NUTS Karhunkierros 31 km: Olet saavuttanut tavoitteesi!

Okay it’s the NUTS Karhunkierros and 31 kilometers of trail running Originally I was going to run the 55 km but after some problems I dropped the distance to the shorter one It’s now half an hour to our start and we’ve had quite an excited morning running around and gearing up Now I’m going to cheer
our Anna to the trails and preparing for my own start Five, four, three, two, one… And go! I feel like I’m doing
my most common mistake: running too fast Geez We met this runner hobbling on one leg using a branch as a brace we asked if she was ok “Yes yes, it was my shin bone” “I’ll try again next year!” Oh no. Now I’ve ran for 45 minutes and it’s time for the first energy gel Let’s see what I have in my vest Gotcha! People say these taste horrible like drinking battery acid but I don’t know, I like these I really do What is happening now? 10 km: Aid station 1 Get sports drink here
and water from there I’m running way too fast again Thank you! After 19 kilometers My socks are wet for the first time The first spontaneous “Damn” escaped my lips on 22 kilometers It’s been 23 km now everything feels ok I came here unsure if the 31 km was my distance or should I run 53 and I’m still not sure 53 might have been possible but it’s better not to try being a hero and overstraining myself 27 km: Aid station 2 To the finish:
5 km, at least 🙂 I’m on the last 5 km now and this’ll be just climbing and steep descents and climbing again Goddamnit! I have run 30 km now my legs hurt like hell The last climb! Fuck! The last descent! She doesn’t want to let me pass I still pass! Okay now I’m walking
around the race center My legs hurt like hell and I don’t know if I should walk
or stop or does anything help now this is quite horrible okay, that was it right now I’m not
enjoying my life You achieved your goal! Daily activity: 761%

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