[chop chop chop] Hi everybody! Today, we are going to make baek-kimchi with this napa cabbage. Baek means white, so white kimchi. People call this white kimchi. How come it is called white kimchi? Usually kimchi is red. We don’t use hot pepper flakes. Very refreshing and oiled delicious broth. Today, we make little amount of baek-kimchi. This is one cabbage, 3 pounds. So a little heavy But this is the smallest amount that I can imagine that I can make kimchi. [Pick] with the knife and cut this around. K. Shower this with cold water first. [shower shower] Salt. Sprinkle like this. Just between the leaves and real evenly everywhere. Salty water is on the bottom. So one and a half hours, I salted. So I’m going to wash this cabbage. [wash wash wash] Remove this. [taking a bath and shower] Now the cabbage is draining. Let’s make next step. [look at those knife skills] Carrot around a quarter cup amount. [knife master~] This is buchu (Asian Chives). Just a little, chop it up. 3 quarters cup. I’m going to add more red color. So this is a non-spicy kimchi I’m making. This is a red bell pepper I’m going to use. Just a little bit for color. [such precision] So around one third cup. This is a chestnut. In the fall season, you can get the really fresh chestnut. I got this from the Korean grocery store. If you can find, you can use. If you can’t find, just never mind. You can skip it. I use this small knife. [scraping off the skin] We need around 4. [slice and dice] This is a jujube. We have to remove the seed. First, cut around the seed. And the seed is only left. We are going to use 3 large jujubes. [slice away] Salt. And mix. Now we are going to make a really delicious brine. 3 quarter cups onion 4 cloves of garlic and 1 teaspoon amount of ginger And Korean pear! It’s huge! Half. Half is around 2 cups amount. Wow, juicy juicy! And if you don’t have Korean pear use bosc pear. It’ll work well. We are not going to use any sugar today. [cutting] [blending] Okay done. Really creamy and sweet. This is 4 cups of water. And let’s add.. salt. 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons [stir] This is a cotton pouch. I got this from the Korean grocery store. You can use a cheese cloth. And then… Press down like this. So that delicious flavor is coming out. (pressing) And then this is,pine nuts. And I’m going to use also silgochu so dried shredded peper let’s make Baek-kimchi,now. (pouring) (squeezing) (pressing) (closing) I’m going to leave it on my kitchen counter for 1 or 2 days. And then I’m going to wait until it’s start fermenting when it’s start fermenting,the broth taste really sour, like a pickle! Let’s wait for this to ferments! My baek-kimchi,well fermented! it’s took 1 and half days,and then I kept this in the refrigerator . I will show you,what it’s look like. C’mon in! (opening) Mmm… Look at this juice,it’s look really milky and little pink-ish And,most of them smell so good! Wow,beautiful. When you serve this for many people,just you can use this 1 quarter. (chopping) Cut it in to,around 2 inches. Across. And this one, you gotta eat this also, just cut this way. And I’m going to put it back. Later,you can eat it. Don’t forget to and,the juice.. (pouring) When you serve this for many people, be sure to prepare small dishes,individual dishes So I like to taste it! let’s eat! And some juice… (cruching) Mm.. Mmmm…. (upbeat music) Delicious,delicious! This juice it’s sweet from the pear, and a little garlicky little ginger Oh my god so good Go ahead! Make baek-kimchi! Enjoy my recipes! See you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

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