86 auf Turbo umgebaut. Ihr habt den ja aufm Reisbrennen gesehen. Aber hat sich seitdem noch viel geändert.

    Als Kritikpunkt. Das Leistungsdiagramm ruhig in Vollbild zeigen. Auf Mobilen Geräten ist dies sicher nicht gut erkennbar.

  2. Turboumbau wäre schon geil wenn er nicht so unverhältnismäßig teuer wäre. Da würde ich glaube das Geld eher für nen gebrauchten GT-R sparen.

  3. Hallo ctd. Ich habe mal volgende frage. Welches turbokit haltet ihr für das beste was es zur zeit auf dem markt gibt für den 350z hr. Ich finde das von aam sehr gut. Greddy macht auch ein guten eindruck. Oder doch das von gtm?

  4. Ich fahre nur noch mit Triple-Turbo 😉
    Ich finde 1,5 sek schneller von 100-200 rechtfertigt nicht den Preis.
    8000€ + 1200€ Einbau? Da lass ich Ihn lieber selbst saugen 😉

  5. Es fehlt noch etwas, die Kupplung freut sich. Da kann er schon auf eine neue sparen.
    Viel zu viel Drehmoment für die Serienkupplung. von ca. 360 auf 590 NM.
    Es grüßt die Seat Leon Cupra Fraktion

  6. Gibt es ne möglichkeit die Leistung auch auf die Straße zu bekommen außer (achtung Sarkasmus) 21+Zoll Räder? Zumindest bei trockener Straße?

  7. hallo ctd team:

    ich möchte mir genau dieses kit für mein z gönnen und über spritpumpe, düsen, schmiedeinnereien und steuergerät habe ich mich bereits informiert und möchte nachwievor zur boost seite wechseln 😎, aber mir ist auch bekannt, dass durch die eine downpipe das y rohr und somit auch die kats wegfallen. ich würde gerne wissen wie dieses fahrzeug das abgasproblem gelöst hat.

    Für uns Z fahrer hier in DE sind die videos von euch echt eine große hilfe und vorallem eine große lernquelle und ich möchte mich für eure mühe ebenfalls bedanken

    weiter so 💪❤

  8. btw this was horrible. you started not in boost….. and you shifted too early. If you started full throttle from 60-70kph and kept it in boost and momentum and shifting at the right time you could get 9.5-10seconds 100-200….

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