28 thoughts on “No Hot water or Heating: Multi-meter fault finding Part 1

  1. Good Good Good on you mate
    Thermistors NTC and PTC
    Manufactures installation and service manual tells you the resistance of the thermistors.
    Good on you

  2. Good Video's.
    Could you do one on how air/gas ratio valve's work (zero governor etc). There is no air pressure switch or burner pressure's to measure/test. Could you explain how they work and how to test there components?
    thanks again for the good videos

  3. Hello J.Hallam thank you very much watching answered few questions for me well done you dear sir . Merry Christmas to you.

  4. J Hallam, you have explained better than my tutor in college…Many many thanks…I just need to practice at home to use the multi meter…Singh the plumber UrbanSuburban.co

  5. Over the next few months I have loads to upload! Thanks for ur kind words 😊

  6. so if your combi hot water fluctuates, it could be a blocked heat exchanger… it could be a thermister, perhaps a blocked filter located 'somewhere'… so could be a few thing's.. that's 3 parts you have check/ at least …and or remove could be there hours and hours and still not find a fault.. and if you work for a company that expects 6-8 jobs a day… well your screwed aren't you.. sounds stressful to me

  7. Jon I promise I’m not going to watch anymore of your videos I’m worried for you ,I think what your doing is very admirable but you need to check your facts if you believe checking continuity has anything to do with checking the voltage you sir are going to hurt yourself or someone else please stop 🛑 your a nice bloke but your information is wrong

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