Overgrown sheep’s life is saved after 40kg of wool is removed

Meet Chris, the sheep who has broken a world
record. Chris set an unofficial world record after
having a hair cut from five shearers. Welfare crews warned he was at risk of dying
because it was so woolly from living in the wild for
several years. Dwarfed by the woolliest sheep in the world, even the Kangaroos look a little scared. At four to five times his normal size, the RSPCA say it’s the heaviest wool haul
from one shearing. National sheering champion Ian Elkins was
urgently called to the rescue on Wednesday. He said he had never seen anything like it,
in his 35 years of work. Chris had to be sedated before more than 40
kilograms of wool was removed. And then after his clean, Chris’s record breaking
wool is weighed. As if he knew he was posing for the camera
– the Australian sheep showed of his new, lighter
look – complete with pink antiseptic stains

100 thoughts on “Overgrown sheep’s life is saved after 40kg of wool is removed

  1. Thats not pink antiseptic color. Thats blood from the cut.
    Dont fool people. Not every thinf is glossy

  2. 0:25 kangaroo 1 “ The fuck is that.” Kangaroo 2 “ I don’t now. It looks like a lion with to much hair.” Kangaroo 3 “ You guys it’s a sheep.” Kangaroo 1 “ how do you now.”
    Kangaroo 3 “ I say a farm with the thing and one of the mythical beast named bob said “that sheep need to get his wool to the factory.” I think it’s the same sheep.”

  3. The metric system! My one weakness! 40kg. I'm guessing that's a lot. Ballpark estimate, is it more or less then the weight of your parents' expectation?

  4. Yes, i know that the wool was too heavy for the sheep and it needed urgently to be sheared, but can't help but think how all of that wool could protect it like a coat of armor from predators. It would have been practically invulnerable!

  5. Antiseptic stains? They must have cut him! I can see nicks when shearing a whole flock but one sheep?! No excuse for that.

  6. "Complete with pink antiseptic stains." It's nice that they explained what those were, cannot imagine the amount of hate misinformed idiots would throw their way otherwise.

  7. My pubes get like that after about a month if I don’t manscape. Maybe I should save it all for a sweater.

  8. When I saw the thumbnail I was like tf is that ? Glad they could save te poor thing ❤️👌😂

  9. How the hell does a sheep survive in the Australian wild for several years? I imagine dingoes and wild dogs would have eaten it after a couple of days.

  10. For some reason his shaved version reminds me of morgan freeman about to give some wise monologue….???

  11. that kind of wool was meant for the sheep in very cold climate. maybe its body is not strong enough to withstand the cold climate, God knows better why the wool is that thick. But once it lives with human where the sheep could be sheltered under a roof and warmed with walls, removing excessive wool would be necessary.

  12. PETA is going around saying that shearing sheep is cruel and it hurts the animal. This video proves that notion is complete malarkey.

  13. Oh wow, that poor sheep–does this mean that sheep don't lose their wool naturally? I guess that they can't survive in the wild, then.

  14. That sheep never would have survived in the wild without the flock.This was planned an is very cruel to have put that sheep through that is what you need to know.I'm gone.

  15. What a waste of video. Just stupid pictures. Where is the actual footage at you assholes. I hate youtubers like you.

  16. Oh…. So now I wonder why you never see sheep in thr wild… Good job to those people who save animals

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