OSFM Cloth Nappy Fitting on Newborn Baby 3.6kg approx.

– Hi everybody, Ann from
Little Aussie Monster. We’re here today to run you through putting a nappy onto a
newborn-sized setting, a newborn-sized baby as well. So we’ve got a little customer here and she is around about 3.6 kilos and getting to that stage
of just being able to fit. So we’re gonna run you
through on how to fit it and a little new born
hack which might change how some of you are fitting
your nappies as well. So we’ll come on down and have
a look at this little cutie. She has the little cosmic nappy on. You can see at this stage it’s looking kinda like a regular nappy would, but there’s a few little sneaky
things we’ve done in here. We’re gonna make sure that the
leg is fitting nice and snug, so you see around there, it’s sitting right up in the groin where underwear would sit. And that’s gonna keep those
lovely liquid poos in there. Okay, and then up the back, again it’s sitting just over her bottom, so you don’t get any muffin-tops on those. (baby cooing) Oh you’re being a very good girl. So what we’ve got here to get this to fit and you see this here is the leg snap. Normally on some newborns,
it’s gonna go down here. But for this little one it’s gonna create a gap around the leg. So pop that on there just
to show you the leg gap. So when it’s there, you can
see how it’s gaping here. If this is happening,
you’re gonna get leaks, so when she does a poo, it’s
gonna come out of there. And so what we need to
do is change the fit just that little bit. So we wrap the material around bub, we’re gonna bring this bottom one all the way up to the top row. And then you can just move that around, get it to sit where you
need to, to bring that in. An just push that back down,
so it’s sitting in that groin. So we can do the same with this one here. (button popping) And you can see, if we put it there, it
should be right across. She’s got that leg gap
there and that’s gonna leak. So we’re gonna move that, so again just make sure
it’s wrapped right around, sitting in the groin
where underwear would sit. And then we pull that all
the way up to the top row. As you see I’m just
pulling this fabric around, just so it wraps around her body and that helps the legs
fit better as well. So you pop that one there. And we can see there’s
still a bit of a gap, so I’m just gonna move that in one more. Oh, sweet. (laughs) Yes. Okay, just like that. And you can see now it’s sitting
nice and snug around there. So if she does one of
those lovely liquid poos, it’s gonna hold it in,
so it’s nice and tight. And again we’ve just got that little bit of fabric around there. So this bit here you can
actually leave that if you like, or as we have before, you
have it snapped down here. So you can snap it in there, and then over the top if you like. Okay, so I can still
get my fingers in there. Newborns always have
that funny little tummy. And that tucks it all nicely in there. I’m just gonna lift her up, so you can see how it’s
sitting at the back. And see if her dummy stays in there. She’s being a very good girl. Just gonna have a look at the
back of your nappy, sweetie. You see at the back there, we do have that little bit of
fabric that’s sticking out. You can tuck that in if you like, but it doesn’t matter if it’s there. What you’re looking at is the height to see that there’s no muffin-tops, you don’t see her bottom crack. And everything’s gonna stay contained, ’cause that elastic at the top there will stop the number
twos from shooting out. There you go, you did very well. You want this one? (baby cooing) Good girl. So yeah, as you can see– Whoops, little fella, you don’t want it? (laughing) As you can see, we’ve
got all the snaps done up in the middle as well, so the rise snaps down
on the smaller setting and then we’ve got out
leg snaps on the top row and setter down the bottom. She’s not far off from being able to go into the regular newborn
size which is down to here. Probably only maybe 500 grams. Sometimes babies’ weight
sits in different positions, so you might get a baby
that’s the same weight at 3.6, but they have bigger legs and they’re gonna be able to
fit on that newborn setting straight away. So you can always play with it, and just see what’s gonna suit your baby. They’re all a little bit different and if you guys ever have
any questions about the fit, feel free to send us a
picture or a little video and then we can help you
with a couple of little tips to help them fit better. Okay, well thank you
very much for watching and any questions, let us know.

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