hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
today is day 343 of my fasting journey here on YouTube to lose ninety to a
100 pounds first I’m gonna say I’m wearing this
size medium it is extremely too tight this is gonna
be my goal outfit the pants is not that tight it just doesn’t look cute but the
top is extremely tight like extreme okay so I thought it would be fun to wear
this second I’m doing today Omad and dry fasting because I have a
throat issue and a mucus issue and I think I’m only going to dry fast 12
hours but I think it’ll help dry that up better okay and I’m gonna give you my 30
hr fast results and it’s gonna be sneaky today for those people that only
come for the weigh-in you have to watch the video so yesterday I had a great
morning and then I had a not-so-great afternoon as I said in my livestream
someone made me upset and I don’t know I was really really really upset I wanted
to cry um I think I do exaggerate my feelings to myself but
then I went to the gym cuz I had to I really have to go I need to take my kids
and then my best friend was she came I didn’t know she was coming so it was a
surprise and it just made my day perfect and better and now I feel fine with the
not nice thing that this person did yesterday they don’t even realize it
it’s so crazy to me I’m but I don’t want to talk about it anymore
I’m good now also I’m doing some Drive fast Anna I don’t know if you can see
this bump on my face I do not like that so maybe that’ll help that – I think
dry fasting helps everything I didn’t sleep the best but I did get
some sleep i didn’t do the omad 1,000 calories
like I felt just hurt and disappointment in my stomach like deep so I just didn’t
want to eat but when she came to the gym we did a workout okay so I didn’t eat
but we did a workout we sat in the sauna um we did some leg presses and she
wanted to do bench press I’m too embarrassed because my arms are so weak
I only did one rep I know that’s horrible
um and we did a lot of walking it’s hard for me to talk right now
I felt pretty fine mentally and physically but it
I have this stuff happening okay I had a humongous weight loss this is so huge
and so exciting if I wasn’t stuffed up maybe I’d be a little more excited
showing you but I am excited to this humongous um I don’t have anything else
to say today except for this is big this is big progress so normally add writing
here but I want people to have to watch so yesterday I was – yesterday I was –
223.4 I had lost 3.2 yesterday and the day before I lost 2 pounds today
um 30 hour fast results I am 218.5 that is minus 4.8 pounds
that is crazy I’m assuming it’s because I didn’t eat
and because I did fasted exercise ok I’ll write it down now after I turn this
off how did you go today and what your starting way what’s your goals for your
weight for your size like I guess my size goal is a medium and please like
comment and I’ll see you later bye

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