Official Trailer: Batti Gul Meter Chalu |Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Divyendu Sharma,Yami Gautam

“The future’s waiting for
the generator to be turned on.” “Lights are off, but the meter’s still
running, I hope you don’t get a shock.” Tripathi. Don’t you keep
a candle in your toilet? “Lights off, Meter On.” What kind of a game is this?
Shooting arrows in the dark. Bro, don’t you shoot arrows in
the dark on your wedding night? Best friend. – SK! – And with that, SK wins six months
generator expenses for his neighborhood. Either you stay on, or turn off. What is this on-off… on-off? Hello, madam? Are you one of the earthquake victims? What happened to your hair,
Nauti? There was a power-cut when I was
getting ready, okay so what? I could only finish doing
one side of my hair. You’ve a soft corner for him. Even this can happen in friendship? Nauti, just for you. Son’s old enough to get married, but
father’s dreaming of wedding bells. You can WhatsApp me later. – But will you be online…
– I am always online! He’s a cunning, crafty,
and a clever lawyer. 2.5 million, final. You’re very generous, sir. The name of my factory
will be UK Prints. UK is Uttrakhand after all. It’s not exactly London. “When you getting gold,
why go for bronze.” How can my electricity
bill be 150,000? Half the time we’ve to use the generator
because the electricity keeps tripping. “The future demands
an anti-hero.” Hey. How can you send me a
electricity bill of 5.4 million? How can you disconnect
my electricity supply? If you don’t pay
the bill by next month… …we’ll disconnect
the power to your home… …and a warrant will also be
issued in your name. Once any falls in the Ganga,
there’s no way to get him back. You had no clue about his situation. Don’t call him your friend. My son was a coward. He didn’t have the strength to fight. I am not going to wear white clothes,
fold my hands, and watch quietly. I am going to wear black instead
and make life hell for SPTL. Are you threatening us? You sent him a bill for
5.4 million, didn’t you? So I will make sure that it’s “lights
out” for your company in 54 days. It’s more important
to fight rather than win. This might just be another
case for you, madam. But for us, this is a fight, for hope. Objection, Your Honor. The fused bulbs are piling up outside the
electric companies around the country. “Hail Ganga. Hail Ganga.
Hail Ganga.” Let’s talk about facts
and figures as well. I have all the facts… …and how can I talk about
the figure when you’re around, madam? “The future’s waiting for
the generator to be turned on.” “Lights are off, but the meter’s still
running, I hope you don’t get a shock.”

100 thoughts on “Official Trailer: Batti Gul Meter Chalu |Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Divyendu Sharma,Yami Gautam

  1. Yr mai uttarakhand se hu or jaisa is movie me dikhaya h pahadiyo ko bolte hue abe 1% b esa ni bolte pahadi……..
    Ajtak chahe vo garwali ho ya kumawni, ese kisi ko bolte hue ni suna maine…
    Baki movie to 1 number hai….

  2. For all those people who are showing agitation on the excessive use of 'thera' and 'bal' …..
    This is the way Bollywood works when they have to show some character's region …. They overuse their language to show their authenticity …. This is how I feel as a Punjabi when 'oye paaji' or 'balle balle' is used constantly to portray a Punjabi … I obviously feel angry … At the same time a tamilian might get upset with the excessive use of ' aiyiyo' after every other dialogue ….. But this is how things are ……
    Dont get angry … Just enjoy life

  3. Best movie bt movies dekh kr kaash ke kuch changes lndian society me hote,,,, par hamare yahan toh abb tak"vikas" ho raha hai

  4. In kukurak chyalan ka ke naa oon. "Thehra" "bal" laga ber ais tais kar raakhi picturek. Pahadaak kaa bathi laag nai yo actor saal. Bejjati kar ber dhar yaali inain humaar saar bharatak saamin

  5. Yaarr.. thoda aur mehnat kar lete accent me..
    aur sirf zor de kar zabardasti sentence k end me 'thehra' aur 'bal' lagane se sab ajeeb ho gaya..
    though acting achchi hai actors ki

  6. After ashish chanchlani video bijli ka billl tera baap bharega

    Hahaha amazing trailer and amazing video from ashish sindhi

  7. এই মুভি টা আমি ডাউনলোড দিয়েছি এখনো ডাউনলোড হচ্ছে,,,,,,?

  8. Worst movie i ever saw.. imm irritated with this word BAL BAL BAL.. evry sentence has this last word Bal.. wot MC BC this movie is.. I give this movie 100% Rotten Tomatoes :/

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