Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack

With a truly innovative suspension system,
an array of organizational features, weight carrying capabilities and the custom fit that
hikers and back packers have come to expect from Osprey, the Atmos AG 50 is the rare pack
that appeals to ounce counters and load haulers alike. Let’s take a closer look at the features
that make this pack so innovative. I have taken off the Atmos AG pack so I can
show you its anti gravity suspension system. I turn this around. That mesh back panel is
going to jump right out at you. You can see those broad openings in the mesh, great breathability
and ventilation. What perhaps is most striking is the fact that this is seamless construction.
It starts out on the shoulder straps, carries the whole weight through the back panel out
and across both wings of the hip belt. And as I open that hip belt you can see that tensioning
that occurs and provides just an incredible fit. That single piece keeps the pack away
from your back. So, again, you can really experience that breathability. Air will really
move in there. But the support is so consistent as you are wearing the pack. There is some stiffening that Osprey has done
to the load lifter portion of the shoulder straps. That also enables the pack to sit
away from your back a little bit, further enhance that breathability, but without jeopardizing
any of the structure, the stability, the load hauling capability that the Atmos delivers. The hip belt also has Osprey’s fit on the
fly adjustability. So while the pack comes in three different torso length measurements,
the hip belt itself can be adjusted with some Velcro tabs and extending the wrap of the
padding so that folks with varying waist sizes still get a really dialed in fit and the appropriate
wrap of that padding coming across the hip bone, really, really smart feature there. As I said, it does come in three sizes, the
Atmos pack, but there is adjustability here on the harness to raise or lower that harness
so that within each size you have got about a three inch range of easy adjustability.
Also a sliding sternum strap, as we mentioned, the load lifter straps, hip belt straps to
cinch that in. All of those features working together to ensure that you have got a pack
that fits great and moves with you while you are in the back country. I am going to turn the pack around so we can
look at some of its organizational features. You can see that it is somewhat traditional
in it being a lidded, top accessed pack. That lid, I should mention, has some height adjustability.
So by maneuvering the straps in the back this can lift higher in case you wanted to store
anything between it and the top of the pack bag or free up space so that the draw string
closure here at the top has more room for gear. This can actually come off entirely
if you are looking to save weight and don’t need that extra storage. Osprey has built
in a pretty smart feature here, just a minimalist almost top cover rather than a lid to protect
the internal contents. On that lid, just to come back there for a
moment, there is a ton of storage here. You actually have two separate zippered pockets.
I have got a headlamp in here. I have got gloves, some food and in the larger compartment
beneath it I have got rain pants and some other extra layers there. On the front of
the Atmos you have got a really sizable front stretch pocket. I have got my rain jacket
in there and at the ready. But there is plenty of room for other layers or other gear as
well. In addition to that large top access pocket
you do have a lower compartment, a zippered compartment here. I have got my sleeping bag
in there. There is a shelf that separates the top compartment from the bottom compartment.
So you can separate some things, organize gear. But you can also open that up if you
prefer to use the Atmos as a single, large compartment. A lot of other trail friendly features on
the Atmos as well. You have certainly got ice axe loops. You have got side pockets,
perhaps for water bottles or other gear. You can see there is top access. There is also
side access if you wanted to cant the water bottles, so it is that much easier to grab
on the fly. Turn it over here you can see I have got that bottle standing upright like
this or slide it in that way so you could grab it on the go. There are zippered hip
belt pockets on either side. I have got a phone on one side. I have got my keys on the
other. You can see I have got a hydration system in place here. There is an internal
sleeve that keeps the rest of the contents of the pack from getting wet, a really nice
pass through here for that hydration hose. So having taken that closer look at the Osprey
Atmos AG 50 you can see why we are so excited about this pack, that innovative suspension
system that makes this carry so well, fit so great while providing that ventilation.
Any and all of the organizational features you might need for extended stay in the back
country. Great pack for through hikers. Great pack for just about anyone looking to enjoy
their time out on the trails.

65 thoughts on “Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack

  1. Amazing review of the new Atmos AG. I was unable to attend my camp convergence to meet osprey designers and learn about the pack but thank you to you, I've learned a bunch of well provided knowledge. Can't wait to hit the trail with one. They still going the 50L and the 65L ?? Weight?? Thanks again.

  2. I'm definitely upgrading my pack this year. I was leaning towards the Gregory Baltoro but maybe I should look at this one. Any thoughts?

  3. Been waiting 8 months for a review of this pack. Great review o bearded one! I'm very curious about the new Atmos. It's not in any stores here in NYC yet. So I guess I'll have to wait. But it looks interesting to say the least.

