One Square Meter

Hello, are you from the Mayor’s office? Am I disturbing you? This elevator has to be changed, we use it but we are afraid of it so much. The whole house is shaking when it is moving. You have seen that the door does not close. Everything has to be changed. What if your story can bring any change for us. What is going on here? Who is this? Oh, you have frightened me so much. What’s up? – I am filming. – What are you filming? – Your elevator. – Elevator? Why? May I come in? Hello. May I go down? I am being waited downstairs. Why are you filming? Do you want to help us? Or are you taking shots because this elevator is a miracle. I see… I will invite you for a cup of coffee. You will freeze here. This elevator had not been working for ages and then it was repaired I was a child when it was repaired. There is 20 years difference between me and my sister’s age and when I came in I found my sister’s and her friend’s name written in this lift. My sister is 40 years old and I was quite astonished. We have such an old elevator. How “safe” is in Georgian? It is not dangerous elevator in short. When you get stuck you can get out. Of course if you do not stuck between the floors. We usually come out by ourselves. – Hello – Would you please help me, I think it got stuck. I am on the 8th floor. Well, then you know what you can do. No, it will open for sure. If it does not open with a handle, it has a ball. Push hit and It will open. Check it and if you can not open it phone me and I will come up then. – Oh, does it open this way? – You should push hit towards yourself and… try it – Thank you so much – You are welcome – Does it stuck very often? – Yes, very often. I hope it will go. Drop it and push first floor. Right there. Oh, you will have to walk down. – It is ok as far as I have not remained here. – You better make a harsh report on this as you were tortured. – Are you shooting a film? – Yes, about your entrances. Do you leave here? – Yes, I do. – In this entrance? – Yes. – Does not it work? – Push that. – Do you want me to push it from the outside? – Oh, I see. – It swallowed my 30 tetris. – This elevator does not work. Check it yourself. – What if the change drops down there. – It does not fall. Look at it. – So it got stuck. – I think this elevator is broken. – But there is one exeption – the mirror is in here. -There are many elevators broken in here. – Oh, it does not go. – To which floor are you going? – I am going to the 6th floor. When I come in here, I always try to close my eyes. Can you believe that? These people are tired. We have numerouse problems. The entrance itself is in terrible condition. Who should repair it? The inhabitants will not be able to repair it. This is also open, look at it. It has been this way ever since I remember myself. This elevetor was built in 1964 and this cabin and rope has been like this since then. It was not changed. Everything needs to be changed. We gathered some money and paid. Something was changed but still it is terrible. I do not think that this kind of elevator exists somewhere. I hope your TV story may help us and we will be paid attantion. Nobody cares for us.

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