Hello everyone. I’ve been raising four
broods of dumbo mosaic guppy fry in this 50 gallon tub. When these guppies
first see me they know it’s feeding time and they get so excited they start
jumping on the leaves. I have so many different batches of
guppies, so it didn’t have an extra tub to separate these guppies by males and
females. The Guppies are between 12 to 14 weeks old. Today I’m going to be catching
the guppies, counting them, and getting a good look at them in a container. But
first I’m gonna feed them. There are so many guppies in this tub that they eat a
lot of food very fast. 30 seconds later and the food is gone. At this young age
both the males and females have heavy appetites. As they get older the males
will eat less and females will continue to eat a lot. After the Guppies are done eating, I’m
gonna remove this pink lily called the Shirley Bryne. I was so busy filming, I
didn’t realize there was a guppy trapped on the lily. After setting the lily on
the ground I did notice the guppy. So I put the guppy back in the tub. Here’s a baby water lily growing from an
old sunken leaf. I’m going to leave it in here until it grows a little bigger. Then
I’ll plant it in a pot with topsoil and put it back in the tub. The only way to
count these guppies are to catch them a few at a time. I finally caught the last guppies and
that makes 105. So here is all 105 guppies. It may not look like 105, but I
did count them one by one. Here’s the parents. These four females
gave birth to the 105 Guppies all within a three week time frame. These are a lot
of guppies to be raising in a 50-gallon tub. So I’m hoping to free up one tub and
transfer half of them. After cleaning the tub and placing the lily back inside. One
last look at all of these guppies. After acclimating the water temperatures, I’m
slowly releasing them back into their tub. Thanks for watching

23 thoughts on “OVER 100 EXCITED JUMPING DUMBO MOSAIC GUPPIES in 50 Gallon Tub

  1. I bought guppies today😀😀
    But they are all male and i want to breed so i will buy female guppies tomorrow

  2. Hi! do you think the stocking density in the tub affect the growth of the guppies especially the fry? thanks.

  3. How soon do the fry get their dumbo wings please? I have babies from a dumbo female but I have no idea who the daddy was so I don’t know if they ware dumbo or not 🤷‍♀️

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