  4. How does it compare to the original Atmos/Aura? Definite upgrade? I loved the Atmos when I tried it on and finally go my hands on one last summer from REI, but I would have to have bought the pack just a few months too early. Had I known a newer better version was coming out I would have waited. Worth going to REI and trying one on and possibly exchanging my current one?

    Thanks for the review. The pack sure looks awesome!

  5. I upgraded my talon 44 to the atmos ag 50 differently worth it. The best pack I've owned, not owned a lot though

  6. Why did you say this is good for weight conscious pakers?
    Isnt this pack heavier than last years at over 4 lbs?

  7. I just purchased the Atmos AG50 and plan on using it for all my back packing needs and hope to eventually take it to the AT when I retire in three years . I love the feel of this pack it hugs your body like a comfortable shirt .

  8. Are the long straps annoying when wearing the pack? It seems like they are longer then they need to be and hang down pretty low? Thanks.

  9. are there any different feature between atmos AG 50 L & the 65L ? right now im try to decide which one should i buy for my next 4-5 days mountain hiking . GREAT REVIW btw

  10. I've never purchased a pack that has the option of different sizes. I'm 5'10 and about 165lbs, what size pack do you recommend I get?

  11. please help me, ppl recomend osprey kestrel 48 but after all i try osprey pack, atmos 50 is very comfortable…

    witch one is better ? kestrel 48 or atmos 50 ? or exos ? thx much … im goin anapurna circuit soon ..

  12. Is this too much for a overnight hike/weekend hike? If so, what would you suggest size for Osprey or similar brand? Thank you and keep up the amazing reviews!

  13. Backcountry Edge can you please tell me how to adjust the harness up? I've seen people make it look easy but I just got one because I needed its suspension system and its the hardest pack to adjust for me ๐Ÿ˜› Please reply ASAP ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Great descriptive review. I love in depth detail. Suitable for backpacking across Europe for two months, ya think??

  15. Features wise, I would say Aether beats Atmos AG. Atmost AG only wins at better suspension system.

  16. Hi, the 50 seems to be dived into LG, M, SM, do these differences are really noticeable. what is your general suggestion in selecting one ?

  17. Got the pack. It's a amazingly confortable, no doubt about it, BUT, i can't recline my head backwards because of the frame. it's allucinating, as i need to stretch the head from time to time, this makes me feel constricted. Regardless, it's a great quality pack.

  18. Great pack and the AG suspension system is awesome….but Osprey really dropped the ball by not including sleeping pad straps on the Atmos AG 50 like it does on most of their packs including the Atmos AG 65. In fact, I'd argue that the Atmos AG 50 needs sleeping pad straps more than the 65L version. But otherwise, great pack.

  19. If you are cold, a beard, if you need to dry off after a shower, a beard, if you need shelter in the middle of nowhere, a beard, that beard is ridiculously great

  20. what is the difference between size S,L,M of this atmost 50 ag?
    my torso length's about 19' does size S fit me?

  21. Bought this bag and about to take it next week to ireland for a week of hiking in the outdoors. Thanks for this video, it confinced my to buy this great bag.

  22. i am in love with this bag. i just bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday & i just cant wait for him to see it! we are gonna go on hella hiking trips.
    lovin ur beard dude

  23. Hallo, thanks for the great riview, i stay in Indonesia, i bought one tha Atmos AG 50, but the backpack i buy have a raincover. so my Osprey its Original or not? Thanks

  24. Great review. Can you tell me more about the water system. Has it a sepetate compartment for the bladder? I find that a full bladder takes up a lot of room but I like the hose system as the water is litetally on tap. A bottle with a hose would be ideal. Is there such a thing?

  25. This looks like a great pack and I love you guys' videos. When I got fitted for one a while back, I was told my torso size would put me right between a small and a median. Which one would you recommend? I was thinking it would be better to go small and stay a little more "snug" ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. You can improve this review by showing positives and negatives carrying hiking poles, snowshoes, long or larger water bottles, microspikes, sleep pad, winter butt pad. Show how easy or difficult to adjust for different heights. I am upgrading from my REI Traverse 48 to this pack for lumbar support. Fewer pockets than my old pack but hoping this new pack will be kinder to my lower back.

  27. Is there any recommended washing powder or cleaner? I want to put mine in a mesh bag to keep the straps out of the washer mechanics and run it through a wash cycle to get some dirt off of it.

  28. Solid review, just bought the bag! wondering, how would I attach a nylon knife sheath to the exterior?

  29. you look like a person I'd want to keep my children at least 300 feet away from at all times.

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