The postman was just here, let’s have a look, what he brought. That’s my new descent help, from Zalando. 2kg (4.4lbs) In here we have: A XXLite glider from Ozone plus a convertable harness. awesome stuff! Hello there, I’m here in the Nevada in beautiful California, doing a little morning run. ..and.. I brought a little backpack. Not even 2kg (4.4lbs) Let’s check this out today. I sneaked this into my luggage. Let’s see, what is in there. A helmet, stuff, something like a glider and this is a harness. Let’s try to glide down this hill. Nice flight, I did not hit my landing spot, precise landing seems more difficult than I thought. But it gets you down a hill. Ok, my short review about this glider: Ozone XXLite That was one of the earliest single skin gliders, not as far developed as the newer ones, but for me it workes well, very light and super small packing-volume. That makes the glider safe, since you can easily carry it down the mountain, if it’s not safe to fly. The glide performance is not very good, the flight characteristic I’ll have to try later, they’re probably also not the best. The start is very easy and ultra light, I like it.

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