NVIDIA GTX 2080/2070 – Ampere not VOLTA – Coming APRIL? Tech News

rumor has it that Nvidia will be
releasing the next generation of gaming graphics cards first thought to be
codename Volta but now suspected to be called ampere in a mere matter of months
this rumor comes from the German language website 3d Center suggesting
that Nvidia may release the GTX 2070 and 2080 in April this year this is not a
leak it is nothing but a rumor and could be described as nothing but wild
speculation so take it with a pinch or even a handful of salt the room has
appeared on the 3d Center forum and suggested that the GA 104 chip which
will be the one used in the GTX 2080 and 2070 will release first in the lineup in
April 2018 back when Pascal launched the GP 104 cars launched first followed by
the 1060 and the 1050 then in the 1080i came a year later so it looks like the
ampere launch will proceed in a similar fashion if the rumor is to be believed
the cards are rumoured to be announced in March so they may be announced at an
event such as GT C or GDC or Nvidia may arrange their own announcement live
stream shortly before launch in case you aren’t up-to-date on the matter both has
launched for professional applications and it just thought gaming cards would
follow soon but it now appears to be only for deep learning and ampère looks
set to be the codename for the gaming card lineup ampere could be a refined
version of Pascal a version of Volta without tensor cores or a brand-new
architecture the latter is more unlikely considering the R&D costs would be very
high for the development of two totally separate architectures but if the
release rumors are true then we will get our answer very soon even though the
room is only speculative a new Nvidia graphics card release is due soon as
Pascal is nearly two years old it has been argued that NVIDIA has no reason to
release the new architecture as AMD is incapable of providing any real
competition in the gaming sector and currently have their eyes set on
professional application with the 7nm Vega with no intention of releasing more
gaming cards this year however plans for amperes release would have been in place
long before Nvidia knew the current state of the market so considering that
many years of planning and R&D will have gone into the development of the new
architecture it would be cost prohibitive for NVIDIA not to release
the new generation to gamers do keep in mind these are just rumors we don’t know
if in-video will actually be releasing these cards in April the date suggests
it is April the 12th all we can do is wait and see if this is true thank you
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