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I’m seventy. Come on… Don’t ask a woman their age, don’t
you know that. Uh, sixty eight. Next month I’ll be sixty nine if I’m still
alive. You know what we used to do? We used to take
apple cider And leave it outside in the sun. What’s that thing that you sniff and it gets
you really high And you can make it in the chemistry lab? And we’d sniff it and you just go- bonkers. I loved marijuna- I smoked Marijuna basically
for over twenty years Almost all the time. I wanted to be a writer and so I was living
in Northern California At the time. So I tried a number of uh- psychedelics
I would Probably do more today if it could only be
an hour. Instead of ten hours. Lean? L-E-A-N? Never. Is that to lose weight? Cause I’m- I’m not
that much over weight. I think I’ve barely heard of lean, yes. It’s
a mixture of something, But that’s it. Lean, I never heard of before today. I’ll do anything for a buck. For, you know
an experience. I’m always up for trying stuff. I’ll try it, I wore a clean shirt- might as
well. I would be interested in trying it, yes. I mean if it’s- considered- not going to kill
me. Oh, thank you. Just take a sip is what you’re saying? I may have to go an pee if I drink this much. Mmm. Taste great. It’s sweet. Uh- there’s a bug in here. Doesn’t
bother me, I rode the subway here. It starts in the mouth and it’s like really
um… Mmm- and when it goes down it gets really
delicious. The only thing I’m feeling right now is a
brightness. As if, everything just become a little brighter. It’s not doing anything for me. Oh gosh, that’s really good. Good stuff. Woah. It’s great. You make me happy. When skies are blue.

100 thoughts on “Old People Try Lean for the First Time | Complex

  1. These farts were alive during the great binge, of course they partied. All drugs were legal in their time

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  3. 嗨嗨水在國外紅成這樣,加雪碧看起來超好吃,但我看中國某些影片他們年輕人都直接喝感冒糖漿欸

  4. For the people dat think dis was real. It was an April fools joke lol shoulda watched the whole thing 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Old Lady: Come on you don’t ask a women their age, don’t you know that.

    The world: Bitch if you don’t answer the question. Time is running out. Literally.

    Me: 😂😂😂 But they ask us men how old we are. Yes taste that lean going down your throat old lady. Your going to feel that.

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